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USB max capacity for music


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So I'm in the process of re-downloading all of my music in FLAC rather than mp3, however it now means it's not practical to keep every song on my phone as it will be taking up more than 15gb (roughly 30mb per song now instead of 10). (Bit of background info coming up; skip to the last paragraph if it's TLDR)

I've tried using an iPod touch in the past, but I think keeping it in the car all of the time with the heat/cold cycles fried the battery. It would take 10 minutes to get enough charge before powering up each morning and then eventually play through my playlist. Oh well it was only a spare 3rd gen I use for 2 weeks of the year whilst on holiday.
Then went over to Spotify on my phone, but took too long to setup and didn't work if I didn't have a signal when I set off. Also drained too much of my battery on a 20 minute commute to work (around 20% each way). The inbuilt music app was a similar story, but I don't have the room for FLAC anyway now.

Now decided that a USB stick would probably be the best option (even if it's a ball ache to change songs without a touch screen), however I'm unsure what the maximum size is that will still be readable by the stereo. I'm guessing I'll hit Microsofts 32gb limit on Fat32, but that's easily bypassed with my mac. So has anyone managed to get it to work above 32gb?

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2 hours ago, Stoney871 said:

Format the stick to Exfat.

Ah ok. Do you reckon I can go upto 128gb stick if I go exFat? I know there's certain things (dashcams come to mind) that will only accept a 32gb or 64GB SD card. Don't want to waste money on a 128GB to find the stereo only supports a 32GB stick.

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