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Hi all. hoping someone might be able to help me. After getting my car back from garage yesterday ( fitted new thermosat ) I noticed the rev counter wasn't working. Got in it this morning ( first time I drove it since getting it back ) and was working, all good! ( or so I fought ) drove around for an hour after work then all of a sudden, the rev counter drops and the car goes in to Limp Mode! Drove the car home and plugged into reader and I am getting P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction. I've reset the code then as soon as start the car the code comes back up, so the car is now parked up till I can to the bottom of this.

There was no issues with the rev counter or crankshaft sensor before going in so my first thought was then had maybe knocked or disconnected but I've been underneath and couldn't find anything obvious and all switches were plugged in proper.

Does anybody actual know the true meaning of P0335?

Is it a malfunction wiring circuit?

Is it ( by pure chance!)  a malfunction of crankshaft sensor? I unplugged it completely and car wouldn't start at all.

Or is it that whatever sensor operates the rev counter is malfunctioning causing it break the circuit?

Does anybody what sensor runs the rev counter??

Any foughts would be a great help as I am out of ideas ( and a car!)

Thanks in advance   

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I know this is an old post but I am having similar issues. What was the problem in the end? Thanks

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