Wing mirror glass changing - 09 Zetec

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Hi. Utterly hate the convex glass on my new Fiesta. Nice for driving, but can't get on with it at for reversing, parking and other close manoeuvres.

Has been suggested that I can get normal flat glass replacements instead. Can I get off EBay or similar, and how easy is it to change over? 


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I've personally not heard of this. However, it doesn't mean it's not true. 

There is a couple of issues that come straight to mind, which is the heated door mirrors assuming your car has the heated mirrors which my Fiesta has. That will raise complications. 

Two as far as I know should such a thing exist, I'd be worried about the quality and fit of the aftermarket part. 

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Not sure that I have heated mirrors, unless they're automatic - can't see a switch ( but I'll check, thanks).

There are definite flat glass replacements on EB and other Google-able sites: stick on fittings with or without backing plates. Some do say something about heating: maybe the backing plates?

I guess stickiness is the main issue in non-oem parts? The fit already has a gap around on the OEMS.

Got to do something, however, else I'll have scratches and scrapes all down the sides, if not taken out some unwary cyclist or biker. Improved blind spots my behind!


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