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MK7 ST3 - 3rd service + MOT


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Need to book in my Fiesta ST3 for its 3rd service and MOT for March. As I can't order the new ST yet, I'm likely to be keeping/extending the finance on my current ST for the time being.

Quoted £235 and £250 by my two nearest Ford dealers for the service and MOT with me supplying the oil (5w20 oil Castrol Magnatec Professional).

I've done just over 22,000 miles so I'm guessing that the brakes are going to need sorting soon. Going on the last service notes, the OEM rear brake pads were at ~9mm and fronts were ~6mm (no idea what the starting mm thickness are). I've not experienced any issues with braking to date so I'm unsure as to leave until the service/mot OR pre-emptively get the parts now.

EuroCarParts have the following (50% off code good until this evening):

Brembo Brake Pad (Rear Axle)Product Code : 10159018A - £32.99

Brembo Brake Pad (Front)Product Code : 10159166A - £54.99

Brembo Brake Disc (Rear)Product Code : 10459017A (£25.99) x2 - £51.98

Brembo Brake Disc (Front)Product Code : 10459225A (£65.99) x2 - £131.98

Bosch oil FilterProduct Code : 501590227 - £7.39

Discount Code: FEB70

Your Discount has been applied: ( End Of Month Sale - Crazy Savings Online! )

Subtotal:  £279.33

Discount: - £139.67

Total (inc VAT): £139.66


CarParts4Less comes out at £ 154.38 for the same parts (using the SALE16 code).

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Don't feel too bad for missing the ECP deal, they are always doing deals.

I say wait and see what is needed once ford take a look, you may not need new discs. As for the pads, I thought motorcraft ones had a wear noise indicator?, when it starts making a high pitch  noise under breaking replace them.

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I bet there's a fair bit of life left in them yet. See if it comes up on MOT, otherwise it should last till you get rid. I doubt they will lose 3.5mm in a year, they come with around 12mm when new.

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