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Ford Fiesta 2013 MK7 flexi pipe


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Hi don’t know if anyone can help me! Basically I took my car in to a garage and they have said that there is a rattle from the flexi joint and that to resolve this they would need to replace the whole Catalytic Converter as the flexi pipe and cat comes as one joined part! Is this correct?

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I agree with that one, my last car's cat broke it's mounting arm so when I accelerated harsh there was a thud underneath the car from the cat banging on the underbody.

Main dealer said that it needed a new front section and cat as they were one piece. Quoted around 350 if I remember.

Took it to a local autowelder who had a look and charged me £40 to weld the arm back on. Lasted me until I moved the car on.

Many places now just want to replace, they don't want to or are incapable of repairing items like this.

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