Engine malfunction and switch off

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Hi all,

So having some serious issues with my focus 1.6 diesel 2009. Engine malfunction appears on dash followed by the car switching off. This has happened stationary and whilst driving at speed.

I have to wait half hour and the code clears and the car starts and drives as normal as it should.

Garage had various faults shown during test but none that really relate or am convinced it is actually the fault. Told it could be the egr but not guaranteed that it could be it. 

Anyone had similar experience and know what it exactly is? Seems to be a very dangerous issue!







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Report from aa:-

Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control 1 - 9UM / Diesel EDC 16C34 4.xP0490 - Exhaust-gas recirculation system. Error Message : Control on upper stop.P042F - Exhaust-gas recirculation valve. Error Message : Valve stuck open.P2297 - O2 sensor (bank 1, sensor 1). Error Message : Value/signal outside range.P0698 - Power supply for sensors 3. Error Message : Signal too low.P0193 - Rail pressure sensor. Error Message : Open circuit/earth/positive short.engine oil and coolant levels are ok, engine restarted when tried

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