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  2. Does it by any chance have the old style degas hose? These fracture and fail, causing a loss of coolant.
  3. Anyone else on here feel that all there doing these days is working and dying? Or is it just me ? 😂
  4. Soft opening mechanism? Mine hasn't got that...don't remember ever seeing it do that at any time when opening the glove box.
  5. Hi Guys, Are any of you aware of a 'common fault' with Mk3 Focus 1.0ltr pertaining to the coolant system? I had a breakdown today and the AA recovery man says that it is a common fault with this engine. I had a sudden loss of coolant which may have cracked the block. There is no compression! I have left it at the main Ford dealer who would not commit but said that he would assess the fault and if suitable will contact Ford direct. Your thoughts would be really appreciated.
  6. I have a waterproof fleece jacket given to me from work; I like to wear as it reminds people of "Breaking Bad" 😂 Doesn't swet you as much as a full acid suit. Eh; all views are my own opinion just putting that in there to keep It work compliant 😅
  7. Try some of the websites that calculate the offsets, rolling diameter and PCDs for you - I use this one HTH
  8. Hi all, About to do my first coolant flush and very busy over next few days so want to do a coolant flush and change.A few folk flush through 2-3 times but i want to try and get that all done in a day.I just wondered if i leave the endine to cool how long is it before i can pour cold water safely into the reservoir that it wont damage radiator etc. Would 2-3 hours be ok? Cheers folks, Jon
  9. Fantastic Alan !!!!! Thats brilliant news,bet you were really happy on the test drive :-) Thanks very much for coming back and letting me know.Its something for me to have a look at for sure. Thanks again mate and enjoy your non shaking driving ;-)
  10. Hi, Yes that's correct but some aftermarket headunits now offer to display the rear camera while driving or on demand without having to put the car in reverse gear; In order to be able to use this feature aswell, If you wanted then you just need to put the camera Positive power to an ignition live instead. I missed that feature in my guide and my pioneer headunit offers the feature but I cant use it as my camera power comes from the reverse light Positive 🤷‍♂️
  11. Did you get that figure by looking at your dash at an indicated 70 or have you got info on the gear ratios?
  12. Well, I recently upgraded my car to a Mk2 focus (auto transmission due to my left leg having issues) after my wee fiesta decided to hug a tree last month. I would like to do some things to modify it to make it look more in place in the cool world as right now it just looks like a boring lump of metal lol. Any ideas appreciated!.
  13. The problem is that engine and a fiesta is to much fun for eco driving ive had it down to 17.5 mpg over 25 miles of twisty fun.
  14. Sometimes second is over the legal speed limit too. My mk7.5 fiesta ST-Line 140 does over 60 in second gear and the gearing will differ from the mk8 with a 6 speed box.
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  16. Police drivers are taught to look after the car. lol, yeah right.
  17. I can't say about dealer prices but I bought some from eBay for less than £10 that did the trick. Will always pay more for genuine dealer part though
  18. I have a 2015 1.5 TDCI FIESTA if i put my foot to floor it comes up with service engine now and loses all power. When I press the accelerator literally nothing happens, turn it off then on again and it’s fine until the next time I floor it. I plugged it into Forscan and I got code P062B wiped it and it happened again. Any ideas? Internal Control Module Fuel Injector control performance is the description
  19. The lock on the driverside door won't unlock with the key, but it does lock with the key!. The only way to get in is to unlock on the passenger side and reach over to unlock by the latch. Any ideas on cost of getting this fixed, or if there's another solution than taking it to a garage or ideas on the fault? Thanks Ford focus Ghia MK1 1999 Sent from my Swift 2 Plus using Tapatalk
  20. My car doesn't start and someone said that it wouldn't start because it couldn't make a vacuum. Can someone tell me what is it? Car: Ford fiesta mk4 diesel
  21. Hey everyone, I've been a forum user for many years in the vag scene, I've just got rid of my audi and decided I'm going to convert, so I got myself a lovely sea grey mk3 mondeo St tdci, it has the usual saggy a××e syndrome and a couple of small car park dings on the passenger side as well as a crack in a side skirt but otherwise is a really clean well looked after motor, I got it on the 1st of August and have done the black eye headlights as well as blacked the chrome bits on the external parts of the fog lights, I intend to black all the chrome bits over time as I prefer a subtle look, weather hasn't been on my side of late, also fitted a parrot hands free and removed most of the towbar oh and fitted white leds where possible and done the fold on lock mirror mod too, I will upload some shots I took after the 1st of the 3 stage polish it was getting, stage 2 and 3 got postponed due to rain lol
  22. actually I see your details say Name: Darren Ford Model: Focus Ford Year: 2002 so is it mk2.5? 2002 would be mk1.5
  23. I just had the injector seals replaced on a 2009 1.6 tdc fiesta by an independent garage.They got the seal kit from a main dealer and I was invoiced €65 for it. Is this what they cost from a main dealer? They can be got on ebay for about €20.
  24. The mapping companies only usually get updates from councils or their own periodic surveys. There is a link ... ... where you can go and report map errors. They are then subject to confirmation by a survey team and then you'll probably see them in about 2 to 3 years time! There are loads of map errors ... you just get used to them after a while.
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