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Which automatic Fiesta to buy?


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Hi, first-time poster here.

I'm researching what car to buy my mum, who is now in her mid-70s. She's been driving a 2.0L automatic Focus for the past 10 years but it's constantly in the garage as has done 100k+ miles. It's also far too punchy for her. She does some town driving, as well as motorways once or twice a week.

After looking at other options - Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Skoda Fabia, etc - I've decided to go for a Fiesta. My criteria is:

> Automatic gearbox

> Engine size: 1.4L or less

> Budget: £6k

Is there anything in particular I should look out for with Fiesta automatic gearboxes? Are there any particular models/years/trims to go for, or avoid?

Thanks in advance

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Don't buy a 1.6 Fiesta with one of the early powershift gearboxes, the seem to be very troublesome.  By 2015 they seem to have got the problems sorted along with the ecoboost engine.  The older 1.4 Fiesta with the torque converter type gearbox was nice to drive, if you can find one in good condition it will be well within your budget and could be the one to go for.

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A couple of months back I got my first ever automatic after almost 50 years driving to try and ease the arthritis in my knees.

2011 Fiesta 1.4 Titanium auto.
I'm totally loving this car. The auto box is so smooth you can hardly notice the shifts and cruise control is the icing on the cake for longer journeys.
The automatic transmission also makes stop/start town driving into a pleasure, almost.
The only thing I don't like, so far, is the fuel consumption but, in saying that, I been spoiled in my last car with a 60 mpg diesel Toyota so not much could measure up with that!

You should be able to find one within your budget. Mine came from a Ford main dealer for around the £5k mark complete with two year Ford warranty and breakdown cover.
When I got it the cruise control wasn't working as it should so they took it straight back in and replaced the unit, no problem.

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Search this site for powershift problems.  As far as I am aware early powershift boxes were prone to judder and required clutches to be changed.  This problem was caused by a faulty oil seal and was rectified by ford. I have had a powershift from new in march 2015 and have not had any problems, after one or two jerky changes when new it now changes gear very smoothly, almost imperceptible at times, and is a joy to drive. However if a newer model is outside your price range look for an older 1.4 with the torque converter type gearbox.  

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Thanks Trewithy. Looking on Autotrader there are lots of 1.4 autos from 2009-2011 in my price range, but none describe the type of gearbox. How would I know which have the torque converter type?

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I don't know how to tell and I guess many private sellers would not even understand the question. If I owned one I am sure i would know the difference but I have not had an automatic for many many years.

In addition to people having problems in the UK with the non-torque converter type, the problems have been much bigger in USA and Australia where the ownership of automatics is mush more common.





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16 hours ago, hjf12345 said:

Ok thanks. So ALL 1.4 automatic Fiestas built between 09-12 have the torque converter gearbox? And this gearbox is known to be ok?

I still have my 1.4 auto fiesta, (got it from new), now around 7 years old and never had a problem with it's 4 speed automatic CVT gearbox. (Cars done around 65,000 miles).

Obviously its not as good on fuel & emissions (& therefore tax) as newer fiestas with their 6 speed dual clutch automatic transmissions, but you'll expect that if looking to purchase an older car.  


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Hi, my fiesta was registered jan 15 (64 plate) - I've only had the car myself a year, properly driving it since may. I've had some jerky/shudders, but nothing maor & wasn't sure if it was just myself (new driver) letting off & wrong time when auto box was selecting? unsure. but is there anyway i can ask ford to check if my has the TCM? or latest gearbox software sorted? 

recently took it to main dealer for major service - they ended up doing a 2nd year service only, did not stamp book & on paperwork wrote my mileage down wrong saying it had done 10,000 more than it had. car is currently over 17,000.

so after some phone calls other week ref this, they decided to sort spark plugs,, rectify all paperwork correctly/stamp book and some kind of allignment? they hadnt done as i wasnt worried about brake pads as they were being changed in a month or two myself to sport ones.  Also air flter was not fussed about as it has an aftermarket one. 

so, reckon i ring ford customer service tomorrow? as i mean warranty expires end of month. but also i have a cone air filter on it (forge motorsport) & ST backbox on. this would not affect warranty / issues to gearbox would it? ( i have mountune cooler/boost/turbo hoses)

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