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Ford Fiesta 1.6tdci remap, Advice please !


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Hi all :) 

i have a Ford fiesta titanium 1.6tdci (90) that is booked in for a stage 1 remap Friday which will take my BHP from 90 to 115 and my torque from 205nm to 260nm so I'll be getting a 28% increase to both, just wondering weather this is going to cause unessecary strain on my engine components, or if the engine will be able to handle a little extra poke. my clutch doesn't have much life left in it so I am changing that soon any way and am already aware the extra torque will wear my clutch out faster, but I want to know will it wear my clutch out fast as well ? or should it be fine, any advice is apprichiated, thank you !

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Putting any mapping on that increases bhp can cause problems. I’ve had mine done from 95 to approx 120, but had the mapping altered to fade in, so it doesn’t just all come alive at once so not to put too much stress on the components. It is the same to drive as it was before at low revs/speed but if you need more uuuumph and put your foot down a bit it sure moves along. Mpg is better, as I found it didn’t feel like it at motorway speeds and mpg fell a little. I’ve got about 7 mpg extra driving back home after mapping and was liking the extra power and playing, so may get more when just driving it normally, but that’s down to individual driving habits. Hope this may help a little but I’m sure you will like the extra power. 

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