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Where's my oil??


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Today the oil light flickered a few times so checked the dipstick and it was bone dry. I added about 3 litres of oil, waited 10 minutes and the stick was still completely dry. How much should I add? 03 1.4 Fiesta zetec. Thanks.

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Is the exhaust smoke a blueish colour? I can't remember how much oil you need off the top of my head, but I know it's no more than 4L.

Keep a close eye on it, if you really just added 3L and nothing on dipstick you've been lucky not to have a seized engine right now.

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I am surprised that your engine is still running!! 

The oil capacity should be 3.8L, so adding 3L without having drained it should be impossible.

Couple of questions:

  1. Is your car on flat ground?
  2. Is it automatic?
  3. What viscosity oil are you using? Should be 5W-30 I believe.
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