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LED Footwell lighting

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unless the car comes with leds as standard all leds wired in need a resisitor simply they are low voltage items and run on a lower voltage than standard bulbs wiring them in without resistors will cause them to burn out

You're right, but that's not a universal statement. Many strips of LED's can be bought designed to plug directly into car electrics. If the strip is designed for 12V and it's sealed against the elements then it is likely to be suitable for your car. No good LED product is cheap at the moment - and usually the more you pay (within reason) the less aggravation you will have. With lots of shiny metal in a car that is at 0V, the last thing you need is a poorly installed resistor, not adequately protected, shorting out and blowing fuses - or worse.

If any of you are after LED's - footwell, DRL, number plate, indicators - then google for automotive LED's and pick a specialist supplier (eg UltraLEDs or AutoBulbsDirect) You should not need - ever - to install resistors, if you choose the right product in the first place. And these firms are likely to help you with some technical support rather than the cheaper places in the Far East through the 'bay

Good hunting!


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Sorry to be a pain mate... where did you run your wire? up the A piller to your center light, if so what two cable did you tap into cus there 3 wires behind the center light nice 1

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The light looks almost the same as mine, but I will switch to 4 LED bulbs soon...

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