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Fiesta Exhaust Rust Advice


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Hi All,

Please could someone give me some advice on the this picture of my Fiesta Zetec 2010 exhaust

I only just noticed, but it's very heavily rusted and there's a lost of rust around the exhaust now hanging off. Am I safe driving it like that...?

I'm really just wondering exactly what I need to to ask a garage to replace and a rough cost if anyone can help?

Thanks very much!

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You're probably safe, but I'd be looking to replace that soonest if it were mine.


You may get away with just the back box, but you might also get problems mating a new back box to an aged centre section.  You won't know til its in the air and you can eyeball it properly.

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i can't see the pic, might be due to internet security where I work. sometimes the silencers start delaminating, like the layers of metal start peeling apart. sometimes an outer layer starts coming off but there is sometimes another layer underneath and they can look worse than they really are. eventually a hole will appear and you will probably hear the extra noise.   as far as safety is concerned make sure the mountings are still secure and the pipe is not breaking away where it goes into the front end of the rear silencer (as they do sometimes break off there.  On older cars that would allow the front end of the rear silencer to drop down in the road as the silencers were often only supported at the rear end end but these days they usually have a mounting at both ends of the silencer so they don't suddenly drop down when the pipe breaks off.

on my 2007 fiesta I had to replace the rear silencer. the original exhaust did not have a join, it was made as one long exhaust so I had to saw the original silencer off, making sure I sawed in exactly the right place to fit the new silencer on. Luckily it went well.

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