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  2. Hi all just seen this on ebay would this be a simple plug and play for my ford fiesta zetec s 140bph 2016 plate mine as got the ford none sat nav in it at the mo. cheers shaun
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  4. I can confirm that your fiesta is a mk7/ 7.5 (depending on where you look) because my fiesta is the same age as yours, and also states JA8 (and is also a zetec) the way to tell if it is a mk7 or an mk6 is the front grill, mk7 looks like a stormtrooper, mk6 has a small grill divided in half by a bumper plastic
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  6. So glad I've stumbled over this by mistake?, my 16 plate just hit 40k this week & I know it's got FSH but I dont know if the gearbox oil/ filter been changed? I be looking into asap as I thought they were sealed for life & reading other reviews it needs doing every 3x years ?
  7. Do like the new camera image however the object looks closer than when looking from outside.
  8. Definitely not a Mk6. I would guess it would be a Mk7.5 with it being a 2013 EB.
  9. @Zico I'm wondering if I should get those bulbs 😂. I just wonder though if it produces a red light rather than white. It looks to have the same design as the performance indicators so must be really bright. At least with these you can blind people with your brake light and indicators when your slowing down to turn into your house road. I'm just wondering if I saw @Jethro_Tull also in the dream 🤣.
  10. Hi Guys I have a 2013 Fiesta Zetec S 1.0 Ecoboost. trying to find out if its a mk6, 7 or 7.5 - so confused. Is there a way to tell? My log book states "M1JE1C" and "JA8" if that helps? Appreciate any insight
  11. you can get good fuel economy in town from a 1.0 EcoBoost if driven "correctly" first, you can have eco or boost but not both at the same time you must pick one. if you pick eco you need to do the following to get best mpg accelerate gently keeping rpm low change up at 1800 rpm and down at 1200rpm try not to use the brakes slow gradually using a trailing throttle switch off non-essential accessories like ac heated screen etc try not to stop at every red light move to a trailing throttle early and give it time to turn green before you get there same is true for any other possible hold up. anticipate what could happen up ahead and give any potential hold up time to clear controversial one this but i believe super unleaded gives better mpg in the EcoBoost after flicking back and forth a few times between Tesco standard and momentum it costs around 4% more but gives around 8% better fuel economy. using the above I get around 400 miles from a tank on short town driving (43mpg approx) and 550 miles from a tank of long cross country journies (59mpg approx)
  12. I have checked and it all looks fine, no obvious damage to it and nothing loose.
  13. Is it actually fuel?
  14. I did consider calling it through but didn't think that 999 was quite appropriate for this occasion. 101 would have probably been a better option but unfortunately the last time I called 101 it took over 15 minutes to get through. From where we were, the Domino's driver would have driven past the police station (or crawled past in rush hour traffic) to get back round to the store a few minutes up the road. This is the view the dashcam captured though.
  15. Check the wiring that goes through the rubber convoluted tube on the left from tailgate to the body. Chances are the wiring is damaged.
  16. Yeah definitely a fiesta. Its too slow to be anything else. Ive also recently noticed it really struggles to accelerate past 70mph on uphills. Surely this isnt normal right? Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  17. Programming of IPC not required.
  18. We did over 80k in our 1.4tdci - average easily over 50MPG. Best was upper 60s driving around Snowdonia. Are you sure some one has not sold you a Focus ST ???
  19. Zico

    Things I Do Like

    As per @TomsFocus post, I'm also intrigued to hear your interpretation of us 🤔. Oh and I also tend to skip breakfast but only ever got told off for not eating lunch when working at my dad's restaurant back in the day. Had my ST-3 for over 32,200 miles now so I can check the leather around my seat and let you know if I spot anything. It's also a pure coincidence that I bought some Auto Glym leather cleaner and balm which arrived today. There are some dirty marks along the sides of the seats which I wanted to clean while I noticed. Unfortunately I've not had a really good dream for a while now 😞. I occasionally have a dream where I'm very tiny and getting caught up in a carpet or something similar that is being rolled up. No idea what that means . Stop tempting me!! Thankfully the brake lights are still perfect from my purchase last year, even got to use the LED fog light in anger recently! I did briefly glance at the LED H7 dipped beam after I got the AB email today. The 10% Easter sale code doesn't save you much (still almost £60 with delivery) and the ash12 code is still better for 12% off.
  20. 32-37mpg is very low for a 1.0 Ecoboost. I get over 40 out of my ST (1.6 Ecoboost)!
  21. No Dave, I couldn't enter the IPC with Focccus so I just altered the rainsensor setting in the BCM module and it works as supposed to 😉
  22. Like finding your first real girlfriends wearing a chastity belt; all that's going through your mind when trying to open it is; How badly you want that lips and A55 😂 I should explain that I'm assuming that's all what's in those pie's too is the cows lips and A55
  23. Has anyone fitted the above to their Escort.Just wondered if any recommendations along with an aerial. Thanks in advance.
  24. sounds about right 😊
  25. Check this
  26. On short town journeys in stop start traffic that sounds about right. The economy of these little turbo cars depends how and where you drive it. On a long motorway journey doing 70mph you will get the claimed mpg.
  27. I agree it’s a gamble but £40 used as opposed to £400 for a new one is something that I can’t ignore, it’s just the pag 170cc or 120cc that I need to know about so I can go ahead and order one.
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