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  2. That is a weird one! Was that the big connector with the blue handle at bottom center in the photo below? I am sure when I undid mine, the resistance changed from 120 to very high, and all the info I have says that the HS_CAN bus must go through this connector, and that there must definitely be a 120 ohm terminating resistor in the ECU, which is where that connector goes to. So it should go up from 60 ohms to 120 in your case. The bus also goes through a couple of connectors just in front of the passenger door, behind the plastic trim. (There are three down there, two of which carry the HS-CAN bus), and un-plugging these will separate the cluster and diagnostic connector from all stuff under the bonnet, which may only be ABS & ECU on a 1.6 petrol, it also goes to the EHPAS if fitted.
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  4. Ive got alot of reading to get through lol. I believe mine isnt sync it says nothing about it on the display. I have bluetooth and VC. I have fitted a headliner from a 15 plate ST and found the microphone wires travelled down the left hand A pillar instead of the right hand A pillar like mine did so had to unpick the loom and move it over pain in the rear that was. The motorcraft site does not have an option for the uk Does this mean i have to hook my laptop upto to a working vehicle with let say sync3 in it use foccus to save the config ? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. Hi All, New owner (or rather my partner is) of a small run about - Ford Fiesta 1.25 Freestyle We have noticed a small issue, the heater system seems to blow hot air all the time (even if its off) I have done some research and its common the heater control valve goes, i have checked the fuses - i have purchased the valve as.. again looking into it - seems pretty easy to change? Wondering if anyone can tell me whether you need to drain the coolant first before taking the 4 hoses / valve out? thanks Matt
  6. Hi its a 2006 so imagine it’s same as the 2002 mk5 , if you remove the wipers / unbolt and pull off the plastic scuttle and then remove the blower cover behind that (a few bolts and 3 along bottom hard to see) there’s the back of the blower / you’ll be looking at blower in middle and a fair sized hole to each side of it ,now don’t know if anything would get in there but if it did and is stuck in either of those two holes then that also would cause your problem / if you do want to remove the blower cover then you’ll also have to remove the battery and undo the air filter cover and pipe on top of engine and lift off also or blower cover won’t come out , whole job would take hour or so to remove and refit .
  7. Thanks for the reply Nick.
  8. They are normally not far from the holes for the lights wrapped up in tape Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  9. I think this is in all of them my 2012 zs does it parking light. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  10. Hi if there is a lot more condensation than usual in the car then that wiring rubber to the boot may not be tight but does your boot door sit flush all the way down as if it’s out at all rain can get past the seal
  11. yeah i can change the gears with my enigne off fine, it stuggles when i have my engine on. so i'll need to change the cluch my self?
  12. I would have thought a 2016 would have had sync2 ?
  13. Thanks. I’ll just put the loom in as I’ll need it for sync 3 when I can track down a screen won’t I. So just to clarify the 54 pin plug that gets the wires changed in is the one connected behind the AC controls that then gets fed upto the screen area ?
  14. Yep, just slot the correct map as card and that's it. If you haven't got one, there's a few sellers on eBay selling them. I've bought a few off one of them . Will post a link in a minute. Edit. V9 mfd as card is what you need.
  15. How do i go about setting the correct configuration? Using focccus again i assume?
  16. You can change the rear diffuser to one from a zetec s or ST. The problem is your current exhaust tip stops a good foot behind the crappy diffuser currently there. Youd need to get the twin tip and have the pipe extended to meet up.
  17. Hi I have a Kuga 2016 with a sync 1 with a Sony player. It has a map button and a navigation button on the console. Above the Sony screen is an as card slot.Can I just insert a card for the maps?
  18. I've only had it once, when I was reversing in February, not had it since. However, I remember the winter sun was making my rear view mirror un-viewable too, maybe that upset the camera?
  19. Pins 1 and 8 I’m referring too. If you take a look at the back of your media hub you will see what u mean. I just tacked the wires with a bit of solder on to the pins with heat shrink tube over them so they don’t touch the other ‘spare’ pins. Also, instead of running them two wires all the way back up to the harness you can get away with splicing them on to the 12v socket in the rear. Just double check the voltages on the harness compared to the 12v socket. Again, if you don’t want line in I’d do the above. Sorry for the multiple posts, slowly remembering what I did :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  20. Oh and as for the usb loom, honestly, make your own. You only need two wires from the media hub unless you want to keep the line in... the two wires I’m referring too provide the hub with power and the usb cable is used for both the sd card slot and the usb slot. literally positive and negative from the media hub attached to the corresponding pins on the harness and then a long micro usb cable! Made my life so much easier and less faffing around with multiple wires and pins. Up to you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  21. I got mine from amazon too. And instead of popping the pins out I cut the wires and swapped them round and soldered them back together... the easier option would have been popping the pins out [emoji23] lmao. I was thinking straight haha. Should be fairly easy, from what I remember you just pull and they pop out? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  22. Hello to you all i am the proud new owner of a kuga from a focus and so far it’s an amazing car 1.5 auto titanium petrol AWD
  23. Well I have everything ordered apart from the usb loom got one of them harnesses off amazon coming tomorrow. I take it with a bit off work you can pop the pins out and re place them in the desired number. It’s the wiring I’m not comfortable with. So any more guides on that bit I’m all ears. ( bitter pill to swallow that considering I’m a sparky ) lol on the look out for sync 3 now. Had most of my panels off in the car today just to get to grips with it and help speed up the install.
  24. Good evening all, I’m new to this so not sure in how to start my introduction. I have managed to come across an early ford Cortina 1963 mk1 which had been sat up in a shed since 1987. It looks like the original owner had left it there on a evening and never went back. It’s in remarkable condition for its age , with the interior looking like new. I’m looking for ideas for the best way forward, so I have come to ask the owners club for there views and suggest my next course of action? cheers Matt
  25. I have checked them. After more investigation today, I think its coming from where the wiring goes from the body to the boot lid. The rubber gaiter. I had a dashcam fitted recently so I'm wondering if they tried wiring it through there and didn't put it back properly.
  26. Nice to see a classic Ford on Top Gear tonight, a Mk2 Escort GL.
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