Dunston Hall Meet, Norwich - Sunday 10th December, 2017

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Hey everyone,

If you're looking for a East of England meet, then look no further, we have a fantastic venue situated at the Dunston Hall where food and drink is always available.

Dunston Hall is on the outskirts of Norwich on the A140.

We have been holding meets here for the last 8 months and is growing in popularity.

So if you're around on any 2nd Sunday on the month then why not pop along and have a chat with liked minded Enthusiasts.


All we ask is that you drive sensibly to and from the venue and no loud revving or sound systems please.











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Only a few turned up in the lovely sleety/snowy weather but as the weather gets better more will pop along.



Just to add,

Anyone is more than welcome, even though this meet was originally started by myself from the MSTOC, it's open to everyone and any clubs.

I've already posted on ST-OC, STdriveRS, PassionFord, Ford Owners Club, Ford Club, a few Facebook Regional Groups and many more still to go.

I'm not interested in poaching members, this meet is aimed at bringing Enthusiasts together from all over the East of England.

All I ask is that you drive sensibly within the beautiful grounds of Dunston Hall, no revving or back-popping of exhausts and keep your stereo volumes low.

I would really hate for us to lose this fantastic venue because of a silly moment.

Dunston Hall is a fantastic venue, if you fancy a carvery on Sunday then pop in, or if you would like tea on the terrace or sit in the beautiful conservatory for a chat if the weather is unpleasant then they are more than accommodating.

and lastly, if you want a photo in front of the Hall, then I'm sure that can be arranged.

Let's just enjoy the cars and enthusiasts and I hope to see you all soon.

2nd Sunday of every month between 12pm - 3pm

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I doubt anyone from here will come, I've tried suggesting EA meets before and got no interest at all. :sad: 

Norwich is a bit far for me unfortunately, but if you ever do any Ipswich ones I'd be interested.  

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That's a shame as we see so many around, but it's how it is I'm afraid.

There is one in Ipswich and Bury St. Edmunds run by one of my colleagues, I think they're held at the retail parks on a Wednesday night from 7pm.

I'd have to get details of when if you would like to go?

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Ah yeah, fair point, I'd forgotten about that Ipswich one, it's a shame they don't do weekends as I can't do Wednesday evenings.  

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Yeah, for me it was quite a run, especially the Bury one, it would then take 1½hrs to get home, so quite a late one.

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