MOT on Monday!

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So 6 months after acquiring my Fiesta the MOT test is due on Monday. This morning I went to check my tyres and the back driver side one was 8 psi! I thought to myself why is it that low, to discover a nail had been implanted. Off to the local independent tyre dealer to get it fixed, but with the MOT coming up I decided to just replace it with a new one. The other side had thin thread too so had to get that one switched over as well.

I don't know if the tyre fitted was a mid-range or budget one, I think its a company called "Radar". It was £50 per tyre so I can't see it being a cheap cheap one?

Hoping it passes on Monday, the only advisories are coolant leak which has since been addressed with a new expansion tank and the rear tyre being close to legal limit which I've now fixed.

Do they check the back windscreen wiper for the MOT? Its a bit smeary so I might have to change it.

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That's a relief then, I did change the front pair a few months ago though as they were really smeary.

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