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Mk6.5 fiesta zetec s upgrades

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About 2 weeks ago autobeam sent out replacement switchback fog lights as one of my old ones went faulty340715085_Screenshot_20210314-1008292.thumb.png.2dab91e1a28608a19bf57074ad00cd41.png312747458_Screenshot_20210314-1008362.thumb.png.f4ca3ace013b3aaac154c6698714735b.png


Old next to new. The new one is slightly shorter which is good as it now doesn't touch the AC pump on the right side.490355671_Screenshot_20210314-1008432.thumb.png.9a30e43b7e849a6f15d96e08a23a47e6.png


Nice and brightScreenshot_20210220-095542_1.thumb.png.3cb456970462d27cb41b63163d14060a.png889399917_Screenshot_20210220-0955082.thumb.png.b5959317f027c476e1e6f3fbe3f8d2f8.png

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Really nice little touch up I did using a white board pen. The S badge has lost its red colour and was thinking of buying a new one but guys on the forum gave me an idea of just using a red pen. 

So managed to get the service done today. Changed the bits I got yesterday.  Air filter was dirty and that's after little mileage    Changed the fan belt and happy that was done. The ol

I’ve got metal plates but they aren’t pressed and they have AC on the bottom so they went in the bin lol. i always blur out the front half of my plate when I post online, I’ve had it cloned befor

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Yesterday started some work on the car. Had a few things to do including putting a new intercooler on, putting LED Bulbs in the full beam and a few other things.




Fitted the bulbs in. Ordered new dust covers for the dipped beam bulbs.1478040553_Screenshot_20210314-1325022.thumb.png.0c0ab1b69940ceb4416b8e263da8dde8.png327163515_Screenshot_20210314-1325102.thumb.png.5ac698fa89eb58f76b3a2580feead9a5.png


New intercooler with old one1367952198_Screenshot_20210314-1325182.thumb.png.3dc82691f135205fb011bd1dba6a778b.png363810581_Screenshot_20210314-1325322.thumb.png.9996d1ad4bbad9c470b35a6d47137536.png1823300900_Screenshot_20210314-1325392.thumb.png.55f57aff67e5321589f0d7f29dfba878.png


Main reason I got a new intercooler was because the back bracket in the old one rusted off and cannot buy these brackets separately so just bought a new intercooler with the brackets. Stops the intercooler from hitting the new condenser on harsh accelerations.1418862557_Screenshot_20210314-1325472.thumb.png.f95e4d266ba9d82ebd32cf9c95dbdae2.png585816627_Screenshot_20210314-1346182.thumb.png.c4d084b137d04b81e446391badd95bbf.png


Left it here for today to continue on1670720630_Screenshot_20210314-1346342.thumb.png.d0aea4cd95615dbfacc09a2abb29565e.png


Also removed the halo lights on the fog surrounds and will stick the new working ones on.1027671766_Screenshot_20210314-1346262.thumb.png.1f530808e0b10cf7da575652e26d1eaa.png


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Since my last post I fitted everything on.

Bought new headlight dust covers for the HIDs. Cut a hole for the grommet to come through and seal it from moisture.1479404509_Screenshot_20210315-1118242.thumb.png.b2b22f8feae2cba328970a2ab99a8a6d.png




Attached the HID ballast below the headlight.1414246008_Screenshot_20210402-1213382.thumb.png.187a67959e7fd426ce8a90a62cc83b61.png


Halos were fitted again



New intercooler fitted. Love how it can be seen behind the grill1314929077_Screenshot_20210315-1118162.thumb.png.161f19b2795544ff7f1f667a061e6693.png


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Decided to upgrade my HID Kit and get autobeams performance version 😂. States this kit has a 55w ballast and HID bulbs whereas my current kit is 35w. Will shine brighter plus can't beat their 5 year warranty. Hopefully will arrive tomorrow.


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The kit came the next day and fitted everything on. 815942880_Screenshot_20210411-1912502.thumb.png.5fe8ff520d193631ba14b20a631d9e6c.png624264871_Screenshot_20210411-1915202.thumb.png.1d2113ebe31913c17eb3294967843e3a.png1877329846_Screenshot_20210411-1915542.thumb.png.ea7e2034f23b1e56c493ec722bffb846.png


Replaced the 35w ballast and bulbs to the 55w kit.267723074_Screenshot_20210411-1855032.thumb.png.e7295dc017e9488b0fa0893cfd4abf98.png1287655668_Screenshot_20210411-1855112.thumb.png.fe8d65c1b7a70b9f44ff08cc64434e77.png


Adjusted the beam height as they were a little high. Definitely brighter and light up the road more now after lowering the beam.1268362987_Screenshot_20210417-1454272.thumb.png.430856908636eac0a184d00a3acaa3f8.png274951063_Screenshot_20210417-1454082.thumb.png.a08a5be30d14105e0046122f1bbb6f22.png

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Last month I bought these MK1 focus ST170 calipers. Managed to get them for £40 which is a steal considering I got the ST150 calipers for £55. Can fit 300mm discs on the front 😎. Bought brand new 12mm carrier bolts for it.




Cleaned them up




Then sprayed them gloss black229408076_Screenshot_20210417-1831212.thumb.png.9d3870faa0ee929a39c7b6dd4891f18b.png1657475706_Screenshot_20210420-2105382.thumb.png.7097df8b48365930bea77318f5ed9eac.png


Got Stark 300mm bigger discs with ATE pads. Seems like ATE made these calipers as their name is engraved on it.1150346140_Screenshot_20210503-1313312.thumb.png.8f2279f496df76433c731b04d71a7b02.png


Now just looking at a time to fit them on. Need to drill a 12mm hole in the hub for the bigger carrier bolts to go into.



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