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Sat Nav not receiving satalites

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Hi everyone, new to the forum so thought i'd fire away with a question if i may? Basically my sat nav in my 2010 Zetec sport is not receiving any gps signal. When i press info button, it pops up with no gps. I've tried the reset and manual calibration but to no avail. The screen shows my Mondeo is located in the sea somewhere!!! Am i right in thinking that moisure could of gotten into the antenne assembly? And if so what is the best way to fix? I really want to avoid dealership prices but will go as a last ditch option. Many thanks and i hope you are all ready for silly season.

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Hello & welcome Steve.

I've very recently had issues with my Sat nav/media system (focus), after trying a master re-sets and getting £85+vat quotes off the dealer I decided to pull the fuse.

After removing the fuse, waiting 10sec then replacing everything started working as it should.

I don't know if this will resolve your issue but I would give it a try before going to the dealers.

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