Noise led me to another problem?

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Sorry going to tell you a life story lol

When I bought my fiesta it had an odd noise, sounding like constantly driving over small bumps, thrum thrum thrum

In the end this turned out to be rear wheel bearings, replaced both and all fixed nice and quiet again

Now a month down the line or so a very similar sort of noise has come back, it's not all the time and only seems to be at speed above 40mph, really does sound like hitting small bumps in the road constantly, so my first questions is does anyone have any idea where I would be best to look to try and track this down?

Secondly I had a quick look around the wheels today and had all 4 off 1 at a time to see if I could see anything odd and all seems pretty good, rear bearings are moving nice and smoothly still but what I did notice is the rubber on top of the springs on the rear wheels has almost completely disintegrated, is this a big problem at all? And how easy is it to change these myself? Would I need spring compressors?

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Have you checked your tyres? I had a similar problem on mine, found i had two tyres with manufacturing defects. Check your wheels while your at it making sure they haven't buckled.

That rubber is there to stop the spring hitting the bodywork of the car and keeps the spring in position. I think it sits on some sort of locator, been that long since I changed my rear springs I can't remember exactly! You won't need spring compressors to swap them over nice easy job on a fez to change rear springs. jack the car up take the bolt out the bottom of the shocker both sides, push the axle down with the help of an assistant if you need one and pull the spring out. Align the end of the coils correctly with the stops when refitting :smile:  

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Thanks for the reply

I have noticed a few nicks in the rear tyres, 1 particularly bad I'm actually going to get it checked tomorrow, quite a deep slash might need a repair or replacement, will see how it goes after sorting this

As for the rubber it seems nice and simple so will pop into Ford and get the parts to change these over, anything else worth replacing while I'm at it?

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