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  1. it's reciprocal :D And james_60 as your last post/question was directed to all thread participants.....yes I did read your quotes from your manual. And I thought that's good of James to copy all that info down, but I did not realise you wanted an accolade for doing it ;):P I myself can write pieces on a thread subject that some on here may consider boarder on challenging Leo Tolstoy's epic War and Peace And some posts even appear to become the grave stone that marks the end of a threads interesting life............but as I'm not "needy" I don't take it personally :D But in all seriousness, as the post in question was directed to artscot79 ...............I reckon he owes you a box of chocolates or possibly an oil filter as an act of contrition. And Chutney, jeebo is right, he bought a motor he thought was the "dogs whatsits" ...............I mean come on who doesn't. You don't go to a dealers look at a motor and think I reckon I could have a load of hassle with that motor but I'll buy it anyway. As it turned out it was the spawn of Satan.
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  2. Those cable lock connectors aren't the best and it still splits the wires insulation Do it properly and get some insulated male and female spade connectors. They're probably cheaper and you can split directly from the existing plug without cutting any wires
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