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P0504 & P1203 codes


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Hey All (& thank you to whoever set up this forum, much love!)


Bit of Background

I've had a bit of a judder on the engine whilst its been pulling a smooth 2k rpm, could be in any gear but mainly saw it in 3rd or 5th.  Had the local Ford dealer have a look about 4 months ago whilst having it's 10 year service. I bought it last February & thought I'd "treat" it to dealer service (yeah... won't be doing that again!). The dealer couldn't find anything wrong with the IDS, only the Break Switch issue.


Moving on a few months & I notice that whilst I'm doing 70 on the dual carriage way the rev's are a little higher than usual, about 2.3k-2.4k, the roads not that uphill, so I thought it was a bit off, but carried on. Picked the mrs up & swung back to go home. Just went from a roundabout to the dual carriage way again, so low speed and low gear, the car judders more than it usually did. Then the engine cut out as a beep came from the console and engine failure message on the LCD, no light on the dash. So I pull over, turn the engine off, reset the car, waited five minutes & then risked a slow drive home (without issue) back to the house.


I looked up a diesel specialist that's local to me, to check it over. They pick up the P0504 - Break Switch & P1203 - Injector Loom (Cylinder 3) codes.

They don't tell me anything about the Break Switch but said it's likely to be the wiring loom going open circuit that caused the problem with the Injector error. 



They've quoted me £540 for sorting the above errors out. Saying they need to get the loom from Ford as it's a dealer only part & it costs £300ish.

I don't know much about cars, but that feels like a hell of a lot of money for this. I've also got the High Level Break Light out at the minute, could that be the cause / first port of call for trying to fix the P0504 - Break Switch issue?


Cheers in advance!



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