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New vehicle!!!!!!


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I have just taken delivery of my new project/toy!!!!

I am the proud owner of a D reg mk4 escort cabriolet, with a RS Turbo engine conversion, needs some work doing to get it going and on the road but will be a very good project to do!!!

All comments welcome,

Oh and the Corsa is mine too as well as another 2 escort vans and the Corsa may well be for sale soon.











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thats a rather nice car you just need to do a bit of work on the body at the back from what i can see in the pics but that looks like it could a good toy to play around with what do you need to know about rs turbos i know a few guys thats are in the know and my cousin is a turbo specialist for fords anyway let me know and ill try and answer them for you if i dont someone in my family will we ar all big ford fans

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Cheers racey,

Well to start with it is apparently a bit smokey when its running but i aint started it yet cause planning on rebuilding the engine first.

Whats the main problems with these other than being unreliable lol

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