Fiesta Zetec S cutting out

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Hi guys, I have a 1.6l Fiesta Zetec S, 2007, Mk6 

When I start up the car, it starts up then the revs drop off and it dies straight away. When it does this, putting my foot on the accelerator to rev it makes no difference as the car does not rev up. This doesn’t happen every time, as sometimes it starts fine, but sometimes it just won’t start up at all as every time I turn the engine on, it dies off. 

The engine light does not come on, and there are no stored codes as it has been scanned with a modus. 

It has started happening since I had my cambelt changed. So I had the timing checked and that’s fine. 

Any advice on what it could be? What to check or look into? 

Thanks in advance :) 

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