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  2. Hi I know this post is old, but did you figure out the problem,. It happens to me where it's hard to leave first gear. Only sometimes.. it will sometimes make a grinding noise. And I will have to keep pulling the shifter to get it to neutral Cheers
  3. Hi, I have a 1959 Frogeye that a previous owner has fitted a Ford Coolant Expansion tank to when they upgraded the engine. This was likely about 20 years ago. The tank is now cracked and needs replacing. Long shot I know but I was hoping someone here would be able to identify it and let me know if replacements are available. It has the code 79FB 3K098 AA moulded on the side. Will try and attach photos although hard to show its shape properly. Any help much appreciated. Steve
  4. Were they the skinny white ones or the thicker grey ones? Really needs to be the thick grey ones on the curved front bumper. The white ones are usually ok on the rear though, I've not lost a plate so far.
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  6. Have to admit, I've got my front held on with a few of doubles over rings of filament tape, one on either end and one top and bottom running the length of the plate.. 14 months in and all still on. Could do with a new plate really but until this falls off it's all gravy. Honestly expected it to have been pilfered by now, mind..
  7. On my GT4, I held the number plates on with 'sticky tape', it's lasted so far in excess of 15 years. However, I used proper sticky pads on my Focus a coupe of months ago. and they lasted 2 weeks before peeling off. On losing patience, I just drilled my number plates and mounted with traditional yellow/ white screws. Prepared to admit that the 'proper' number plate pads I bought off Ebay were just rubbish LOL
  8. Hi all I have a 2015 Mondeo style which is showing a check park pilot message on startup. The car does not have parking sensors. I’ve had it in with Ford, they updated software but the message still remains. A diagnostic scan has found a fault showing in the instrument cluster “U0230 lost communication with rear gate module” Has anyone come across this before? Thanks in advance for all replies.
  9. We've had a problem with our SMAX (2007) for a while - it starts, stalls then won't start. RAC called a couple of times before we had fuel injectors replaced. This morning it happened again and this time the RAC guy said it's the Fuel Pressure Control Valve sticking. He thinks it's something we can get as a separate part now rather than as a larger (expensive) unit. Is this the case? If so, anyone know what part I need, and is this something I should be able to remove and replace easily myself? Thanks - Jamie
  10. Thats just off the internet to show which body shape the car is. These are the wheels on the car. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  11. Would love to get a frozen white one. I think though the sensible thing for me to do is have a cheap running car so that not so much money is spent and save up for a house when I start working.
  12. I'm also using Chrome on Android... We've covered this before though, others on here also use Chrome on Android and can delete textboxes so we're obviously missing something. I originally wondered if it's the phone hardware that's the issue, but it's still the same on my new phone as well... I don't have any issues using MS EDGE on the laptop, can just backspace a textbox out on there easily. However the 'saved' text seems to stay with the device rather than the username, so it's not even like I can use the laptop to delete a textbox that I've accidentally quoted on the phone. I also can't 'clear editor' on the phone, as it just refreshes the page with the saved textbox still in there...
  13. Is that your actual car or just a picture from the internet? Those wheels will ruin fuel consumption if that's your car...
  14. Confused... What phones are you guys using? On Chrome on Android, if I click the outer bit of the quote box then hit delete is goes. Personally I tend to use Tapatalk on mobile, in which case you have to edit the quote to get it to turn to text, then it can be deleted.
  15. Waze is a much better option 😉
  16. Definitely...although as I don't pay for the forum I'm not really in a position to complain.
  17. that's good to hear that you think it just fell off thought they way you said that some scum bag had pinched it. hope you get it sorted out soon
  18. cheers dan p and yes I agree. will be giving it a wash tomorrow ready for a show im attending on Monday so will see if I can get a full front on picture.
  19. Removing on the OSR, got it down to the inner strip off, just noticed I should be able to get the outer one off I believe my firmly sliding it towards the front of the car if that's correct? The left (to the rear of the car) runner comes put easy enough but stuck some with the right side, unsure on how that actually comes out. I don't suppose there happens to be a good pictorial at all is there for that? My Google-Fu is usually strong but on this occasion I'm a little sparse on good info. Cheers!
  20. Apologies for the typo in the title name
  21. Same here , was very irritating, but happy now this has been sorted.
  22. Gave up in the end so went down the crappy aftermarket route. i still have all the bits if anyone wants to buy them off me and give it ago? All genuine ford parts.
  23. Does anyone know if I can buy a converter/harness to make this fit the sync 2 I’ve seen nothing at all that looks like my plug
  24. 31 is pretty good considering your car never gets warmed up.
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