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Side Skirts


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Really fed up with Ford due to a few issues, the lastest one being both side skirts coming away at the rear of the car. This seems to be a common issue, yet a simple fix. The dealership I purchased the car can't do anything as they aren't approved for bodywork repairs, so they told me to contact another dealership nearby. 


I took the car into that dealership in the end of November with the promise of a call back, it never happened as they needed to speak to Ford apparently. No pictures were taken so alarm bell should have been ringing. I called them back, they had no recollection of the me bringing in the car when I called in January. They asked to take it back in to get the pictures taken, as it's out of the way for me I offered to take the pictures and send them in, they agreed, that was two weeks ago and still no call back again! 


Anyhow, I'm going to sort them out myself, I've found the exact plastic clips of which one is broken. I was meant a call back in November as they weren't sure if the clips could be had separately or not.

From what I can tell the skirt has come away from the car, allowed dirt in-between the car and the skirt forcing it apart while making the who thing even worse. The driver side skirt was coming away from the car soon after I purchased it, was noticed when cleaning the car and I thought nothing of it. What gets me is this was meant to have been fully refurbished by Ford Direct, inspected by the RAC and undergone a 30 point inspection when having a service each time it was missed! Also the over torqued swollen wheel nuts, that Ford wouldn't replace until I contacted head office! 

Anyhow, I've rambled in long enough now and just need to know what tape they use or equivalent, a part number would be useful. I found this, but looks a little too thick? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Tape-Double-Sided-Adhesive-1765163-/272721626742


Thanks for any help. 

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