Ranger will not fire.

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OK, the other day I started my truck and made it about 100 yards before it died and would not start. I have not had issues with this before. Today I pulled the fuel filter off to ensure it wasn't clogged. I left the filter off long enough to turn the key in order to ensure the fuel pump was pumping fuel. All is good with the pump. I reinstalled the filter and moved under the hood. I checked the Schrader valve on the fuel rail and it had good pressure. So I moved to ignition. It has two coils. I checked the passenger side coil and my volt meter was indicating that the plug wires were firing hot. I checked the driver side and determined it was not firing when the ignition was engaged. I ordered two coil ignitions, but have realized that the driver side coil pack only fires on the exhaust stroke and the ECM will not even engage it until the truck is hitting somewhere in the 400 RPM ranger. Not while trying to turn the starter over. Has anyone had this issue? Could this be bad injectors? I pulled plugs and they are wet with fuel but they are also in good shape. No signs of excessive burning. Thank you for any help or advice. 

1989 Ford Ranger 2.3L L4

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That is one of the very bizarre 8 plugs with 4 cylinder engines isn't it?  It has a distributor correct?


I just realized if its an 8 plug engine it could start on only 4 plugs.  Have you confirmed spark to the other 4 plugs? (Take the plug out, ground it, then watch the plug as you crank for a spark).  If you are getting fuel and spark, then it should start.  I believe you are fuel injected, be sure the injectors are getting power (i dont think there is any particular timing to them firing, they may fire all together or as a bank)

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