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Insert Navigation SD Card


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  • Hi Guys

    Im from the UK, and I have a 2015 ford focus 1.0 ecoboost with My Ford Sync Touch 2 (8inch touchscreen).

    The sat nav was disabled so i followed the instructions using a ELM327 Connector and Forscan and successfully altered the setting to enable sat nav. I done a master reset and got the top right corner (green section) to display the message "insert navigation SD Card".

    I bought the F6 SD Navigation card from eBay (Europe), and inserted into the SD Card slot in the middle compartment. However the card does not seemed to be recognising by the system.

    Am I doing anything wrong?

    Much appreciation for any response or help. It starting to drive me nuts here!
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Not sure to be honest. But my car comes up with that message every now and again, sync 2. & 8” screen. 

Could be driving along and then all of a sudden hear a warning chime and it’s lost the sat nav. Says reinsert sd card. No mater how many times I try it won’t have it. 

Only thing that fixes it is to shut the car down lock it up and then try again after 15 minutes. Works then.

other than that I’m not a computer wizard. Sorry. 

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  • 3 years later...

I had this happen in my 2016 focus 1.5tdci titanium, alot! 

I seem to have fixed it now though. I used to regularly plug my phone into the USB slot down by the gear stick to keep it charged up. I stopped using this method to charge my phone and opted for a USB cigarette lighter adapter instead. Its not done it for months now. 

Hope this helps


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