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Ecoboost Red Edition Exhaust


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Hi Guys

I need serious help!!

Right so i am stuck with which exhaust to get, i am limited to money as its a xmas gift from parents. I wanted the hurrican dual exhaust ive seen but i can't afford that. However my mate can get me a deal on a Miltek exhaust as he works with them.


i have the 140bhp Red Edition. I've seen there is a cat back and a turbo back. I don't know which to pick i dond't have any maps at all done to the car. I want to know which sounds better or if they are the same.


I've also seen Cobra exhaust systems as well.


Can you all give your input as i want to find an exhaust that sounds loud and good but not like a cheap tin can exhaust if that makes sense? Also is it possible to get any bangs and pops or would i need to map it for that?



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They aren't all the same.  Pops and bangs need a decat really, you will get a few without that but you're likely to blow the guts out of the cat if you keep doing it on purpose! :laugh: 

I don't have any experience with that engine but I have had various aftermarket exhausts over the years!  Milltek make a fantastic note, plenty of rasp and noise under load but doesn't drone while cruising.  Nice smooth 'quiet' note at idle as well, don't feel like a knob waiting in traffic etc.

Does the turbo back include a decat or a sports cat?  I much prefer a sports cat myself, keeps it a bit quieter and within the law.  Also is it resonated or de-res?  De-res is what I had, resonated is a bit quieter.

I didn't have a good experience with Cobra, cheaply made, boomy/drony, rusts quickly...  Not worth it to save a few quid imo.

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