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  2. The Mk2 1.6TDCis (and probably other engines) do this even without start stop. Mine would stall very occasionally if I braked hard with the clutch down in an emergency situation. If I lifted the clutch and pressed it again, the engine restarted without having to the turn the key. At the time I hadn't owned a stop-start car so it was a very weird experience! If you ever do find a fix for this, do come back and let us know as it may help someone else in future.
  3. Thanks, hopefully get it sorted after work later .
  4. Can anyone please advise the plug gap for a 2016 Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 125PS Do they come pre-gapped? Can't find anything useful online. Cheers
  5. Yep, it really is that simple!
  6. Thanks for all your help guys. I'll just have to make do. I'm pretty sure the system is still active, as when I stall the car (on purpose, i'm not that bad a driver!) the start/stop function kicks in when I put my foot on the clutch and restarts it. Even on long journeys the thing system still doesnt kick in. Thanks anyway folks.
  7. Only found one on ebay but it's a Polish copy part and it's pretty much standard that it won't fit at all as their parts are poor quality mouldings that need a hell of a lot of fettling. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah it is 2.3, I got more this morning so will it later. I know I should of measured how much I took out ,will make note for next time lol!. Do I just keep her level and fill untill it starts flowing out the fill plug?
  9. IB5 is about 2.3 litres iirc. Bit late now but in future if you're not sure, it's worth measuring how much comes out.
  10. hi, thanks for the response. so everything functions as intended from a functional perspective. so AC, Radio, centre Gauges all work. just when the lighting is switched on i do not get the back lighting. as an example. if i turn AC on yellow light will turn on to show that, but at night AC isnt illuminated. Not sure if this is controlled by fuse 104 Battery saver, interior lights. Back Lighting for the Headlight unit itself does turn on. Ive tried disconnecting the battery this morning to see if that helped but unfortunately it didnt solve the issue. The dash dimmer control doesnt work. its on the same brightness no matter what i do. EDIT: Went back out to have a look, if i turn the Radio unit on without the ignition (1 hour mode) then the back lighting turns on so i can see that it works. its just not being told to do so on headlight turn on.
  11. Another don't like...finally received the mirror cover...which was broken in transit because it had only been placed in a sandwich bubble wrap or paper to cushion it at all! 😮 Messaged the seller immediately asking for a replacement (with some packaging this time!) and just got a reply clearly created in Google Translate saying they'll send me a refund... I don't want a refund, I can't glue a tenner over the mirror, I just want the item I bought over a week ago in one piece! Anyway, the refund has come through this morning so I guess I've got to buy one from somewhere else now... 😒 They also had the cheek to ask not to leave them negative or neutral feedback because they're 'trying their best to rectify'...surely the whole point of feedback is so buyers know that you can't be bothered to package items or replace them when they inevitably break in the post. 😮 I should add, it's not even a new seller, they've got over 4000 feedback already! Aaaand breathe...
  12. On lower trim levels Ford don't use LEDs but a bulb. If you have front bulbs on but nothing at the rear, they're just non-LED DRLs, you won't be able to turn them off, they're a legal requirement
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  14. Is there anyway I can turn these off? They aren’t daytime running lights thanks
  15. Hi all, New to the forums here. Not sure if this has been asked before, but i'm desperately looking for a rear bumper skirt (Zetec S style) for my Focus Mk2 2010 Facelift Have asked local breakers and scoured eBay, but with no luck! Any ideas would be appreciated.
  16. Very late but having this exact problem myself did you manage to find out the issue? Thanks in advance if anyone replies!
  17. Not sure on the IB5, MTX75 is 1.9 litres. Whatver the IB5 takes it will be closer to 2 litres than 1.
  18. Hi all just joined have a mk5 escort van 1.4 not sure what engine it has at the mo I know it’s a cvh but what one. if anyone can shed a light and help me out would be muck appreciated. Looking at doing a engine swap. Was thinking about 1.8 zetec from a focus but looking to be a fair amount of work. Is there any other engine threat will go straight in without the hassle of new loom ect. Here a photo of my current engine ( nothing pretty 😩) dose anyone know if this is the basic cvh engine?
  19. Added steel rear bumper protector.
  20. Standard. I don’t have an issue with it
  21. Do you not still need to plug something in at the screen end ?
  22. Going to the filming of Top Gear today at Dunsfold!! 

  23. Another naff decision by Ford. I wouldn't be without auto locking where I drive, especially in any kind of newer car. The amount of numptys going around trying to get into/steal cars is unreal. Maybe I will rethink my future car being a Ford if this is not a feature! 😛
  24. Agree with William, the screw holes are quite obvious being fitted with red screw plugs / metal threaded clips. Also a 1.6 Petrol? Mine didn't come with an engine cover or bonnet insulation (mk 2.5) and reading the threads about previous versions of the Focus having "leaky" washer jets that leak water into the spark plug wells I imagine it's not a standard thing on the petrols. Ford are quite helpful, it may be worth ringing your local dealer and asking them the question, they can look it up on the computer and tell you for sure 😛
  25. Have a quick look at the O/S/R and make sure nothing is hanging / loose, just to ensure that they've not forgotten to install the sensor wire... 😛 The data will lead you in the correct direction, "South Main Auto" on Youtube has some fantastic electronic diagnostic videos for hunting down suspected electrical problems using logic and basic knowledge.
  26. Does the socket look contaminated inside? Use a non-metallic method of scrubbing the inside if it looks corroded/dirty/contaminated (coffee stains are non conductive!). Have you got a multimeter/volt meter? If so, measure the voltage between the centre metal pin and the outside of the socket. There may be multiple fuses for your cigarette lighter sockets, you might want to check there is not another that has blown if you cannot get a voltage reading with the meter. If it still isn't working, it might be worth removing the socket and checking the wiring is still attached to the bottom of it.
  27. Simple led bulbs fix the "led" light issue. I swapped my other numberplate light to an led and looks nice and even (and means you don't really need to cut holes for wires). Parking sensors are so common now that I wouldn't really buy a car or use one without - the look doesn't bother me. You can actually get "no drill" sensor kits, that use a long metal "aerial" stuck inside your bumper. The only problem is that they don't generally work well with big bits of metal around... like the crash bars you get on cars... I tried one on the front of mine, and it did not work well at all.
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