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Fiesta 2013 - aftermarket stereo & steering wheel stalk adapter issues

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I recently bought a Ford Fiesta 2013, which has an aftermarket stereo fitted - a Pioneer AVH-X3800DAB.

After using the car for a few days, I realised that the steering wheel controls (volume, shift song) for the stereo do not work with the aftermarket stereo fitted. Its quite frustrating when I could just turn the volume up/down via the steering wheel, and not have to lean across the car to the stereo itself whilst driving. So I went online and did some research and bought: Connects2 CTSFO005 - Ford Fiesta 2010> Stalk Steering Wheel Control Adaptor from Dynamic Sounds. I even emailed them beforehand to check that it was the correct item for my car, which they said yes to.

However, after receiving the item, and connecting everything up (as per the instructions and installation videos on youtube), the stereo and the top screen with the clock do not have any power to them. As soon as I unplug the adapter completely from all areas, the power comes back on and the stereo works like normal. Has anyone experienced this before or does anyone have any suggestions as to why the adapter seems to be blocking the power to the stereo?!

So I currently have no idea whether the steering wheel stalk control adapter even works as its somehow cutting the power to the stereo!


Any help or suggestions welcome!


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are you using the correct patch lead for your brand of stereo? 

if you are sure everything is set up correctly you can reset the box of tricks by removing the stereo fuse 15A behind the glove box and plug it back in again

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