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    Thought I would write a short guide on how to fit a dial kit after doing it myself today. Its a fairly simple procedure and only takes about 15-30 mins. This was my speedo to start with: , And this was the kit as it came (old dial kit, I forgot to take pic of new one); . Firstly with the engine cold, start the car up and take a picture of the exact position of the needles with the car idling. (This helps to make sure you've replaced the needles correctly later on). Turn the engine off and remove the instrument panel cover by putting your fingers in by the bottom of the dial faces and pulling the bottom out towards you and then pulling the top of it to fully remove it(4 clips secure this piece into position). 2 screws secure the instrument pod cluster in position and they are situated at the top of the cluster. Remove these and you will be able to remove the cluster far enough from the dash to remove the cable from the back-there is a small black push over clip which you need to lift and push over to the right hand side of the plug to be able to disengange the cable (See pictures). Once the cluster is removed, there is six clips around the middle of the cluster , Pop the clips open to seperate the black front fascia/lens from the rear of the cluster to allow you acces to the dials/needles. Remove your trip reset buttons simply by pulling on them firmly. They're quite stiff but the will come. You then need to remove the needles (its worth taking a picture of the exact position of the needles as they are to start with) the instructions that came with the kit said to use hair drier to ease removal of the needles but I got them off no problem at all without one. If you do use one hold ot 50mm away from the panel and use abit of card to protect the digital displays. To remove the needles get 2 teaspoons and carefully place the scoop end of the spoons directly under opposite sides of the needles-in line with each other (see picture) and gently prise the needle upwards applying even pressure with the teaspoons to remove it from its spindle. Remove both needles. (Ignore the needle position on mine, I only thought to make the guide after I fitted the new dial face and messed up slightly when I was looking to do something else with the cluster) You can now peel the existing black dial face from the back plate. The instructions stated that methalated spirits may be required to remove any adhesive residue from the back plate but I didn't need to. You then need to remove the paper covers from the adhesive strips on your new fascia and then position the new dial face over the back plate, it is fairly simple to line up as it should be cut to the exact right shape, once happy with the alignment press/smooth the dial face down firmly and clean with a clean soft cloth. Push the needles gently back into the exact position you removed them from (refer to the picture you took when removing). Clean any finger prints on the dial face before reasembly. Reassemble the instrument cluster in the reverse order from which you took it apart-clip the front facsia back onto the back panel and replace your trip reset buttons-these just push back into position, push the plug back into the back of the cluster and secure with the same clip that you need to lift to remove it, then replace the unit back into your car and secure into position with the 2 screws at the top. Turn your engine on and your needles should be in the same position as the picture you took previously. You may need to readjust the needles if you havent replaced them correctly. At this point I took the car for a short test drive just to make sure the needles were working ok and everything seemed to be working ok. All thats left for you to do then is to replace the instrument panel hood. Line the hood up ready to be pushed into the clips; Then push the hood backwards untill its clipped into position and thats you . I have very basic knowledge of cars, kind of just picking up things as i go and it only took me about 15-20 minutes to fit the new dials and it was fairly easy to do and it looks great; . I RECOMMEND TAKING THE CAR TO MAKE SURE YOUR SPEEDO CALIBRATION IS CORRECT JUST INCASE YOU HAVEN'T REPLACED THE NEEDLES CORRECTLY. I DID THIS JUST FOR PEACE OF MIND AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FINE. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask ill do my best to answer hope this guide helps someone. P.S. I took most of the pictures after I had fitted my new dial face just incase there's any confusion.