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    Ok all l, for those who are interested to find out things are. got car back this morning, brake squeal gone, grinded the slight lip on disc. engine malfunction service now has been resolved by then cleaning up the vacuum pump and replaced vacuum pipe. s/s also resolved by then installing a new battery. The charged it overnight and when tested the test failed. So started up the car and the s/s did not light up. I turned s/s off and on and it stayed on and then did the s/s at traffic lights. so far I’m happy guy 🤞👍👍👍
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    Redditch Zetec Edition Owner

    Good evening members. My name is Simon and i have just recently bought this beautiful 2017 plate Zetec Edition TDCI. As soon as i saw it on the forecourt of the dealership i instantly fell in love with the colour. Took it for a test drive and was smiling like a cheshire cat. It only has 27500 miles on the clock and is immaculate both inside and out.
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    Dealer over filled oil

    It should be on the max line , not half way between min & max . They specify a quantity for a reason. As said the difference between min & max is normally 1 litre. So it needs another half a litre putting in !
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    Things I Don't Like

    If only you could see how much I was laughing to this 😂🤣
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    Things I Don't Like

    Lol 😂
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    Things I Don't Like

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    Things I Don't Like

    Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮
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    Things I Don't Like

    I'm bitterly disappointed, nothing so far!!!😂
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    Mk6 Fiesta ABS

    Yup was gonna reply and say I have just done one recently and it was 270 or 290nm but 290nm it is lol.
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    Rounded off torx coil pack screws

    Drill the heads off them.
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    A little front end update... The pinstriping has returned! This WAS how she was looking a couple of weeks ago after a good wash but forgot to post in here Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Things I Don't Like

    Just parked at a mate's house. Looks okay to me. I guess I've got a good dealer? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Exactly what I thought. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    I'd go for B. The front white splitter not being there kind of makes the front look like a RS
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    Dealer over filled oil

    I would put a bit more in until it's on the max.
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    Things I Don't Like

    It was waxed...not any longer now they've covered it in TFR and dragged grit all over it with dirty rags and a drying blade. It's only local elections on May 2nd, not another general election until 2022! May seems adamant she's going to stay in now just to spite everyone anyway.
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    Eric Bloodaxe

    Things I Don't Like

    No, it makes you wonder how long it takes these people to decide what to order in a restaurant?😀
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    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like hearing there's yet another extension to Brexit this morning...
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    Things I Don't Like

    You let them 'valet' it!? 😮
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    Fiesta mk7 St-3 (St180)

    the 3rd brake light looks good mate. Thank you for the link its much appreciated
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    Reverse Mirror Dipping

    Press and hold the memory button for the electric seats to complete that step of the process. If you don't have electric memory seats then there is no way to do it.
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    Pedal swap

    They look miles better than the standard black plastic ones, might get some Cheers mate
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    Thanks Guys, I thought as much, just needed to have it endorsed by others. I still have time to look around to find a good deal. Apart from standard kit the only other mod of sorts is a dash-cam lol. These can actually reduce your policy value a little so its not a bad thing to have one installed now-a-days. Cheers and thanks to all … Kudos 2 ya!
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    Back seat rattle / clunking

    That's what I was thinking Tony, it' probably just needs a very slight adjustment / realignment I must take a look at it soon, it can't be that hard a task, and it is something that may well reoccur at a later stage.
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like popping my KEO cherry tonight 🍻😀 Kindly supplied by the owners of the apartment 😎 @Stoney871 I forgot to have one for you, so I'll have to remember to have one tomorrow 😀 there's a pub less than 5 minutes away so shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
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    Water Leaking into spare wheel unit

    Will be getting in underneath the black roof trims. Where the side panels and the roof panel meet it is covered with a bead of sealant from front to rear. Once the body shell is painted the black strip is attached over the top using double sided tape. It's common on the early build Mk7 for this sealant to crack with age allowing water to seep in between the panels and run into the boot area. My car was affected by the same issue, if the water is clean then this is more than likely where your problem lies.
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    Gadgets Help Needed

    Spend a little time reading about Forscan. I felt the same with it when i first looked at it. But once you get to understand parts of it, you will be hooked by it. If you take to your ford garage they will not do it for you, they will use an excuse that they can not do it for you. Ive only been using forscan just over a month and made a number of changes to the car and its only cost me the price of the ELM which was under £20. The amount ive saved by making the changes i have would be in the 100's. There are plenty of spreadsheets out there for different ford cars (mostly usa) but the commands are the same on most models except the very brand news ones. Its worth looking at the forscan forum, there are loads of youtube clips as well and a good community of people out there if you get stuck including myself. Also i suggest you join the following facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/693277794183606/ Its one of the largest, if not the largest Mondeo Mk5 uk groups out there. Im on there as Gav Jarratt.
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    Things I Do Like

    That awkward moment when the lane departure warning fails and you need to be rescued by a horse...
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    Things I Don't Like

    It's on the service plan and still under warranty so I'm not expecting one! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Eric Bloodaxe

    Things I Don't Like

    You'll be able to decide which when you see the bill!😀
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    Reflection Shots

    Looking good.
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    had a great day staurday at castle combe the weather was brilliant coudent have wanted any better. you never know you might see me about at some point
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    Wiper sprey

    My guess here would be the other one to Tom: Pump. But it is only a guess. These washer units work by driving the pump one way for windscreen, and the other way for rear window. Just by reversing the polarity on the two wires to the motor in the pump. There is a little valve in the pump that is pushed over by the pressure from the pump, and blocks the flow to one or the other outlet. That makes all the flow go to one or the other. If this valve sticks, then the result could be what you describe. Removing the washer tank and checking the voltage applied to the pump could verify whether it is switch or pump. Also I suspect if it is the pump, then then flow will be a bit less if water is coming out of the wrong end, ie rear when switched to front, compared to right end, ie front when switched to front. I had to replace my washer pump last summer, it had flooded with screenwash due to failed seal between motor and pump. Water and 'lectric do mix, all too well, but don't work when mixed!.
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    Was about to say about your radio code till I read further through. I think there's companies on ebay who can give you it. Car must start nicely.
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    Just had to unblock again! So much easier when you know what you're looking for so thought this time I'd post photos, taken under the bonnet, of the soft rubber boots that with a bit of manipulation easily unblock. Hope this is helpful.
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    Full List Lenny's Guides

    Will do adding a boost gauge at the weekend will add some pics and thanks again
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    Hello all , I have found some info out a few months ago about my focus i got it off a ST170 SITE so credit does go to them but i will say it here anyways *******WARNING DO NOT TRY THIS IF YOU LIKE TO KEEP A CHECK ON MILEAGE AFTER EVERY REFILL LIKE ME AS THIS WILL RESET THE TRIP METER****************** 1.GET IN FOCUS 2.PUT KEY IN STEERING LOCK OFF 3.HOLD DOWN TRIP RESET BUTTON ON INSTRUMENT PANEL 4.TURN IGNITION ON AND START ENGINE 5.NOW YOUR CAR IS IN SELF DIAGNOSTIC MODE YOU CAN NOW CHECK IF THE CAR HAS ANY DTC CODES IN THE MEMORY ,CHECK ALL GUAGES ,CHECK ALL INSTRUMENTAL PANEL LAMPS EVEN ONES U DONT USE E.G. ABS GLOW PLUG LIGHT ON PETROL AND AUTO GEARBOX LAMP YOU CAN ALSO SEE YOUR REV METER IN DIGITAL Give this a go its quite cool and also dtc codes are usefull if you know what to do with them try googling dtc library there used to be a program you could get but i dont know if its avaliable anymore Thanks Matt
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    2018 focus electrical problems

    Focus st line 1.5 eco boost. Pre collision warning flashes on dashboard and brakes are applied automatically, radio screen goes off when it feels like it, drivers window goes down when pressed to go up and now the heaters have gone off just blowing cold air out when on hot.