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Air Filter Box Intake


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Hi All,

I recently got a 56 plate Zetec S. Got it on the cheap, as there's a few bits and pieces (mostly trim) missing. The one quite major piece missing however is the air filter box. At some point in the recent past some chav had fitted a 'performance' filter. However, when said chav sold the car, they never bothered to replace the stock filter.

Thus, I've been trying to acquire all the bits of the stock intake system to prevent having to run unfiltered air into the system.

I managed to get the filter box from silverlake (scrappers) but they didn't have the intake hose or the moulded plastic at the end of said hose.

Does anyone know either where I can get one, or what I can actually search on eBay etc? I don't even mind going to Europarts new but I don't know what to search. I've stolen a photo off someone elses post as I'm lazy af; but it's the arrowed hose going into the filter in the bottom right corner Im missing


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