2007 Ford Ranger rear axle/diff

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Hi there,

Looking for a bit of info.

My Ranger has decided it wants me to buy it a new diff/ rear axle by dribbling its oil out of a small hole in the axle diff casing without my noticing and ultimately mangling the diff.

Basically looking at breakers yards as I just got a quote of nigh on £4000 to set problems right from Ford.

Can anyone tell me what axles cover the 2007 model? Would a 2006 fit or a 2008 etc

Seeing a lot of 2003, 2008, 2009, 2011> on ebay. Theres one for a 2007 XLT but it looks like the axle casing is weeping. There are a few others from other years that seem to be leak free, just not sure of their compatibility.


Thanks in advance




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