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Fuse Box fuse connectors are not installed/Missing

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I have had this problem with the fuse box from day one of purchase but it doesn't seem serious. However, it's something I would like to look at now as I want to be able to use the Cigarette lighter:

Basically, the connectors which hold the Fuses in place are missing in a number of different places (including the cigarette lighter). There seems to be a pattern with this. For example, there are no connectors or fuse for the Heated Front screen (which my model does not include), which seems logical. No fuse, where there doesn't need to be one. I assume that's how it rolls of the factory (im not sure).

There are two fuses slots for the Cig lighter with one of them having connectors and fuse, but the other having nothing at all.

So does anyone know how I find a solution to this problem (effectively adding connectors/electrical's to the other cigarette lighter fuse slot)?

I have no idea about circuitry or wiring so I'm not gonna go near it :)


You can find a labelled image of my Fuse box here:



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2 hours ago, Bobr said:

I had a 2006 Fiesta 1.4 and when the fuse to the cigarette lighter blew the accelerator pedal stopped working.

Maybe it was faulty and it was removed for that exact reason :D

I can only guess.

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It’s not just the fuse, 28 front and 29 rear (?) power outlet that’ll be missing. There’s also a relay for each one too. 

All later ‘15 / ‘16 cars seem to be missing the rear power outlet and the associated fuse and relay. Not even a fully loaded Titanium X has one...💩💩💩

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