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Ford Fiesta Zetec - Rear Brake Shoe Removal - Still A Pain?


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I havent had much of a chance to do any mechanics to this new car but i would like to check the brake pads and shoes.

Pads is easy.

But are the rear shoes still a pain in the bum to check?
In my previous Ford it wasnt a case of just removing the Hub cover you actually had to unscrew a centre nut that could only be removed 3 times before it needed replaced or to remove the entire assembly from behind the halfshaft to avoid doing this - either way it was a pain in the bum - Is this still the case or have Ford learned from past mistakes?

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Its on me profile 2014 zetec.

Should be good then just waiting for the snow drift to clear.
If our garage had no cars in it I could do it in style in the warmth and comfort of a garage with an inspection pit and fully carpetted lol


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Man oh man I have just spent the best part of an hour today trying to get the front wheels off.

Took the 4 wheelnuts off but the wheels are welded on i think - even the good old boot to the tyre doesnt shift it.

Managed to get one of the rear wheels off (just) - these must be the tightest wheels I have ever had the misfortune to try and remove just to check the brakes.
In addition i had to use my Streetkrap car jack and wheelbrace as i have noticed Evans Halshaw never supplied em - I suppose they do this when they give you the tyre filler and no spare tyre - sheez what a pallaver - I used to be able to do this job on my Streetkrap and Rover in 15 mins tops!

In addition its almost impossible to get the rear disc off - any ideas?
Looks like it needs a slide hammer - soaked the front wheels in wd40 but it looks like there are lever points on the tyre inner rim or is this previous attempts by mechanics to wedge the wheels off with a chisel and hammer?

Didnt help doing it in the freezing cold either?

Any hints and tips for getting Fiesta front wheeel and rear discs off?

I think for the rear disk it will be a case of using some bolts and making up some sort of slidehammer!

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as for the wheels, its not uncommon for the alloy wheel to corrode in the centre causing wheel to get stuck on esp if the previous brake checks have been done visually only through the gaps in wheel. alot of garages cut corners and not bother taking wheels off, cleaning corrosion and applying grease to ease removal next time.
as for getting the wheels off, they need a good thump from behind with a soft blow hammer/rubber mallet.
and if when your refering to rear discs you mean rear drums , remove the two torx screws and either tap the drum face on with a hammer and that will free it , or failing that theres 2 threaded holes in drum opposite the torx srew holes. screw 2 bolts in by hand initialy then screw in with a socket or spanner (both bolts turned the same amount to keep even) and drum will come off. thats assuming the handbrake is off. lol ive been there before a few times wondering why the drum wont come off. ( fellow workers seem it funny to put handbrake on while im not looking)

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Yes drum not disc lol
I was thinking of fabricating a puller already hammered the drum but havent tried the 2 bolts technique - Just saw it on Ericthecarguy but I am sure the hub only has the two torx holes hence my thinking to make a puller unless i can find one in the garage - there are so many tools out there that have never been used; my old man collected them his OCD lol

Already tried a rubber mallet on the back of the front wheels its a real tight fit but hopefully the WD40 might help!
Might give a sledgehammer a go!

Yeah always make sure the handbrake is off i think it may be the snail cam its just too cold and its a snow blizzard outside now so going to leave it.
Madness, I have a 4 car garage with an inspection pit and ramps and cant use it!

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