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  2. Is it half hidden behind a palm tree on the right of the picture?
  3. Hi all, First of all please forgive my ignorance RE:engine mechanics. I want to learn but still don't understand how everything works or what it does; best assume I know nothing. Also apologies for the long post. My focus has had an issue for a couple of years with very poor economy. I bought it five years ago and got ~500 miles out of 50 litres. Now it struggles to do 350-400. It also vibrates when it idles (to me sounds a bit rough; a couple of my mates have asked if it's a diesel before now). It struggles on hills and has no power below 2.5-3k revs. It does seem to hesitate at times when accelerating from stationary (this has caused a couple of brown trouser moments at junctions you could have got a bus out of...) My local garage knows her well and knows their stuff, but they're stumped. They found part of the pipe after the air intake sensor had disintegrated and replaced it, this helped but didn't cure it. Annoyingly it runs very well on the motorway (if a bit shy on power). Here's the thing, when I fill the tank, for the next 24hrs all this goes away. It idles butter smooth, goes like a stabbed rat and the throttle response is sharp. After this all the above comes back. My working theory: not enough oxygen is getting into the engine so it doesn't combust properly. When the tank is filled the splashing in the tank causes air to dissolve in the fuel, temporarily correcting the imbalance A bit of Googling suggests the MAF sensor is dirty/dying (it certainly fits most of the symptoms, but she's never died on me whilst idling), but I can't see one just after the air filter. Am I looking in the wrong place? Am I even considering the right part, is there something else I should be looking at? I'm stumped, my garage is stumped. She is in really good condition bar the above, the only advisories I've had with her are bald tyres and dead bulbs, and she's only just clocked 100k miles so I want to hang onto it.
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  5. I have a 2015 ecoboost, about 2 weeks ago my Bluetooth stopped working and will not pair to android or apple, I have tried to update sync and sync will not recognise my usb
  6. There is also a TSB 17 - 2227 on this issue that applies to 2018 F150's. Go to your dealer be sure to tell them to do the TSB 17-2227 procedure. After that follow my instructions above. Everything will work again.
  7. Oil and filter changed plus flush and still doing it 😭 correct oil used
  8. On the inside, I've added this surround to the light switch which lifts the rather dull stock interior a little.
  9. I have had that happen a couple of times since new and discovered by accident that after leaving overnight the problem disappears. I assume the system must have done a reset or reboot overnight.
  10. Interesting. Does that have to be done at the dealership or can I do it via WiFi on the touch screen?
  11. Evening all, I have recently taken delivery of a new Ford Focus Vignale. Great car, however the paintwork is shocking! It has not been correctly PDI (cleaned and polished) at the supplying dealer which is very disappointing. The car is a bright white but the complete paintwork is covered in Rail Rust has anyone else got this issue. (Rail Rust is small particles of metal that are in bedded into the paintwork that then corrode and leave rust all over the car)
  12. Puma is very similar... If you have a late '98 - '02. I have no knowledge of the '02 -'08 type......
  13. ...just a heads up when SYNC upgrading, maybe consider the following: do all the things on the upgrading list, Except turning your engine on! almost drove mine into a ditch and put a match to it, it did not work when I followed the list, A nice Aussie guy told me not to turn on my engine, and whatta you know 🙂 c",) Jan
  14. Sounds like the abs module needs a software update.
  15. Emergency call system malfunction most likely a faulty button .
  16. Well I have to walk down my road, turn left on the main road then walk down there then turn left again then its there. I think it right parallel to my house if I was able to see from the back of the house opposite mine 🤔
  17. Can anyone explain how to match and pair a used cluster to what i think is called the PCM, as my car is not starting, i have forscan and what i have done so far is to copy the data from my original cluster and write it to the new one, i only have 1 key at the moment and waiting for a spare key to arrive, any help please.
  18. Now Fordpass isn't connecting to the vehicle and the message "emergency call systems malfunction service required" Also says connectivity settings not available at this time on the Sync3 Any ideas anybody?
  19. I re soldered all the plug pins on the cluster but its still the same, i have now bought the modified elm cable and Forscan, i am working through the various fault codes, and i will update with results as soon as i can, if you plan on re working the solder joints on your cluster, please be very careful as its very easy to destroy your cluster, as i did, and now having to re program it.
  20. Having had intermittent Bluetooth issues with my '12 plate Mondeo since I bought it, I found information on the Ford audio update, especially the "November 2012" update, as can be found here: Unfortunately when I get to the part where the ignition is turned on, and the update should start...nothing happens. Does anyone know if this update is supposed to work on a '12 Mondeo?
  21. Evening Yes a taxi would be more convenient because my friend has the car parked outside his house costing him his mobility allowance and he is not getting any enjoyment out of it. He is thinking of giving it back anyway because he had a stroke March 2018 and he was asked to take a driving assessment but i think it was done too quickly (July/August 2018) and he was told to voluntarily give up his licence but he has been back and forth to DVLA to try and get it back. Thanks
  22. Just looked at all the engines that could possible be in your car and then all have at least 1 glowplug.
  23. Evening The dealer did provide collection and delivery but they couldn't do it until 24th June and i was told if any was warrantable it wouldn't be covered as the service had been done too late. Also couldn't have a courtesy car at that last minute. Cheers
  24. Mine is the same but on the passenger side
  25. Getting back to the seats.... Are there any differences with airbags and pretensioner arrangements ? I believe there was options on extra airbags but not sure if they were in the seats. Assuming the Style is also two door, you might want to renew the seat back release handles before you swap the seats, which is quite easy, to get the seats out, disconnect battery, disconnect pretensioner plug, remove head restraint, and undo the four torx bolts, lift out seat, then remove ten years of accumulated dust from under the seat! I found a dirty sock under my passenger seat, possibly from the previous owner !
  26. I don’t know but I think the rear liner on those was a sort of felt stuff for sound deadening so maybe you can stick you finger up under the edges or push on the liner and hear it all crunching, I don’t really know
  27. So been doing my welding certs Monday night in college, so decided to borrow some 3mm sheet steal and make myself some mounts for my rollcage, tig welded 3mm plate with some 90 angles just need to be cut down to size and welded into place. Dimes are not stacked pritty it won't win any prizes but it has plenty of penetration and nice and strong.
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