Mk6 Arm Rest/Centre Console Info?

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Hello all, sorry if this has been covered already in these forums (my laptop is on a real go slow at the moment).. I am looking for any help/advise/links/info you guys have on the options for adding an arm rest type deal to my mk6 fiesta. its more about storage options and possible cup holders for the back seats than an actual arm rest for front. im looking to work over or around the handbrake between the front seats in a 2door if that's any help. Any help or advice is welcome, especially if you have tried either successfully or not to build/buy something similar yourself. hope everyone is well and keeping the fiesta flag flying high :)


RA39923_21_1000.jpgI am looking for something like this here but obviously more refined for a fiesta. any advise, help or general chat on this subject welcome

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To be honest I don't think you will get a decent size armrest with rear cup holders for the Fiesta mk6. Not much space between the seats. You might be able to get a small aftermarket one from ebay but they usually fall to bits after some use. That's why I went for genuine Ford one specially for the Mk6 Fiesta. It's still a bit small but fits perfect and does not have cup holders. It has a sliding leatherette top and can be swiveld upwards out of the way. It's good to lean on at long drives and can take some getting used to. Not much you can fit in it either. I have replied to someone about this on here and uploaded some pics. Il try and find it for you.

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