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    Rear Diffuser Opinions

    I think a black Fiesta with a silver diffuser would like about as good as that Mondeo looks. If I had a black car, I'd paint the diffuser a very different shade of black from the car's color or an aluminum looking paint. Here is a US spec Fiesta with the diffuser painted the same color as the body. Personally, I am not a fan of that look. I think it'd have been far better if the diffuser section was black. I painted mine flat black and held the gun back farther to kinda texture it, then sprayed it with a satin clear. Didn't want that section to be glossy or smooth.
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    Rear Diffuser Opinions

    I have though the same myself but I think a silver diffuser on the fiesta wouldnt look right for some reason. Maybe its because the Mondeo is more of an executive car so a silver diffuser suits it better.