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2004 Fiesta name this part (HELP)


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Hey :)

So basically since i bought my car two years ago i could never open the boot physically by turning the key in the boot but the button inside worked fine so i ignored it but now both the button inside and my key won't open it (my key is not a key fob key). I opened the boot by manually releasing the latch and took the plastic on the inside off to see what is wrong. The metal cable that pulls the latch open for both the button and key both have these white little bits of plastic that are broken. I will attach a picture to show these, does anybody know the names of these and where i can find them or even how to fit them? (in the picture the two white plastic bits that hold the metal wire have snapped)

Thank you x

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 20.20.02.png

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