Squeaky gearbox Mk7

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Evening chaps. 

I have a squeaky gearstick on a 59 plate Mk7. When I move from first/third backwards to second/fourth the gear mechanism squeaks and it sounds like it’s coming from under the gearstick casing in the cabin itself.


Any ideas how to remove the plastic/pleather casing around the gearstick so I can test dropping a few drops of oil in to see if it cures it before I go the more expensive route (eg the garage!)




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It's just clips, and pulls straight upwards. The rear edge (nearest the handbrake) should pull up fairly easily, the front is a bit harder as the clips are bigger - I broke one of them first time round, but it superglues back on OK if that happens. Try and pull up with equal pressure left and right at the same time to avoid bending the clips too much.

No need to remove altogether, you can lubricate underneath with the trim and gaiter pulled up. When I had squeaking it was actually coming from within the two connecting cables from the stick forward to the gear box. Just squirted in some silicone lubricant and exercised the stick a few times and all OK since then.

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