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Full beam headlight issue


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I've had a look around and cannot see any other posts relating to this, sorry if this has been covered. Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction at what might be the issue. My car is currently like a scene from the film "Christine".

59 plate fiesta, recently when I have unlocked car turn ignition on the full beams have flickered on and off and then stayed on for a small duration even though lights switched off. I was unable to turn them off. I noticed,  I had dipped bulb out, replaced that with correct bulb didn't think anything else of it. Issue though still happening, although it is now happening when I am driving (whether light switched on of off), full beams flicker on and off, stay on, then go out, repeated. Again unable to turn lights off using stalk for full beam or lights switch. Occasionally they'll then stop and will be fine and all parts work as they should. So weird.

Found out today from a colleague that my lights were on even though car locked and lights switched off, when I went to it they were off but as soon as I got in car they switched on (even before starting engine). :wacko:

Of course this is an issue as I do not need my battery being drained if lights coming on of own accord and also when driving people assume I am flashing them out etc or just coming across as a very impatient and angry driver. :laugh:

Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas what it cold be? 

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On modern cars the electrics are a nightmare.  all switches are wired into a computer chip. All relays for the lights etc are wired to the same chip. So the programming of the chip determines which relays are activated based on the signals it receives from the switches.  The electricity that powers the lights etc does not actually travel through the switch itself (which it did in the old days), the switches are just to signal the computer chip. So if anything goes wrong it can be  down to the computer chip and the connectors and the soldering on the circuit board.

Many people with mk2 focus cars have had problems due to cracks in the soldering on the circuit board on which the computer chip sits.  you might be lucky and fins it is a dodgy relay but I doubt it because I don't think a dodgy relay would activate itself, it would fail to activate or it would stick in the on position and not go off after you had deliberately activated it (switched on)

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