weird fiesta windows issue

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hi all newbie here , im new to this forum and im hoping someone can help me 

i know its a big ask but when needs must you just have to ask 

has anyone got a haynes manual ? i am looking for a wiring diagram for the electric window system on a 2009 fiesta zetec s , im hoping not to have to buy one just for this single page of information but if i have to i will 

the issue i have is the passenger window gos down no problem but not back up , ive changed the control switch, checked the regulator  , checked the fuse and now im out of ideas 

im hoping a wiring diagram will show something ive missed or at least show me which wire to check for the down operation 


i have the window up at the moment because i reversed the power going to the regulator and the window went back up 


can anyone help ?

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i don't have a wiring diagram for that car. I had a look at the wiring diagram for elec windows on another car and it looked to me that the passenger window switch on the drivers door is part of the circuit and needs to be connected and working properly for the passenger side switch to get the power correctly.  so have you checked the passenger switch on the drivers side for the wires connected properly and switch not stuck etc.  I am assuming you have concentrated your efforts on the switch on the  passenger side, but I appreciate you have not actually said that.

I appreciate that this is not the fullest comprehensive answer you are hoping for

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hi yes thanks for looking it up , the control switch i replaced is the hole drivers side unit , both passenger side and drivers side are controlled by this main switch and the passenger one is looped off of it i believe 

both drivers side and passenger side switch no longer work going up and both work down which makes me think ether the control switch or a wire , now i have tried the control switch i need to trace the wiring which is what i require the diagram for :) 

again your help is very appreciated

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