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    A little gift , here are the PDF electrical wiring diagrams for the Ford Focus Focus Mk2/2.5 + ST PDF dated 2010 - Click Here Focus Mk3 PDF dated 2011 , not ST - Click Here Very usefull indeed if your trying to figure out additions to your car or find wiring Regards Preee Focus 2011 Wiring.pdf entire_schematics_ph8m5t-70000-ad.pdf
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    Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Well it has taken what seems to be an age but the RS has finally arrived. And god it's awesome. Here's the back story of order to delivery which I decided to keep pretty much to myself as I knew the wait would be hard enough without sharing the pain with you guys. February 2016 - Never thinking I could ever afford an RS and that the Fiesta ST MP215 would be the pinnacle of my Ford ownership I saw an advert on a Ford dealer website offering repayments of almost exactly what I was paying for the ST. But wait what about the insurance I here you ask? OK that's what I was asking anyway. So I did a quote and found that the premium was actually a few pounds less than for the ST. Oh god that makes it feasible. So off I trotted to my local Stoneacre dealer to see my friendly salesman Steve. We sat down and placed the order. RS mk3 in Nitrous blue, standard seats with blue bolsters, lux pack, 19" forged alloy wheels, sync2 nav system and door edge protectors. Fantastic everything I want and expected build date to be October 2016. £1000 deposit paid. Only problem is that RS orders can only be placed at Ford Stores and my local isn't one. So the order is placed via the Doncaster branch, he can't see anything on his system so will have to ring Doncaster for everything. Two days later Steve rang me. "Good news and bad news" he says. "Good news is we have a cancellation with a build date of May 2016, bad news no door edge protectors" let me think...I'll have it!!!! March 2016 - Then the horror stories start to come out of the forums and Ford themselves. Oil leaks on the production line no cars being released and many a potential owner getting ***** off. Then I get the dreaded call. "Your build date is being put back to June but you can have the door edge protectors" Well that's OK one month extra but everything I wanted, I can live with that. April 2016 - bad news continues. Build date back to July. June 2016 - Build date back to October. News on the RS forum that the winter pack, (heated seats and steering wheel) not previously available in UK but was in Spain, I don't understand either, is now available in UK. Get me that I tell Steve but only if it doesn't delay the order any further. He gets it on the build schedule, happy days. I also find out that one of the reasons for the delay is that Ford have run out of Nitrous Blue paint. Seriously? Sack the guy responsible for that. August 2016 - Ford Fair is quite painful as all I can see are RS's at ever turn. October 2016 - Sent an email to the RS team at Ford UK. Can you confirm my build date please? Reply states it might be December but two week shut down over Christmas means it might be the New Year. Enough is enough now. I'm very unhappy and seriously considering cancelling my order. So I march off to the dealers. Steve checks and is told that they have a build date of 10th November. Another email to Ford UK later that day to be told, "actually yes build date is 10 November and here's your VIN number. Whooop. Straight onto ETIS and there it is and they started building on the 8th two days early. November 2016 - Over the next few weeks I watch the car being built including an upgrade to Sync 3. Then I remember we've never actually sat down and worked out the finance in detail. Better get that done then. Off to see Steve, he's nowhere to be seen. Off sick I'm told he's had an operation and not due back till the New Year. *****. Anyway Paul says don't worry we'll sort it. What did Steve arrange for you. So I told him. "Seriously? That's a cracking deal." says Paul. I'll see what I can do. December 2016 - 5th - Paul rings. Car has landed at the dealers. If we can sort the finance you can pick it up on the 10th. God I'm nearly wetting myself now. Problem is they can't find any of Steve's paperwork, great. We discuss the finance and of course the screw tightens, your ST is now 9 months older and has 10k more miles on it so its only worth......f*** all. Jeez what now? A bit of hard talking and I get another £2k out of him. That's better. But I still need to find a bit more cash and the payments are £50 more per month than the ST. Just before Xmas, not good timing. So I juggle some finances around cancel the wife's Xmas presents, joking, and no problem I'll come in tomorrow to sign the papers. 6th- Where's Paul? His day off! Ahmed will sort it, he's the sales manager. We sit down and he gets the finance details up on screen. Your payments ill be £330 a month! No they f***ing won't be, says I. He's only quoted me on the current increased list prices not the cost when I ordered back in February. So panic over. Finance signed, Collection agreed for 11am 10th December. Saturday 10th December- The BIG day - Drove the ST, on fumes, to Doncaster, it needs 4 new tyres, current ones are like slicks, and the 3rd year service which I never got done and saved myself over £500 in total, so if you buy it make sure these have been sorted. I'll miss that car it has brought me 3 years of driving pleasure and many great memories. I arrive at the dealers to see the car in the showroom covered with a Ford car cover but the profile is unmistakable. I sign what seems to be every page of the bible hand over the ST keys and V5. OK sir if you'd like to take the cover off your new car? ***** hell not half I'd like to; Right that's all the buttons explained, phone paired let's get this show on the road. Hope I like it? Like it, it's chuffing amazing. What a car, like brown stuff off a shovel, more comfortable than the ST and sport mode transforms it into something else. I'm never going to tire of this. Here's a couple of photo's on the way home. And it's first wash That's all for now guys. I'll try update this thread over the coming weeks and months but it's hard when you never get out of the driving seat.
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    Polite Reminder - Please Read

    Please remember folks, that the "New Member Introductions" area is just to say "Hi, My name is... I drive a .... and I am interested in...." Please do not post "should I change...." or "What do you think...." or any other conversations in this area, only post hello's and if you are looking for help then you need to post elsewhere (please read on). 1) If your driving one of the main Ford Groups (Fiesta, Focus, CMAX, SMAX, Galaxy, Sierra etc) then please post your questions, advice, guidance, how do I's in this appropriate category if it refers to your car. for example "My Fiesta wont start" - Fiesta forum. "My CMAX blew up" - CMAX section. "My Mondeo is driving me crazy" - Mondeo Section. If your posting about a particular make of car, put it in that section. 2) Only post in the "Guides" sections if you are posting a guide (like you see in Haynes!) on how to do something. "A guide on how to remove the pollen filter from a Focus" - Focus Forum - Focus Guides sub forum. "A guide on how to replace a battery on a Fiesta" - Fiesta Section - Fiesta Guides Sub Forum 3) If you have questions, or suggestions of a cleaning / detailing nature - "How should I wash my car?" or "what polish can I use to make my car sparkle" belong in the detailing and cleaning section. All of these will help you to best get a response. Please do not post anything and everything into either the introductions, or the "general chat" sections. On this forum, we have a lot of members, who between them have an excellent level of knowledge in specific car area's, and they tend to congregate more so in their own area's. If you want a quick answer, Post directly in that section and someone can hopefully come back to you soon. Please DO NOT post multiple copies of the same thread and/or post, as these are likely to be removed. Please review the main forum page, and familiarize yourself with the categories and forum's that we have. We are here to help, and as a forum, pride ourselves as being the best on the net (top of most ford related searches!) as such, to ensure that you get the best from us as a new member, please help yourselves, and help us to get back to you sooner rather than later.
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    Car Abuse At Work!

    its is sort of related , some years old was in a car park walking back to my car a woman had put a shopping bag on my bonnet ,I give her a mouth full her reply was there nothing wrong with me butting it on your bonnet I was steaming , so I got my tool box out of the boot and but it on her bonnet saying nothing wrong with it but it did dent it , her face was a picture
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    Pops & Bangs

    As you accelerate off, throw a few of these out your window!
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    Heres A Guide To Help The Removal/Fitting Of The Rear Diffuser On A MK7.5 Fiesta Zetec S To An ST http://static.autocl...IR#/biggrin.png These are the parts you will need/require.... £52.76 Upper Honeycomb Deflector- 1819019 (Ford Part Number) £63.26 Lower Primed Deflector- 1818433 (Ford Part Number) Both parts above can also be purchased at pumaspeed and european parts (higher cost) £29.99 Ripspeed Twin Tail Pipe- http://www.halfords....tegoryId_165537 2x 6mm Plastic Flanged Nut- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M6-6mm-NYLON-WASHER-FACED-FLANGED-FULL-NUTS-PLASTIC-FLANGE-MODEL-CIRCUIT-/190989084545?pt=UK_DIY_Material_Nails_Fixing_MJ&var=&hash=item2c77d62781 Self Tappers 6mm Or Ford Pot Rivets (Part Number:1555829) - http://www.ebay.co.u...item4615ff6278 Process (Once Lower Diffuser Part Has Been Sprayed Colour Choice) Cost Me £50 To Have It Professionally Sprayed Candy Blue 1. Firstly getting the back of the car onto axle stands or ramps etc will help with and makes things easier with more room. 2. Then you will need to remove the pot rivets from the original diffuser, i found a 6mm drill bit worked perfect when used in the centre (be careful and take your time, so you dont push the rivet into the plastic as you drill as the plastics only soft) until the pot rivet head comes off and then the centre of the rivet can be pushed out of the hole. There's three on each side under the corner flaps. 3. Once the pot rivets are removed you can then slowly give the diffuser a pull from corner to corner and as it starts to come away, a flathead screwdriver helps to push the tab ledge in to remove from the slot. 4. You can then fit the two parts of the new ST diffuser together, they simply align together and then tabs fit into the slots and lock it in place. 5. Once the two diffuser parts are together you can align it to the rear of the car and start to push the tabs of the upper part into the bumper of the car, give it a gentle tap with your palm once aligned and check its all flush to the bumper. 6. You can then screw the self tappers into the holes of the new diffuser and should line up with some of the holes of the old diffuser or if you've got the original ford pot rivets (Part Number:1555829) then put them in and tighten up using a pot rivet gun. 7. Also while there the 6mm flanged plastic nuts can be fitted to the two tabs in the centre of the new ST diffuser using a 10mm spanner or 10mm socket. 8. Now the new diffuser is fitted and secure, give a final push to make sure its all pushed in and flush with the bumper. You can then proceed to cutting a couple of inches (the bend) from the original exhaust. I used an air grinder with a cutting disc and slowly went through it straight up. 9. Then you can put the twin tail pipe (chosen exhaust tail) onto the straight part of the remaining original exhaust, align it until your happy with it and then tighten it up with a 10mm deep socket or spanner. 10. Congratulations you've then got your new ST diffuser fitted and should look something like this... Total Cost= £196.01 Hope this helps and if anyone has any queries or questions dont hesitate to drop me a pm, always happy to help. And Thanks Again to E5GDM (He did it first) for the idea and information towards this cosmetic modification/upgrade
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    Sync 1 / 1.1 to Sync 2 Retrofit Guide Disclamer:- This guide is intended as an advice document only. You attempt the actions in this guide at your own risk. I will not be held responsible if you brick any modules or break your car. This conversion involves rewiring your existing cars wiring and should only be attempted by a competent and experienced person. Right! Now that’s my ***** covered lets get started! I couldn’t have done this conversion if it weren’t for the information available out there, sadly not much of this is in English or applicable specifically to the focus however it gave me the understanding of what needed to be done to carry this out and I will be linking to some of this information throughout the guide. Parts – Sync 2 APIM Sync 2 ACM Sync 2 FCDIM Sync 2 Fascia Sync 2 Media Hub + loom GPSM module - DE8T-19H463-DC Media hub bezel - finis number - 5326708 Mini USB to Mini USB cable Nav maps Pins - mouser - 1924955-4 HSD Code E plug or Fakra Z ( if you have OEM reverse camera ) Forscan ( with extended license ) and FoCCCus software I started by completely stripping out the car, partly because I wanted to wet vac the seats and partly because of ease of access. You don’t have to remove the seats but I strongly recommend the center console, and all the fascia panels. The sync 2 fascia doesn’t fit straight away, some trimming is required around the bottom, start by cutting off the locating lugs and then trim little by little until it fits nicely against the a/c panel the panel is held down by the 2 center holes in the same way the original is. Once your happy the fascia fits nicely then remove the fascia and a/c panel to reveal the sync unit, this is held in place by 3 screws and can be disconnected and removed. The sync connector needs to be rerouted to the top of the dash, there is plenty of length there it just needs to pulled back to the main loom and then directed up to the top of the dash. At this point it’s a good idea to tape back and secure and cables that you will no longer need, in my case it was the blue, pink and black fakra connectors from the fcdim module. Now peel back the insulation on the sync connector and give yourself plenty of exposed cabling to do the swaps required, unlatch the 2 clips and slide off the connector cover. *top tip* label any wires that are going to be moved or removed in case you ever revert to sync 1 or get lost with where the wire came from. Once you have swapped the 2 MM-can wires the unit can then be plugged in and will power up for basic testing, note that once plugged in the unit takes a few minutes to power up, it also does this everytime it reboots, don't panic! The pin swaps are highlighted in the pdf After you’ve completed the pin swaps its time to add in the additional wiring for the media hub, reverse camera adaptor (if fitted) ms-can and fcdim connector. I ordered the pins for the sync connector from mouser and although they work they are a little tight and did need to be manipulated in. if I were to do the job again I would buy a sync connector cut from a loom and remove the pigtails to solder onto *top tip* For the ms-can input you can tap into anything that runs on the ms-can network, I found the wires in the blue connector for the a/c panel. They will be the only external connections that you need to make. The gpsm is to be installed under the rear view mirror cover, for me the plug was already there so make sure to check this beforehand. To install the media hub I used 2 good quality usb to usb mini leads connected with a usb coupler. The media hub is mounted in a bezel from a mk5 mondeo, the finis part number I have attached above. For the fascia panel the radio controls are connected by mm-can as opposed to lin like the original. You need to add one pin and cut and solder onto the existing pin in the plug for them to work. For the acm connector you need to move 2 wires across from the main loom and into the accessory loom this is to transmit the tmc data to the screen for the naviagation traffic. If you’ve got this far, well done! The hard work is over. Time to tidy up your cabling, and bolt everything into place. *top tip* install the apim and screen first before sliding the acm into place. Pop in your nav card ( f6 is the most recent ) and also worth updating the software to the latest version (3.10) Put the rest of the car back together and grab yourself a brew, next up is coding! Using forscan plug yourself into the car, *top tip* if you’ve previously used forscan on the car delete any previous profile and scan it as a new car. If you don’t it wont pick up the newly installed gpsm module. You will likely have a bunch of dtc codes, clear them and see what comes back. There will be 1 dtc that definitely wont clear and that is for the central locking led in the bcm. There will also be errors on the acm which currently cannot have its as built data modified, however this doesn’t seem to cause any problems. Programmming the APIM Here comes the fun part. The apim will need to be coded to the spec of your car. The easiest way to do this is using the ford as built data. The way to do this is find a facelift focus with the same options as yours. For example mine is a titanium x, and the facelift titanium x has the same features as mine. To do this hop onto ebay or autotrader and find a facelift focus with the same features as yours, make a note of the registration and go to the ford etis website ( www.etis.ford.com )enter the reg and make a note of the vin number. Then you need to go to the motorcraft service website ( www.motorcraftservice.com ) click free resources and then quick guides. Towards the bottom of the list is an option for Module Build Data ( as – built ) hit this and enter the vin number you got from etis. This gives you the module as built data that you will need to programme the apim. Download the file and save it to your computer. Open up forscan and click on the icon that looks like a computer chip. You will see an option that says apim ( as-built format ) run this and load the file from your download ( don’t forget to change the file type to .ab in the search bar ) click write all and follow the instructions on screen. Once done you will see sync reboot and if you have done everything correctly it should now be programmed to your cars features. At this point you still aren’t done, you will notice that the voice control still doesn’t work correctly. Now we need to change a few things in the bcm and ipc. Open up foCCCus and load up the central config for your car, save a backup before you change anything!!! The lines you need to change are – 123 – Audio Aux Input change the value to 01 (without) 125 – DAB Radio System change the value to 01 (without) 154 – Module USB change the value to 01 (without) 157 – Bluetooth Handsfree change the value to 01 (without) 172 – Front Display change the value to 09 (DM8 with nav) 214 – ICP change the value to 09 Write these changes to both the bcm and the ipc. This got everything working 95% percent for me. I had to make some further changes to enable optical display for the parking sensors and the active park assist. I did this by modifying the as built data of the apim further by using this guide. ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uDSQ1Z5a2Wt8-kjrSiVSlDFGFHnfeuhb3RTMVz95730/edit#gid=1479139836 ) Im expecting some questions and I will help the best I can as im sure there are bits I have missed! Focus Sync Conversion table.pdf
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    Did you find FOC members helpful?

    Do you find forum responses from FOC members helpful? We would imagine you did, so please show your appreciation to our members and click "Like" in their post. It's members that go out of their way to help each other that make FOC such a great place, so liking their post is a visual way to say thanks!
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    Hiya Everyone, Ok i hope admin do not mind this post as it is a little off the beaten track but hope it will be allowed . I have been on this forum for about 10 months and have been amazed at how brilliant a forum it is . It is well run,easy to navigate but for the most part the thing that makes it great is for the most part there is very little attitude and even if a question is posted by a newbie thats been asked before there is usually someone willing to help out. Now just before i got my car i asked LOTS of questions and continued to do so after with some brilliant replies.But here is the reason i did so and will maybe make folk think in future about posting. I am 43 now but at the age of 24 i was a succesful healthy guy working in London for a global Architectural firm and playing semi pro football in my spare time but my other passion was cars.I would love in the early 90's doing up a couple of Astra SRI's and a GTE as well as a beloved Renault 5 GT Turbo.It was my drug.When folk i knew were smoking weed i would not touch it as i wanted to put money into getting the next bit for the car ICE system etc. I had just finished a 4 year diploma course and to celebrate went abroad.On the final day i got very sick and from that day my life changed . They could not find what it was and i went into a dowbward spiral . I ended up losing everything,job,life savings,pension,girlfriend,many "friends" but worst was my freedom and my car . It turned out i had a bad case of CFS/ME . For 5 years i was totally housebound and would spent days on end in bed thinking why me and wishing i was able to enjoy life but was not to be . I also dreamed one day of being able to even travel 2 miles because i had and still to this day have 24 hour nausea and travelling was near impossible for a further 5 years but slowly things improved. I will never be fully healthy it would seem but the past 3 years i now have a gf who has helped me beyond belief and actually this coming friday i am attempting to travel to Amsterdam,a journey which has not been possible since 1996 ! But the biggest deal to me was i sold the last of the things i had and was helped a little to raise some funds and finally got a sports car . I could have gone for an old banger but i vowed i would do my best that one day i would get back something sporty i could be proud of.As i am not able to work i dont have an endless pot but managed to in February get my 2010 Zetec s . Ok it is a bit under powered for a 1.8 and the suspensions hard as hell but it is MY car. Now why am i rambling on about this you may ask on a car forum ? Well as i had been out of the loop i really needed the help of those who are passionate and knowledgable about their cars.I needed reassurance that i was doing the right thing and also a helping hand to sort things if they went wrong . Well right here is where i have had all of that . In the first month the amount of questions i was asking no doubt a few thought i was a pain in the bum,i hope i was not to annoying but i will never forget the help during the first month from the legends that are Lenny and Salsheikh.You gave me enough confidence to take the gamble to go for it and have helped since many many times and i will be eternally grateful . Lenny you said a few times to me that you do it in the hope those you help will help others . Well i am no guru but each time i see a newbie ask i always try to help if i can now because YOU said that. So what i am saying is maybe as a bit of a chritmas lesson to us all is that yes some questions can crop up a few times and no doubt we have all done the "Oh lord how many times has it been asked?" when we have seen some questions but maybe just maybe there may be more to why the questions being asked as you can maybe see by my case. So i would just like to say a huge thank you for all the help you have given a single user who has been down on his luck but has fought back and got one of his dreams back thanks in no short measure to all you guys . Be it the legends like Lenny and Sal,be it the mechanical experts or the amateure tinkerer , be it the admin here or the casual user we all share the same love of cars and have a wonderful community.And in this time of terror attacks etc it is so nice to have a little haven here like this. So may i be one of the first to wish every single member here an amazing Christmas and the most happy and healthy (And heavily overspent on your Focus haha) 2016 . Cheers guys Jon
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    KPG: I'm back ! (New Build Thread)

    Hi folks. Been away for quite a while but with good reason. The titanium is gone: Really sad to see it go. But the ST2 is here [emoji16]: Some of you may know how long I've been crying about one of these so this is a really big deal for me lol I actually can't believe I finally have one. Delighted to say the least. It's mostly down to my wife that I was able to afford this car so I'm eternally greatful for what she's done for me. ST2 with style pack. 2 owners, 42k miles and 4x Michelin winter tyres included with sale: £10k This'll be a slow progress thread as usual but there will be small updates soon enough. [emoji41] Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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    Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    Well the all mighty update v3.10 is here before i was sending the download link only for Language pack 2 and via PM. But now it is already available for all other language packs. I have used the original Language Pack2 update and edited it for all other EU language packs that were available on the Russian site: chipford.ru The installation is the same as before so: 1. Download and unzip onto USB stick (formatted to FAT32) 2. On the USB stick you should have only: "SyncMyRide" folder and "autoinstall.lst" file 3. Start your car, engine must be running all the time 4. Plugin the USB in you car and the installation will start automatic. Installation time approx. 22 minutes. After the installation the SYNC will have no saved data from Phone or Navigation - so you have to set it up all again. For those who have the NAVIGATION activated additionally - you won't loose it after this USB update. And of course, UPDATE ON YOUR OWN RISK ! DOWNLOAD LINKS: EU Language Pack 1 - German, English (British), Russian, Turkish: https://mega.nz/#!wUgHySTC!i2YQMUxLhTQiBrjnNYQ1TsZSGqSBRa1LEOepfFpb1Mw EU Language Pack 2 - German, English (British), Russian: https://mega.nz/#!gRICRBrB!9JNa7d3_3Mn2SEZ-iKyfY4ac6scb4UjogmEwdke5B_I EU Language Pack 3 - German, English (British), French, Italian: https://mega.nz/#!4YRDDRLD!tZMhM-o8nAJ-pJSgrfqX3XpYqeiX4DEZ15UCnB1LwUY EU Language Pack 4 - German, English (British), French, Swedish: https://mega.nz/#!1RhW0RpC!AKl1rA96-kc3zYUdOjWKJP4yxjj4uqKlrPCyKCPzPeo EU Language Pack 5 - English (British), Spanish, French, Portuguese: https://mega.nz/#!cc4HSKwa!2evt2tQmfe8deCfyHZgsfCkkkB77lp5r5o_yra9Y31A EU Language Pack 6 - German, English (British), French, Dutch: https://mega.nz/#!dA4QDRZS!WsA-gbxK-MZjMGp9plZSjIYUhd6us_nWQAzLiNKW4p8 AND it is not suitable for North American My Ford Touch !
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    car keys

    how do i get my car key reprogramed after the batterys have failed
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    Me: Got my modded ELM! Yay! Me 5 mins later: Killed my car. Boo. Me 2 mins and a lot of swearing later: Thank holy turdballs I took a save of the ECU configs! Explanation: Got my ELM as I always like to bugger around with things and see what's what. Fine. Really all I wanted to do was to enable auto door locking when you drive off (I live in Gainsborough. They'll have your wheels off if you're going less than 20mph... ) . Found the setting, changed it to enabled and all seemed good! Unplugged the reader and took 'er for a spin round the block. At 3mph my doors locked and i do this face ---> Shortly afterwards on the same trip I notice my cruise control/limiter controls don't respond. I do this face ---> cos I'm thinking I probably caught another setting without realising. So I pull up at my house and plug the reader back in but stupidly forget to switch the engine off. As FoCCCus grabs my cars settings, the engine cuts out and when FoCCCus loads, a crapload of DTC faults appear on EVERY system (BCM, IPC, etc. But most importantly PCM). I do this face ---> and clear them all with the software - they're all loss of signal faults so I assume its cos the engine cut out on its own but the PCM faults persist. I look down the list and see 'Crash'. I do this face ---> as I realise the car thinks its been involved in a crash as the engine was killed and will not allow it to be started again. Lo and behold it wont start again and I can't clear the fault. I'm now doing this face hoping the wife doesn't hear the car 3 ft from the lounge window not starting --->. Thankfully I also had ForScan which did clear the Crash fault and after restoring the settings from a backup I made at first read the car started fine again. I also re-applied the auto-lock setting and was careful not to touch any others. The Cruise still didn't work immediately, but after cycling the ignition completely the controls responded. Happy ending, but it was Brown Pants time for a few minutes... So the moral of the story: ALWAYS take a backup of your car's settings before you tinker and NEVER use an OBD reader while the engine is running! Just don't be thick like me =]
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    My Mk3.5 Titaniumx Focus ☺

    Picked her up one hour ago ☺ more pics to follow soon. Mk3.5 Focus Titanium X 2015 Deep Impact Blue 1.5 Ecoboost (182)ps Appearance Pack 2 Driver Assist Pack Satnav Heated Steering Wheel Helko Wind deflectors Red caliper painted Brakes Mudflaps front & rear ZS Spoiler (soon) Led's fitted in boot Front/rear Dash cam (not yet fitted) ST Android Pod (not yet fitted) Blue Focus Rubber door mats Blue Focus Door handle inserts
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    Make my fiesta girly!

    kerb the alloys, reverse into something, & fill the car interior with junk 😄
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    Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned!

    You'll also need to recite this hourly The Fords Prayer Our Focus, the ST is heaven Hallowed be the Escort The Mustang comes Thy Edge is done on earth, so is the Fusion Gives us our Max's: B, C, and S's As we forgive those who Nissan and Peugeot and lead us not into VW but deliver us from Vauxhall For thine is the Transit The Ranger and Fiesta For Ever and Ever Mondeo :D
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    What Rattles In Your Fiesta?

    The Wife's mouth used to rattle on quite a bit about how i drive too fast. Soon put a stop to that, put her in a touring car as a passenger for a quick lap round Thruxton. Haha
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    Drive the Vauxhall into a wall. Make sure it is solid, as you do not want to be held liable for any vauxhall shaped marks on the wall. If there aren't any walls nearby, drop it off a cliff. I haven't a clue how the two compare according to the info you require. But I can give you the following info: The Fiesta isn't !Removed!, the Vauxhall is. You will get 1,000,000 more street cred, as it has the Ford logo on. The Vauxhall logo removes all dignity and instantly turns the owner into a mong. All the cool people drive Fords, see the following on this owners club. The Vauxhall fans suffer erectile dysfunction, herpes and are 100% more likely to wee themselves. Ditching a Vauxhall for a Ford results in better health, will save dolphins, end World Hunger, and after 5 years of being away from Vauxhall Ownership you will be almost as healthy as you were pre-Vauxhall. Happy to help
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    All non-management staff on FOC are volunteers and therefore we give our free time to help run the forum. There are over 50 different sections on this forum to categorise threads and ensure you are receiving the most appropriate responses. The General Chat forum is ONLY for threads which DO NOT fit any other category. If your thread is anything do to with a specific model, it should go in the relevant model club section. If related to Fords in general, in the General Ford forum, etc. We have spent longer moving threads out of general chat and in to the correct section than anything else on the forum, but this will no longer be the case. In future, any thread which is not general chat, i.e. related to Fords or fits in another category will be deleted without warning.
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    What do people do for work?

    This is what I do every day... And then the doctor wonders why my blood pressure is so high!
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    My new car

  22. 10 points

    Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    ermmmm...perhaps the blasphemous folk need to be reminded, and recite this again The Fords Prayer Our Focus, the ST is heaven Hallowed be the Escort The Mustang comes Thy Edge is done on earth, so is the Fusion Gives us our Max's: B, C, and S's As we forgive those who Nissan and Peugeot and lead us not into VW but deliver us from Vauxhall For thine is the Transit The Ranger and Fiesta For Ever and Ever
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    Just a hint to my new toy coming very soon-
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    Car Abuse At Work!

    People have so little respect for their own property and worse they have less for other peoples. I have had stand up rows and smacked massive dents in other peoples cars before. Whilst they were watching me. Had a guy open his car door into mine, whilst I was sat in it, he chipped the paint, I got out and confronted him and he was being a royal donkey about it. Said I should stop complaining and at least he didnt dent it, I asked if it was alright to dent other peoples cars and he replied it was. So I smacked the door open hard enough that I dented his and took his paint with me. He asked me what I was playing at, and I just replied "you said its perfectly alright to dent other peoples cars". His face was a picture, and as he started getting irate, his missus led him off, telling him "if you weren't being such a (c bomb) and werent so far up your own (backside) then he wouldnt have done it!" she turned to me and apologised that he had damaged my car, and said she would have done the same in my shoes. This was quite some time ago, and looking back I acknowledge its probably seen as criminal damage, but some people are just so self obsessed and care so little, that they need to get a taste of their own disrespect.
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    Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    every driver hates vauxhall lol even vauxhall drivers hate vauxhall lol if i remember i got this from a vauxhall corsa forum that my mate (which has a Corsa) gave it to me years ago i found this in my old files form years ago in my pc jokes :P Q: What goes on pages 4-5 of the Corsa user's manual? A: The train & bus schedule Q: How do you upgrade a Corsa? A: Put in an engine. A man goes to a parts garage: Man: "Can I have a windshield wiper for a Corsa please?" Parts man: "Yeah, that seems like a fair swap." Q: What is the sport-version of Corsa? A: The driver wears Nike shoes. Q: What do you call a Corsa at the top of a hill? A: A miracle. Q: What do you call two Corsas at the top of a hill? A: A mirage. Q: What do you call a Corsa with dual exhausts? A: A wheelbarrow Q: How do you double the value of a Corsa? A: Put in half a tank of petrol! Q: What do you have to do if your Corsa gets in the way of a swarm of killer bees? A: Stop pushing and take refuge into the car. Q: Why do Corsas have heated rear windows? A: To keep your hands warm when you're pushing them. Q: What to you call a Corsa with brakes? A: Customized. Q: What is the Corsa owner's most ardent wish? A: To buy a car. Q: What do you call a Corsa with a seat belt? A: A rucksack. Q: What do you call a Corsa with a flat tire? A: A write off. Q: How do you make a Corsa go faster uphill? A: Throw out the passenger. Q: How do you make a Corsa go faster downhill? A: Turn off the engine.
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    Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    After a lot of searching, reading and translating, I came across direct links to Ford servers hosting the official EU upgrade files for Sync 2. No need to sign up to the Ford India website, just download, extract to the root of a FAT32 formatted USB stick and away you go. I did use the Ford India website to determine which language pack matches to my VIN for use in the UK. It shouldn't really matter as all EU language packs include British English, but I get a bit OCD so wanted to know which one Ford would use. That turned out to be Language Pack 5. I have read that you may need a minimum of the F4 SD card or newer, however everyone with Sync 2 in the EU should have F4 following the recall (if you have Nav fitted). Here is the full list of the Oct 15 update, if you are not from the UK, but another EU country, you need to make sure you download the correct language pack to include the language you want to be able to speak (and have spoken) to the car in: Language Pack 1 - German, English (British), Russian, Turkish: http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen2v38build15128updatepackageEULangpack1Rev4.zip Language Pack 2 - German, English (British), Polish, Russian: http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen2v38build15128updatepackageEULangpack2Rev4.zip Language Pack 3 - German, English (British), French, Italian: http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen2v38build15128updatepackageEULangpack3Rev4.zip Language Pack 4 - German, English (British), French, Swedish: http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen2v38build15128updatepackageEULangpack4Rev4.zip Language Pack 5 - English (British), Spanish, French, Portuguese: http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen2v38build15128updatepackageEULangpack5Rev4.zip - This is the one I used Language Pack 6 - German, English (British), French, Dutch: http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen2v38build15128updatepackageEULangpack6Rev4.zip US/NA Only (for our cousins across the pond): http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen2v38build15128updatepackageNARev2.zip For 3.10, please see this post: Once you have downloaded and extracted the zip to the root of a USB drive (min 2GB formatted as FAT32), you need to remove all other USB sticks/devices from the ports on the car (Nav SD can be left in), then start the engine and turn off auto/stop start. Plug the USB in and it should auto detect the update files, then just follow the on screen instructions. You need to give yourself at least 30 mins for the update to install, in that time you can drive the car, but remember that anything normally displayed on the screen will not be available (rear view cam, sensor distance, etc.). Here are some before, during and after pics: Big thanks to this post on focus fanatics for the url and available files.
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    Things I Do Like

    I've intended to post this one on my 290km journey home from my mother's on Sunday night as the wife was driving; but she was talking the entire way and I couldn't compose correctly, I also didn't want my wife to get drowsy as I was quite willing to drive myself but she doesn't like sitting with me on motorway 😅 I then intended on writing it yesterday but I was too exhausted from the busy and sometimes stressful two days I had in my mother's. So without further adieu; I do like taking a Saturday off from the usual six day week of work routine to travel up to my mother with a few gifts for the house to make her life easier by eliminating methods which she has difficulty completing, My mother is 69 this year, She lives alone and has a plate for an ankle bone since 1994, had breast cancer and colon cancer, as result of scar tissue within the colon; is on a liquid diet for life now, I phone once or twice per week and visit around three or four times per year due to my busy schedule with work and financially keeping my own family, We went up to visit between Christmas and New year; She's bad on the feet as the left foot can't bend, and her right hand is now starting to stiffen up with arthritis, The foot is a long term issue but the arthritis in the hand is/was really depressing her because she can't turn on a normal tap, or pull out segments on the heating time clock, She's also afraid of dropping the kettle when making tea, The left hand doesn't have much strength as the breast cancer had an affect on her arm, She started turning the heating time clock wheel to get the heat to come on but that then changed the time; resulting in the heating coming on at random hours costing money when not required. All background story said now; I went home and had a think about how I could improve things and reduce her depression without medication; she wakes up happy but through the course of the day; becomes depressed from the little disability reminders. My dad agreed to change to kitchen taps to ones with tabs which turn 90 degree was a great help, I started saving some money as soon as I went home after Christmas and put off a bill or two until feburary which enabled me to purchase a few items to make her life easier, I began to shop around online and across the weeks of January pieced together everything with the intention of fitting in all in a single visit, I then took last Saturday off work and went up to install everything, I was wrecked yesterday because I only slept from 1am Sunday to 6am Sunday due to getting everything done in the time frame aswell as talking her through some things. She wanted her living room television on the wall after seeing ours done like that, so I agreed to do it as a late Christmas present, So I had some 75x50 PVC trunking left over from the attic, I took a chip of wall paint from her living room at Christmas and bought a matching sample pot from B&Q, ordered some 4 metre HDMI cables and a six socket power strip, I then purchased a mechanical oil level gauge which is around 3" inches in size of the gauge, no batteries or dodgy radar it's float sits on top of the oil for accuracy without maintenance https://purchase.ie/product/energy-saving/oil-tank-gauge-3 makes it easier for her to budget knowing what's in the kerosene tank. I then went to Currys and picked up a Brevelle instant hot water kettle, it has a volume control to suit cup size, just push button and it passively heats the water when it comes through, no lifting excess weight and no hot water in the resivour only what's inside the cup, She can fill the resivour using a cup or small jug eliminating the need to lift a kettle or risk of dropping the kettle. She was delighted with that, Moving on from this; she's paying for broadband service as part of her home phone and tv package; but she doesn't know how to use a computer or anything like that she doesn't have a smart phone just a simple Nokia, As result she couldn't use a wifi socket on a smart phone to switch on a light in the living room, But there was another way; I done some research online aswell as communicating with some helpful people on here to discover I could use my smartphone to initialize an Amazon Echo Plus which she can then use completely independently of any other devices to switch on and off things using her voice, it would also be a source of online information, since she's already paying for broadband. So I dug deep and bought an Amazon Echo plus, a Hive Active Heating Control kit, a Philips hue bulb and an Amazon Wi-Fi Socket, She can add more wifi sockets later out of her own investment but I covered all items which I provided to get the ball rolling, If it all worked and understood her northern accent then it was a good investment, Alternativly if it didn't understand her accent then at least we tried and she wasn't out of pocket either way. So I started with the television mounting and got that done Saturday day, I then had my dad arrive Saturday night to fit the hive heating control which replaced the segment switch with a wireless thermostat control that operates much like a light dimmer switch; turn up or down the temperature, She can now position the control unit in a comfortable location and adjust temperature by turning a volume wheel I then went back to the living room Saturday night to put two coats of paint on the cable ducting so if now matches the wall, Sunday morning I completed the television wiring and moved on to setting up the Amazon echo plus; the device fully understand my mother's accent;🕺 it's capable of turning on/off the wifi socket which we named "sitting room light" Ive chosen genuine Amazon Wi-Fi Socket as some non genuine wifi sockets can cause problems or fire in Reality HD😂 it's also working with the heating control unit, we ask it to set temperature or boost heating for 5 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes etc. The Philips hue bulb in in the ceiling of the bedroom, She just says "Alexa turn on/off bedroom light" if says OK and does it. I've also added an app to the echo which now knows which colour of wheelie bin is going out next Monday, it will remind her the evening before to put out the blue bin or green bin etc. 😀 It even plays her favourite local radio stations which she had difficulty receiving signal on in the bedroom, since it's now coming through the internet signal isint a problem anymore. I have my own personal spotify account which I changed to a family account and set her up a spotify account under my family subscription on the family account which only costs an extra €5 per month for me and she can request any song atall; the Amazon echo then plays it from her spotify. I've since put an order in for two Amazon Echo dots which are a smaller scale of the echo plus without the smart hub, they will go in the bedroom and living room, giving her full control everywhere aswell as her favourite local radio stations without signal issues. To finish everything off then I also provided a book and a highlighter pen to help her get the most from the device because she doesn't know how to use a computer or YouTube for information but she can read books. She's now a totally different person, She phoned me today to say how happy she was with it and that it even plays ocean sound effects, shes amazed it was able to tell her the weather in the local area ☺ and the book says I can listen to pod casts from the radio. Overall I'm delighted I was able to take time out of my own busy working life to spend time with family and see there life improve by removing the daily reminders of things they can't do and replace them with something wonderful. Can't put a price on that And thanks for reading, thought I'd share with others in detail as were all getting older; these ideas may help someone you know too.
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    Full List Lenny's Guides

    Since the new forum app doesn't display full profile pages, I'm creating this thread which will enable me to link others whom use the app, To my list of self created guides. Thank You, Guide to Fitting Genuine focus Mk2.5 ZetecS rear Diffuser Click Here Guide to Fitting Genuine focus Mk2.5 ZetecS Front Lip spoiler Click Here Full ZetecS Kit Fitted to Mk2.5 Focus Click Here Custom Laser Cut Interior Parts For Your Ford Click Here Guide To Storing Vehicle For Long Periods Click Here Guide To Activating Single & Multi Door Unlock on yor Ford Click Here Guide To Spraying Rear View Mirror Click Here Guide To Changing Lower Front Grill On Mk2.5 Focus Click Here Guide to Fitting Custom Built Climate Controls on Focus Click Here Guide to Fitting New Ford Mist Type Jets on all Models Click Here Guide to Wiper Blade Change Focus Mk2 Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To De-Wiper Rear Of Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To Fitting Boot Door Umbrella Holder Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide Tow Strap style boot handle Ford Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here The Ultimate Rear Seat Protection Click Here Guide to Fitting additional Boot Light Click Here Guide to Fitting additional 12v Socket in Boot of Focus Click Here Guide to Converting Rear Fog Light To Clear Click Here Guide Fitting Mud Flaps to ST, RS & ZetecS FocusClick Here The Ultimate Reverse Bulb Click Here Guide To Fitting Second Reverse Light Ford Focus Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To Fitting ST Gauge Pod To Focus Dash Click Here Guide to Fitting Auto Dimmer Unit to Gauges or DRL's Click Here Guide to Fitting Footwell Lighting In Your Ford Click Here Guide to Induction Filter Upgrade in Your Ford Click Here Guide to Fitting Custom Bonnet Dampers Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide to fitting Ford puddle lights Focus 05-12 Click Here Guide to Fitting Genuine focus RS LED tail lights Mk2.5 Click Here Guide to Fitting Aftermarket headunit focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To fitting 10" HD Flip Down Monitor Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Custom 10" Sub enclosure & Amp panel Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here Guide Installing Reverse Camera Focus Mk2.5 2008 - 2011Click Here Guide Fitting Dual Camera DVR System Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here
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    Alexp's 2018 Fiesta ST

    As some of you may know, I've been waiting for the 2018 Fiesta ST for some time. I placed my order back at the end of April, and it finally arrived at the dealers yesterday. Here's some pics they took of it being unloaded, and then some pics I took after I went to look at it today and take it for a spin. It sounds and drives amazing, can't wait to pick it up Saturday! 😁
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like a random act of pure kindness and charity I experienced tonight. At my local Tescos topping up with petrol and a guy at an adjacent pump filling a Honda Jazz asks me if I'm running on ths standard Goldyear F1 tyres. On confirming that I am He then offers me a spare tyre for nothing. The guy had recently chopped from an ST to a 17 plate RS and had the tyre loafing in his garage since. Admittedly I at first invisaged waking up in a bath of ice minus a kidney but he appeared 100% gen so went along with it. He lived literally just around the corner from the store and on following him there find he indeed has a cracking RS on the drive. The tyre has had a professional mid tread puncture repair but has zero visible wear so seeing that new F1 tyres are £114 from the likes of Blackcircles.com it was a no brainer. A sincere thanks goes to a decent honest guy, a rare commodity nowadays. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Today marks a full year since I have had my MK3 Focus TITANIUM. What better way to celebrate this than to share some of the little changes I have done to it as it became my little project. Given that I am a menace when assembling things, I chose to let people with skill help me out rather than break things myself. Without further ado, please find below my little pride and joy. 1. Delivery. Last year this time, i went to pick up the keys. I was extremely excited and also fed up with the waiting. I ordered my car during a period where the Factory in SAARLOUIS is pretty much closed. Consequently, I had an extra 1.5 months delay on my delivery and when I saw it in the showroom I fell in love with the colour. I chose the DEEP IMPACT BLUE because of the catalogue. I really liked the way it was and in my mind the contrast with all those chrome bits and pieces would work. While this is subjective, I believe the blue suits the Focus perfectly and if you get the extra chrome parts around the car you get some nice results. As it was October, I told my dealer to put the winter wheels on straight away. There was no point for 3 weeks of summer tires and then go back to the garage and put the winter tires. In my area, winter tires are a must and the law enforces solid behaviour regarding this. My car arrived with the classic 16 inch alloys with 215 Continental Winter Tires. Not the best but now that I look back, they were solid and I will put them back next week :). Some annoying squeal on rain but grip on ice is good. This is how the little monster looked on delivery. It had less than 100 km in this picture. 2. Spring and Summer When the time arrived, I quickly went to my dealer and told them to put my summer tires on. I chose 18 inch alloys and decided to put Michelin Pilot Sport 3 as i had some experience with them. I am running 235/18/40 W tires and they are fun as hell. Comparing to how it originally looked, the wheels changed the car completely. I have no issue running these wheels contrary to what people say around these forums, when people want to upgrade from 17 to 18. After cruising for thousands of KM with the car, I came to the conclusion that if I am going to enjoy the car more, I needed to get rid of some of the body roll and twitching on braking. As I have the autobahn 40 km away from my house, unlimited speeds are quite common there. My country has a plethora of twisty roads so that body roll had to go or else. I then started looking into the one thing that could help with that : a suspension. Given that I was no stranger to suspensions, I have a second Ford, clipper, with a Bilstein Eibach combination, I was trying to make up my mind what to get. I looked into Bilstein, I looked into quite a few brands and then I settled for KW. A mate of mine has a TT RS with a KW Clubsport 3 way and after a few laps on the Nurburing with that, I said, KW is the way to go. I then had another dilemma. Which KW to get? They offered 3 possibilities for my car. After a few sleepless nights, I decided to go for the V3. It gave me everything I wanted in terms of adjustments and if decided to go hardcore, I would be able to do some corner balancing as well. After 3 days of wait, my KW V3 was built in germany and shipped. Two more days passed and the DHL van arrived with my brand new suspension. ...and of course the final result. Once this was on, the car was reborn. I started to lose contact with the brake pedal. Left turn, just accelerate and turn, right turn, press the accelerator and turn the wheel. The stability I gained from this suspension pays for itself every day I get in my car. Funny story, when i went to pick up my car, I wanted to sit down and pretty much fell because after so many months of sitting down in a certain position, the car was significantly lower. The mechanic laughed at me and said i should be careful now because the car is lower. After a few weeks, the suspension broke in and lowered a bit more. Springs were not as rough, however, the unavoidable coil rattle at low speeds is present. A small price to pay for a car that corners so well you will pretty much overtake on the inside on the outside above or even under. It goes wherever you point it and will not complain. The roll is minimal and the grip on braking is difficult to describe. Something worth noting here, the suspension is a good way to improve handling and to get confidence at higher speeds. Unfortunately, one does not need to forget that if things do go wrong they will go wrong. No doubt about that. A month in and i was already thinking of my next change to my car. What could I do to make it even more enjoyable? I made a few phone calls and I was given an offer for a remap. I set up the appointment and went to the guys who offered the service. They looked at my car and said I should not worry, the 1.5 ecoboost, rated at 150 hp, does not have 150 hp. I has between 170 and 175 on the dyno. Ford detuned the 182 version but not as much as some think. I was surprised to hear this and did not actually believe him. He ran my car 3 times and it averaged 175 HP without any modification. He then proceeded to load the new mapping and now the car has over 200 HP @5000 rpm. They also installed a cotton BMC airfilter and advised I change my sparkplugs every 15000 km to make sure all is in good order. The original Ford mapping was not bad but it was difficult to access. I drove through the Alps, the Chamonix area, and those hills up required me to constantly keep my car 4500 to 5500 for it to pull when I needed it too. This was annoying on the standard mapping and the new map gives me pretty much everything between 2780 and 5000 rpm. Much better mid range acceleration and lower consumption. 3. Winter and short term I doubt many cars, for the price range, handle the way my car does. I also doubt many, similar engine, burn rubber the same way, however, I must admit, others sound better. I am truly disappointed in the 1.5 Ecoboost and the sound. My significant other has a Fiesta which i helped her choose. We added a 3 cylinder ecoboost engine which sits at 165 hp with a pipe cross air filter. The car sounds beautiful and whenever I am in mine i just cringe. Having said that, I decided to change things a little bit. Some may have seen, I opened a thread on these boards regarding a rear valence. My car does not have Zetec or ST bumpers. It has the classic MK3 ones and flexibility is not really there if I want to change the exhaust. I ordered a duplex exhaust and realised that it will not be the best choice. The guys I ordered from were nice enough to let me change it given that they hand craft them for my car. I went for a single exhaust due to the limitation I have. For the time being, the car looks like this : As you can see, even if I custom cut the left side for an exhaust I have the risk of making my car look like really bad. The guys I ordered my parts were going to cut my valence and make sure everything would be perfect. I saw some pictures as to how it will look on a similar car to mine and decided to change the order. This does not look very good for me. Consequently, I will go for a single system. It is also more discreet and in case i do have a slight rear bumper issue, it will be an easy fix rather than have it custom cut again. I do not have any pictures yet of the new exhaust but I believe some specs will suffice for the time being. 76mm catback-system, right side 114mm round straight wide edge 200 cells HJS sport-catalyst / Euro 6 approved I get the exhaust installed at the beginning of November so I will continue my car log then. If you managed to get this far in the post, I thank you. Happy cruising!
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    iPhone x

    Sorry, not sorry. Couldn't resist!
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    If you tint headlights you run the risk of failing your MoT and anyhow why make headlights darker? The roads are dim enough to start with, why run the risk of dull lights causing accidents. Only chavs in Vauxhalls tint headlights. [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Folks you may have noticed that I've been relatively quiet on here for a while. The reason being, my wife and I have bought our first house together. We are finally getting settled and all is well so I won't bore you all with the details. But we are extremely happy. Things with the car are sorta on hold at the minute. A few things need tidied up with the wrap, few sections creeping back at the edges, nothing serious. I've made a deal with a guy I do work for to get my alloys done panther black in exchange for a few bits of his car wrapped so that's coming up. Just aiming to get the car half show ready for the Causeway Coast Ford Fair in June/July. **House Update** I printed some wallpaper at work for the mancave: Well chuffed. Just need some shelves and stuff to display the Lego collection !
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like spending 3½ hours in the delightful company of Pipper the springer spaniel. http://www.margaretgreenanimalrescue.org.uk/41870 We bonded instantly (as I did with Brandy 16 years ago), we then had a 2 hour walk around the dog walking paddocks, followed by an hour of play and cuddling. Like a cat, she likes to be cuddled: with her sitting on your lap and nuzzling, And we then had another hours walk, before I had to hand her back, for the visiting time period was closing, for the day. I told the rescue centre I would like to offer her a forever home and for them, to begin the rehoming process. I couldn't have found a better new companion I going to see her tomorrow for another session, and hopefully daily, until the rehoming process concludes and she finally comes to stay
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    We all appreciate that you may not quite grasp 100% the advice offered on this forum but the answers you seek are not straightforward or easy to explain. I believe that everyone who has offered advice to you have been nothing but patient and happy to go out of their way to help. I'm sure that nobody here wants to patronise you by only replying in words of one syllable. You have joined the forum for answers to your car problems so please don't insult members when they try to help you. Remember that many of us are car amateurs like yourself therefore their answers will consist of varying levels of guesswork and a gradual process of elimination. We get that you have problems but to be bluntly honest it appears to me that you are the one making an issue of it not the other members. Sent from my SM-G930F
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    Fastlife, I'm taking my moderator hat off for a moment right now... I would never discriminate a member for any reason, especially with a disability and I am offended as an individual that after I catered for your difficulties by explaining several ways and detailed reasons as to how you can do these tests and dedicated a lot of time away from my family to support you, only to recieve your blatant rude retort below. If I was in a pub with you and you had said that, I would have flipped out or walked away yet you didn't understand how the below was potentially seen as an offensive retort to someone trying to help you. I supported you and your retort of **somebody kill me now** was where I had my problem, nothing to do with your difficulties but everything to do with your attitude problem in your response. Putting my mod hat back on, if you feel I have treat you unfairly, I invite you to complain to Steve and Trevor, detailing your concerns and your reasons for how I have treat you so poorly. In fact I would ask you to do this, as I will not be seen on this forum apparently abusing members and allowing that to be the case and having it going unrecognised by forum management. I will start the ball rolling by quoting@steve and@trevor in this reply. I have been a part of this forum for I believe 8 years now, have the highest post count of all members and have served as a moderator for I believe around d 5 years or more, in that time I have never treat any member unfairly, rudely or in any way discriminatory. On an unrelated moderator point, you talk about how you would want people to approach you, yet you start a rant in my direction on another public thread, after I explained what my problem was with you. I came from knowing nothing 8 years ago, to knowing all I do now mostly because of this forum, I preach how to save money because I was fed up being burned by dealers, and I would hope I have helped many more members over the years than you will have the pleasure of knowing. I'm offended I have been referred to as a troll though. Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
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    Things I Don't Like

    wtf!!! that was a lucky escape, when you said about parking the merc up off road due to mot running out, i wasnt expecting that. i would cancel the mot booking though. glad to here your ok.
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    Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    aimed at the older corsa driver is a new system dubbed MLA - Middle Lane Assist - which relies on a series of sophisticated sensors to detect if the driver is displaying anything resembling correct motorway discipline and triggers a warning tone so that they can resume their correct spot in the middle lane, even though the inside lane is completely empty. MLA is directly linked to another exciting new feature known as ASA, or Annoying Speed Assist, which is capable of detecting the speed limit for any given road and then holding the car at precisely 4.5mph less than that. Meanwhile, low speed manoeuvring is taken care of by another revolutionary system labelled Inept Park Assist (IPA) which works off the familiar bumper-mounted parking sensors but sends the information from them to a dedicated ECU which then assesses the steering and throttle inputs needed to bump repeatedly into the car behind and still manage to come to rest bang slap in the middle of a kerbside space that is actually big enough to accommodate two cars, if they weren't driven by people who are idiots. Of course, the new Corsa isn't just about technology. Amongst the unique aesthetic features premiering on this model, Vauxhall is promising the younger lady driver a standard fit range of stupid little teddy bears and gonks strewn all over the dashboard and rear seat so that the entire interior resembles a 12 year old girl's bedroom. When the new Corsa goes on sale in the spring ,prices are expected to start at whatever Vauxhall reckons it can get away with, given that anybody buying one clearly knows nothing about cars and will be so busy deciding what stupid name they're going to give it that they won't ask for a discount. (found this on another car forum. lol)
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    Things I Do Like

    Thanks guys! This picture explains itself I think!
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    Finally got full kit on woooooooo!
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    No longer Available
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    Stick a Lion in the boot and let it go hungry, that should do it
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    My patience has exhausted with people today and this is the last straw for me, so most people will notice that this is not my standard forum tone... Please for gods sake tell me you know what the steering lock is?!?!?!?!? Steering wheels never lock central in my experience, you tend to pull the wheel to one side which activates the steering lock, which most of the time has a slight angle in the direction of the wheel movement. I am no expert, but that is probably what your issue is. If the issue isnt the wheel locking, you may find it beneficial to ensure the language you use in your "help needed" thread is actually reflective of the issue you face. Now, On the other hand, I have been a member here for many years, and find more and more people willing to donate their time, to help me do stuff and fix my problems, with no expectations in advance. If I take the amount of time I have spent on the forums and add it up, I wouldnt be surprised if I have spent the equivalent of about 3-6 months non stop on this forum supporting members, like yourself who need it, and seeking help also. I know we all get anxious, I have dived on the forums after what seems like a complete failure of my car, clicking refresh every 30 seconds in the hope that someone has seen it and been able to offer their words of wisdom. I might even nudge it up the queue if I have seen activity on the forum elsewhere and my post has slipped, but I dont stand there and belittle the efforts of complete strangers, who do nothing more than try to understand your problem to try and give you a guiding hand to fixing the issue. we are human, and whilst Jamie may have a picture of a fiesta as his picture, I just want to clarify that he is actually a real boy (oh look, a bit like me, I am not actually the backside end of a mondeo oddly enough!) He has tried to help you and he has misunderstood the point you made. So he has deleted his post as it made no sense to the issue. He then also apologised for his misunderstanding, and yet your rudeness will have put him off even wanting to bother. For the record, he didn't delete your thread, he deleted the content of his reply to your thread, and did not remove your problem from the public domain, As you can tell by comments such as mine, and those above. We welcome new members here from any area of the world, with any Ford car, or even non fords for that matter. Whilst we love to take people in, we dont like having people come in with bad attitudes and slandering the good nature of all our enthusiasts, who give nothing but their time to help others, to try and save you a bucket load of money going to a garage to get the same advice at a hefty price. If you want to stick around, you may want to apologise, adjust your tone, and appreciate the points we have all made above. I know your car might be the world to you, but we have our own worlds and lives, and we are not on call for you personally 24 hours a day. We try to help each other and that is how we live our lives, going to work, looking after families, kids, education, crisis' and yet we still manage to pave a way to the computer, to login and help each other out. You have misjudged our forum, and if you wish to take your misjudgement and deactivate your account, I will personally crack open a bottle. However, if you stick around and rectify your attitude, contribute and take things away as we all do, I will crack open two, and if I ever meet you, I will buy you two of your own to crack as well. Now, I shall retire to a darkened room, where I will meditate, consume copious amounts of alcohol and wait for my stress levels to subside to a more humanly interactive level.
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    @fastlife, have you thought that the reason you're not getting help is because you are rude? That attitude is not appreciated on our club and further occurrences will most likely end in you being generally ignored by other users. Please and thank you are still customary and patience is a virtue. We are all (amateur) enthusiasts here and you should remember that. if you are that concerned about safety of your vehicle can I suggest you take it to another garage and get them to assess it? BTW, in my experience it is often that garages do tracking alignment but do not re-centre the steering wheel which in itself is not dangerous but is lazy and annoying. I would also say that it is likely that they may have aligned your tracking but to a boggo standard parameter rather than the correct factory values, some bias is applied to take road camber into consideration while driving but is different for each make of car.
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    This Will Amuse You Vauxhall Haters

    Earlier today, I was removing my tools, the contents of the glovebox, door pockets etc from the Astra, prior to sticking it on ebay/gumtree/accepting the local brokers quote of £27 collected It started to rain again. I had the tailgate and both front doors open The dog looked out of the back door, looked up at rain, looked across to the lawn, and then ran up to the open Astra, jumped in, squatted down and deposited a sizeable No.2 Two bags worth!
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    Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    Just seen this on Facebook. Made me chuckle. Lol
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    Members Mug Shots....

    One for the ladies ;) (I have aged a bit since this one though)
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    I've Been Insulted By A German!

    I took this picture in Nuremberg when driving to a trade show:
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    Rear light clustets boot hinges and spoiler seal all leak tell tale signs is a damp or wet boot process of elimination though its best to use quality sealant and seal all 3 suspected areas. Power steering hose just behind the radiator and at the join to the pump are prone to leaks from corrosion recommend every 6 months applying grease to the area such as vaseline to prevent this. Noisy aircon pumps can be from either the bearing or the system needing regassed since the regass is cheap its best trying this first also the ti vct uses a different aircon pump a vss pump which varies the gas so it does not click on and off regularly like older pumps but runs continously. The heated windscreen can fail on one side either its a simple fuse issue to which there are 2 1 for each side or some cars under the scuttle panel have the electrical ribbon loose which gets rubbed by the wipers when in motion causing it to fail. Rear hatch gathers water so when it rains and the boots opened water pours in ford sell 2 self adhesive plastic strips which is supposed to address this issue it helps but doesnt prevent it happening. The design of the door seals means after or during rain once the doors opened water runs into the car there is no fix and its a common issue on the mk2 The aircon drain can get blocked or detatch allowing water into the dtlriver footwell the drain is found behind the plastic panel at the drivers left leg a poke through with a wire hanger usually clears it if loose its best to reattatch with silicone. Dash displays stay lit after the car is locked for between 20-40 minutes the ecu remains live storing vehicle data for this period of time monitoring under bonnet temperatures once the ecu shuts down the display remains off displays which stay on for long periods such as overnight usually have pcm issues which bbereman can repair cheap. Despite fords its galvanised claims the focus rusts particularly on the front and rear sills as well as front and rear arches therefore its imperative you deal with paint chips pretty quickly. Rear bushes like the mk1 are prone to wear around the 5 year mark some are easy to change some are not. The ti vct can go into limp mode with no power this can be either the ti vct timing relays on top of the engine or the cam itself the cam unit is not easy or cheap to repair so should be left to a dealer the cambelt will also need replaced during this average cost £500 minimum. Worn or cheap brake pads and disks can cause a distinct click when braking. A noise like a knock or thump between 10-15 mph is the abs test and is normal should happen only once usually when first using the car. Poor idle can be due to the pcv valve needing replaced the springs weaken and can gunge up for the sake of £10 its best to replace this. Rear drums prone to sticking in cold damp weather a clunk will be heard from the rear as it unsticks getting under the rear and spraying wd40 on the rear handbrake cables both sides before winter sets in can cure if not help this. Paint removal on the sills lower doors front and rear is common a plastic protector should be attatched though this helps its advised to fit mudflaps even this will not stop road salt blasting paint away but reduces the effects dramatically. Wind noise from the front windows is common often sounds like the window is open slightly when its not ford have no fix for this the mk2.5 recieved thicker door seals and glass to prevent this. Rattles from under the car more often than not are loose heatshields or a broken rear or midfle exhaust hanger a new exhaust is not needed since the hanger detatches at the exhaust removing from the hanging rubber and buying a bracket clamp from ebay for £8 solves the issue and is easy to fit. Rear washers not working can be a detatched hose inside the spoiler or a detatched hose in the car at the driver rear in the headlining where it stops at the boot For winter a good screenwash used pure down to -10 -20 such as preston is needed as the screenwash bottle is under the wheel arch liner and will freeze heated washers wont defrost this. leaky washer jets is common upgraded parts available but still leak only answer is to silicone them Check all electrics work as they should let the car idle and sit in it any bad shudders could indicate the coil pack plugs and leads need replaced to solve misfires its best to do all 3 and use dielectric grease on the spark plug terminals at the plugs and coil pack. Dpf failures are common and expensive however its possible to get companies to remove the dpf fault by removing the dpf altogether saving a small fortune and endless headache Diesel issues ill leave to the diesel owners