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Cheery Bomb glasspack on mk7 1.0T


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Hi just wondering if anyone has performed this on their ecoboost?

If so can you inform me on how easy it is to fix and how you did it. Whether it gave you more or less power  and if it will fail an MOT.

I don't want to buy a £500 exhaust system. i want it to sound growly so is it just the cherry bomb i need to attach or would their be much more for me to do.

Anyone know a cost of how much it would be to weld and cut eveything and anyone recommend a garage who could do this in the nottinghamshire area.



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There's a company called zorstworx which makes custom exhausts. Their based around Manchester so could see if that's not far from you. One guy on YouTube got a mid silencer delete from them for his Renault megane R26 and he said it only costed him £30. I think if I was upgrading the exhaust I'd just go for straight piping as from the sound of cars I've heard that were straight piped they don't sound drony. Id say the MOT centre would fail you if they see you took the cat out. Petrol engines also have a oxygen sensor so that'll throw up an error if you decat also. Do check that company's Facebook page as they have videos of cars they changed there exhausts on

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As a matter of fact they mail order this. I messaged them about getting an exhaust from them but they said they don't mail order for the mk6 fiesta so have to come to there branch. 



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2 minutes ago, RedFez said:

Ah nice one cheers mate!!

Check there Facebook page and their videos. They have a 1 litre turbo fiesta with that exhaust fitted and sounds good 👍

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8 minutes ago, RedFez said:

That sounds really nice! Think this may be the one i'll be getting! thanks for the help boss

No worries 👍 I don't think you have to worry about any error messages coming up but just check to make sure. 


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