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Brilliant White Headlight Bulbs

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Hi all

I have just bought my first ever Ford, a 66 plate Focus 1.5 ST Line.  Loving it so far.  I have no idea what the headlight bulbs are, figments etc, but I'd like to buy those bulbs that are brilliant white, they look so cool when they are coming towards you with their massive field of vision of the road ahead. I don't know anything about them, wattage, amps etc and what type needed for my car.  Any help would be appreciated.


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Your car will have halogen bulbs and can only be replaced with the same. 

However you can replace them to a more whiter appearance but don’t get to het up on the colour as the More white they look the less light they will provide. 

Take a look on Auto Express website they do regular tests on bulbs

Post some pics of your car up, be nice to see another ST line , great choice by the way . 

Edit, It’s H7 bulbs you need for headlamps. 

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