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Hi all, I’ve posted a long time ago about a problem with my Focus, it’s a 2.0 TDCI Powershift. A lot of cars were fitted with faulty transmission - this was in Australia, I can’t find anything to do with the UK. 



my car still does it to this day, the power loss is only recent and only happens if the accelerator is put all the way down. It is f***ing scary when it happens joining a motorway. 


I’m just wondering if there is anything I can do? I contacted Ford and their typical response was “contact a local dealer”.

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Try fuel filter and fuel injector seals. This is what mine was on my 09 1.6tdci. 


I had sudden power loss around 2k. Murdering. Car sometimes cutting out. Been fine since fuel filter changed at 2 of the seals. 


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