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S-MAX 2012: Reverse lights on when driving forward

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My reverse lights were lighted when driving forward. Before I had the chance to find out what's wrong they faded forever. 

Model: Ford S-Max

I checked following:

  • Reverse switch (gearbox): works fine
  • Power on connector: 12V
  • Connecting both poles of the connector did not help; I expected the lights to light up (like it worked in every old car)
  • Could not find any fuse for the reverse lights
  • Both lights are working when checked on their own
  • The garage told me there is a light module in the car (IC) and no fuse. Sounds costly. They didn't want to tell me where I can find that module...171227_Elektraschema_SMAX27122017.pdf

Who has similar experience and maybe the solution to this problem? Thanks in advance!


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forgot to enter model and year

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