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    KPG: I'm back ! (New Build Thread)

    Hi folks. Been away for quite a while but with good reason. The titanium is gone: Really sad to see it go. But the ST2 is here [emoji16]: Some of you may know how long I've been crying about one of these so this is a really big deal for me lol I actually can't believe I finally have one. Delighted to say the least. It's mostly down to my wife that I was able to afford this car so I'm eternally greatful for what she's done for me. ST2 with style pack. 2 owners, 42k miles and 4x Michelin winter tyres included with sale: £10k This'll be a slow progress thread as usual but there will be small updates soon enough. [emoji41] Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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    Sync 1 / 1.1 to Sync 2 Retrofit Guide Disclamer:- This guide is intended as an advice document only. You attempt the actions in this guide at your own risk. I will not be held responsible if you brick any modules or break your car. This conversion involves rewiring your existing cars wiring and should only be attempted by a competent and experienced person. Right! Now that’s my ***** covered lets get started! I couldn’t have done this conversion if it weren’t for the information available out there, sadly not much of this is in English or applicable specifically to the focus however it gave me the understanding of what needed to be done to carry this out and I will be linking to some of this information throughout the guide. Parts – Sync 2 APIM Sync 2 ACM Sync 2 FCDIM Sync 2 Fascia Sync 2 Media Hub + loom GPSM module - DE8T-19H463-DC Media hub bezel - finis number - 5326708 Mini USB to Mini USB cable Nav maps Pins - mouser - 1924955-4 HSD Code E plug or Fakra Z ( if you have OEM reverse camera ) Forscan ( with extended license ) and FoCCCus software I started by completely stripping out the car, partly because I wanted to wet vac the seats and partly because of ease of access. You don’t have to remove the seats but I strongly recommend the center console, and all the fascia panels. The sync 2 fascia doesn’t fit straight away, some trimming is required around the bottom, start by cutting off the locating lugs and then trim little by little until it fits nicely against the a/c panel the panel is held down by the 2 center holes in the same way the original is. Once your happy the fascia fits nicely then remove the fascia and a/c panel to reveal the sync unit, this is held in place by 3 screws and can be disconnected and removed. The sync connector needs to be rerouted to the top of the dash, there is plenty of length there it just needs to pulled back to the main loom and then directed up to the top of the dash. At this point it’s a good idea to tape back and secure and cables that you will no longer need, in my case it was the blue, pink and black fakra connectors from the fcdim module. Now peel back the insulation on the sync connector and give yourself plenty of exposed cabling to do the swaps required, unlatch the 2 clips and slide off the connector cover. *top tip* label any wires that are going to be moved or removed in case you ever revert to sync 1 or get lost with where the wire came from. Once you have swapped the 2 MM-can wires the unit can then be plugged in and will power up for basic testing, note that once plugged in the unit takes a few minutes to power up, it also does this everytime it reboots, don't panic! The pin swaps are highlighted in the pdf After you’ve completed the pin swaps its time to add in the additional wiring for the media hub, reverse camera adaptor (if fitted) ms-can and fcdim connector. I ordered the pins for the sync connector from mouser and although they work they are a little tight and did need to be manipulated in. if I were to do the job again I would buy a sync connector cut from a loom and remove the pigtails to solder onto *top tip* For the ms-can input you can tap into anything that runs on the ms-can network, I found the wires in the blue connector for the a/c panel. They will be the only external connections that you need to make. The gpsm is to be installed under the rear view mirror cover, for me the plug was already there so make sure to check this beforehand. To install the media hub I used 2 good quality usb to usb mini leads connected with a usb coupler. The media hub is mounted in a bezel from a mk5 mondeo, the finis part number I have attached above. For the fascia panel the radio controls are connected by mm-can as opposed to lin like the original. You need to add one pin and cut and solder onto the existing pin in the plug for them to work. For the acm connector you need to move 2 wires across from the main loom and into the accessory loom this is to transmit the tmc data to the screen for the naviagation traffic. If you’ve got this far, well done! The hard work is over. Time to tidy up your cabling, and bolt everything into place. *top tip* install the apim and screen first before sliding the acm into place. Pop in your nav card ( f6 is the most recent ) and also worth updating the software to the latest version (3.10) Put the rest of the car back together and grab yourself a brew, next up is coding! Using forscan plug yourself into the car, *top tip* if you’ve previously used forscan on the car delete any previous profile and scan it as a new car. If you don’t it wont pick up the newly installed gpsm module. You will likely have a bunch of dtc codes, clear them and see what comes back. There will be 1 dtc that definitely wont clear and that is for the central locking led in the bcm. There will also be errors on the acm which currently cannot have its as built data modified, however this doesn’t seem to cause any problems. Programmming the APIM Here comes the fun part. The apim will need to be coded to the spec of your car. The easiest way to do this is using the ford as built data. The way to do this is find a facelift focus with the same options as yours. For example mine is a titanium x, and the facelift titanium x has the same features as mine. To do this hop onto ebay or autotrader and find a facelift focus with the same features as yours, make a note of the registration and go to the ford etis website ( www.etis.ford.com )enter the reg and make a note of the vin number. Then you need to go to the motorcraft service website ( www.motorcraftservice.com ) click free resources and then quick guides. Towards the bottom of the list is an option for Module Build Data ( as – built ) hit this and enter the vin number you got from etis. This gives you the module as built data that you will need to programme the apim. Download the file and save it to your computer. Open up forscan and click on the icon that looks like a computer chip. You will see an option that says apim ( as-built format ) run this and load the file from your download ( don’t forget to change the file type to .ab in the search bar ) click write all and follow the instructions on screen. Once done you will see sync reboot and if you have done everything correctly it should now be programmed to your cars features. At this point you still aren’t done, you will notice that the voice control still doesn’t work correctly. Now we need to change a few things in the bcm and ipc. Open up foCCCus and load up the central config for your car, save a backup before you change anything!!! The lines you need to change are – 123 – Audio Aux Input change the value to 01 (without) 125 – DAB Radio System change the value to 01 (without) 154 – Module USB change the value to 01 (without) 157 – Bluetooth Handsfree change the value to 01 (without) 172 – Front Display change the value to 09 (DM8 with nav) 214 – ICP change the value to 09 Write these changes to both the bcm and the ipc. This got everything working 95% percent for me. I had to make some further changes to enable optical display for the parking sensors and the active park assist. I did this by modifying the as built data of the apim further by using this guide. ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uDSQ1Z5a2Wt8-kjrSiVSlDFGFHnfeuhb3RTMVz95730/edit#gid=1479139836 ) Im expecting some questions and I will help the best I can as im sure there are bits I have missed! Focus Sync Conversion table.pdf
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    Things I Don't Like

    Being on the M5 between Bristol and Taunton, overtaking in lane three and having some total bellpiece flying up behind me in a vauxhall Insignia then getting arsey because I didn't instantly move out of his way. The fact that I was at the national limit and the other two lanes were full therefore having no place to pull in to let this complete tool go past plus his aggressive style of driving really peeved me. I also had my wife in the car and she gets twitchy at any speeds over the limits so I was doubly not impressed. Unfortunately I haven't got around to refitting my dashcam yet so no evidentiary video or details. As soon as I had even the slightest space to pull over, this div decided to undertake me in lane two, fly in front of me and proceed to weave and brake test me. The universal cupped hand signal was applied out of his window and much waving of hands was seen. He then shot into lane one and left at the next junction. If he was intending on going off at this junction in the first place why act like such a moron? If I myself were planning on leaving at this exit then I would have already been in lane one well before he decided to climb in my boot. Big satisfaction of all this was that I just happen to have the contact number for direct access to the Avon & Somerset control room on my phone (I do occasional official visits and support duties with them) and after passing his VRN to them and details of the event / offences I have received a courtesy call from their duty Inspector to inform me that they have found the driver and as he was reported by a fellow Officer (therefore the intelligence is considered as accurate and actionable) he has been issued with a NIP for dangerous driving and road rage, he couldn't be tagged for speeding as I have no calibrated ability to access his speed in comparison to mine (although I know 100% that he was exceeding the national limit by some considerable amount to appear from nowhere behind me so suddenly). I had a celebratory tab and a can of Red Bull at Taunton Deane services and the wife had a strong coffee to calm her nerves (she doesn't do this sort of thing daily unlike me). Karma is a female dog
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    TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    So... as promised New Car, New Thread! As with the last one, this isn't a project thread, as I'm not planning on doing too much to it! But I do have some small things planned for the car, so will use this to keep everyone updated! The things include: K&N 57s kit (luckily I can use the one off the ZS!) Remap (Bluefin or otherwise, maybe a custom one if I’m feeling particularly frivolous with cash) some colour coding, not sure what colour or what exactly yet! Maxton Or TripleRComposites front splitter Maxton Rear RS Style Diffuser Carbon Gel Badges all round De-Tango front and rear end (Chrome Bulbs already bought!) Hydraulic Bonnet Struts CEUK LED Reverse Light Upgrade and a little surprise mod... that will be secret for now! That’s it for now, the car is staying with me for a while! So there’s plenty of time for all this to happen. So to add to the history, carrying on from before... First Ford I owned, was a 1.4CVH Fiesta Freestyle... First Car, did me well for 3 years! My Second was the Mk1.5 Focus Edge 1.8TDCi 115.. I owned her for 8 years in total! Had ST170 Cosmetics (Lower Grille with TDCi Badge on, Headlights, Foglights), colour coded front grille surround, Twin Reverse Light Conversion, De Badged, Mondeo ST Rear Badge. Dragon CRDII Tuning Box, see graphs above, gained about 10bhp and 40lbft! I knw not as good as a map, but we all make rookie mistakes when young lol! K&N Panel Filter. I had some ST170 alloys too, that i bought about a month before things went wrong! Loved this car, still do! I hope whoever bought it at the auction does her proud, and makes a nice little project from her! The next car, which was bought as a replacement when the 1.8 blew up on the side of the A1 was my Focus Mk2.5 1.6TDCi 110 Zetec S, She has a K&N 57s filter, colour coded front bonnet lip, carbon badges all round, custom Zetec S door sills, twin reverse light conversion, S badges all round, footwell lighting, among some other bits. I never got round to remapping this one, or adding cruise control! Sadly she’s become uneconomical to repair after the MOT, and with some other bits that needed doing, an electrical fault that’s impossible to find! It causes the headlights to flash on their own, the temp gauge to swing around like a kid in a playground, and numerous weird things with my dashcam and the traction control being almost super sensitive! Add everything together that needs doing, and it was time for it to go! So... the moment you’ve all been waiting for, onto the new one... My Car Number 4, which is my Ford Number 4, and... Focus number 3! Members of FOC, please meet... TDCiST’s Focus mk3.5 TDCi ST... Bout time I had a car that matched the username!!! I pick her up on Wednesday!
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    Take a few stones with you. When you need to go in your car, chuck them at something in opposite direction. When folk turn to look where the noise came from, open your door.
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    Looks OK to me.
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    Nothing wrong with a lift kit on a Ford! But seriously, springs do settle so they may drop a bit over a couple of days. Or the car may have been lowered previously and you've replaced the springs with standard ones... Or you've fitted the wrong ones altogether lol.
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    Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Ok as promised, here is essentially what I call a 'basic' tool kit to suit most 'basic' jobs. There are several bits missing from my photos simply because I don't have everything out the car at the moment (I will list whats missing). I hope this gives an insight into what tools are used frequently. The toolbox is in for a clean out tonight and to make sure there is nothing missing. Some of the tools you will see here are beyond the needs of a basic diyer and as you might pick up there are a good few Mac/Snap on tools in there but there are also a good few Halfords professional too which are great value for money. I'm a big Milwaukee fan, their power tools haven't let me down yet. So missing from my pics are: Axle stands 36" Angled pry bar 3/8" 450mm breaker bar 1/2" 450mm breaker bar 3/8" impact sockets Brake bleeding bottle Test light Multimeter Spiral extractors Drill bit set Rethread tap and die set Fluted bolt extractors Brake cleaner pump sprayer Various sundries such as cable ties, general purpose grease, silicone grease, odd nuts and bolts So to pick out a few of the important tools in my box: Various screwdrivers and picks Various punches/chisels 1/4" torx bit sockets 1/4" Allen bit sockets 3/8" torx bit sockets 3/8" Allen bit sockets 3/8" Spline bit sockets 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Female torx sockets 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" ratchet 1/4", 3/8" sockets - shallow and deep 1/4", 3/8" extension bars, universal joints and reducers/adaptors Combination spanner set 6-24mm Various pliers including extra long type and pump pliers Oil filter and fuel filter pliers Oil filter tool Stanley knife Magnetic pick up tool Brake caliper hooks Brake hose clamp Dead blow hammer Wire brush Anti freeze tester Copper grease/brush Flat file Thread file Feeler gauges Sump plug keys Allen key set Spark plugs tubes/sockets Mole grips Syringe Stretch belt tool Alloy wheel sockets Tread depth gauge The other kit you can see includes: Arcan trolley jack (From Costco) Milwaukee impact tools and battery ratchet 1/2" drive impact sockets - shallow and deep 1/2" 600mm breaker bar, 400mm ratchet and 600mm flex head ratchet MAP gas blowtorch Various pliers, long reach pliers, snips etc Plusgas spray Nitrile gloves So here is my 'basic' tool kit after a little clean out and all parts accounted for. This next set is an absolute life saver on rounded bolts/nuts. Anyone who has had to use this set will probably know all too well. Irwin make a set of these and there are cheaper alternatives on the market but I would seriously recommend these to anyone starting up a tool kit. Again, there are cheaper alternatives to this next set but I would also recommend a good set of pliers of various types.
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    We've become a nation of lightweight namby pambies with no idea of preparedness or common sense. If people don't like something these days they whine and complain, give it a name ending in "...ist", and a bunch of lentil hugging peace hippies fall over themselves to tell them its alright. Unfortunately, these lightweights haven't figured out that the tactic doesn't work with Mother Nature - its a part of Darwinism, and bleating about unfairness won't help them this time. For my own part, the Nokia Allweather's on the Fusion are munching their way through the snow like its not there. Nevertheless, all my Search and Rescue gear is in the boot so if the worst happens I'm not reliant on outside help. The emergency services have better things to do than rescue ill prepared fools who can't take advice.
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    At last. My nice new shiny Turbo. Case now closed. Done under 'Goodwill' from CRC. It seems to be coated with a thin layer of resin. Hope it lasts.
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    Weird badging on focus?!

    yep, prises off easy enough, took mine off years ago but still have it in the garage oddly enough , now have an econettic central heating boiler. lol
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    RS spoiler finally fitted.

    After two long years of deliberation, I have finally fitted an RS spoiler to my car. I am more than happy with it, and I think it concludes my modifications on the appearance. Hope you guys like it 🤞
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    Things I Do Like

    I made it out of Ikea with a mere £250 of stuff. It's easy to exit their stores, just follow the smell of meatballs [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Mk2 focus rs estate ?

    Paint finally on , now I have to start putting it back together 😪
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    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Finally!! Happy new car day to me
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    Plastic lever in passenger footwell

    And on the other side there should be a big circley thing, that's the steering wheel to move the wheels and make the car go round corners. This stuff is covered in the driving test and is considered to be pretty basic.
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    Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Compared to some folks who have waited 8 months plus, I feel lucky to have got mine in a "mere" 6! Without this forum, and this thread in particular, I may have felt it was just me who had a problem and my dealer was spinning me a yarn. So I've really appreciated everyone sharing what little information we could obtain and just being generally supportive. So many thanks Guys and Gals, and may your cars arrive soon!
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    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Ok, finally a picture, 8 months in the waiting.
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    Managed a few more miles in mine since the original post, which have largely reinforced my positive first impressions. Been on supermarket duty this morning and got the thumbs up from SWMBO, who thought it was very smooth, quiet and comfortable. Our full weekly shop fitted in no problem, one slight niggle space-wise is that the door bins (on a 5 door at least, not checked out the 3) are pretty useless other than for a pair of sunglasses and a duster, also there is a small cubby on the drivers side which I assume is meant for change etc but I can't even get my (admittedly fat) fingers in. Continue to be impressed with the traffic sign recognition, though noted it can get caught out in some circumstances, eg this morning we were on a single carriageway running parallel to a dual and it showed 70 instead of 60, picking up the limit for the dual carriageway. Then later, we crossed the dual carriageway on a bridge and again it briefly showed 70, not the limit of the road we were on. Still a very useful aid though. So my overall thoughts remain very much in line with my first drive, very much like the Mk 7/7.5 to drive, but with a sophistication that wasn't there before. I would sum up the difference a bit like this, if you jumped into a Mk 7 it said "C'mon! Let's go play!", But this one is more "I'm happy to play if you want to". Hope that makes sense!
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    Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Just got home with this! Due to collect this morning but delayed due to blizzard! Only managed the few miles from the dealers but will post some comments when I get chance for a proper drive. Must say that given the delays were attributed to leather, I'm not impressed - have had seats with leatherette bolsters that looked more like leather! Hope you all get your cars on better days than this!!
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    How low do you go before refuelling?

    managed to get 53 litres in so i wasnt quite empty, did you seriously expect me to keep driving on empty without a can in the boot!! lol i may be daft but not that daft. ha ha
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    Surely stopping someone going to the toilet is an infringement of their basic human rights? If they'te taking liberties then understood but if a genuine need then so be it.
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    Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Well the car is now back on the road. I took the sump off the engine, and found the oil pump looking like this: The inlet has a mesh which is completely clogged up with some form of black debris. This is some of what I removed from the pump inlet: It's not magnetic. My best guess is that the previous owner used either the wrong oil or didn't change the oil as frequently as they should - odd as I bought the car with a full history. My other theory is that it is some RTV silicone broken off from overspill from the sump gasket. Having fitted a new pump, the car now drives normally. Oil pressure builds straightaway - noticeably faster than it used to. The turbocharger is still delivering plenty of boost having monitored the inlet manifold pressure during a short drive. I did find about 50ml of oil in the intercooler pipe, so the seals may have degraded - I'll keep an eye on it. Having had this issue, I'm tempted to get a fibre-scope to check the condition of the oil pump inlet through the sump plug at future service intervals. Given its proximity to the sump plug, I'm toying with the idea of making a thin tube up to facilitate cleaning of the pump inlet without having to drop the sump. Learning points: 1) Based on the crud I found, it's possible that these engines are not very tolerant to being poorly maintained. Regular oil changes with manufacturers spec oil probably the way to go to prevent this! 2) If your engine oil pressure light doesn't go out immediately, and if the low oil pressure alarm occasionally comes on momentarily when starting the engine, then this is indicative of the oil pump becoming clogged up. Get it sorted before it gets worse The turbocharger water pipes cleaned up ok with a wire brush on a die grinder: I've now coated the pipes with some VHT enamel paint, so I'm expecting further corrosion will be prevented.
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    There are 2 main geographical landscapes separating the continent of Asia and Europe: the Ural mountains in the north, and the Ural River to the south, both of these geographical features now lie to my west meaning for the first time I have set foot in Asia. In fact the Ural river is frozen this time of year, so my first trip into Asia I actually walked across the frozen ice which in itself is a doubly cool feat from my perspective. Continent number 2 for the Fiesta, very, very proud! Western Kazakhstan is amazing, and I'll try to write in detail about my short time here when I have better battery life in the laptop. I really wish I could have stayed in this region longer. However my goal was to enter Uzbekistan asap, I have a single month, single entry Visa for Uzbekistan which started on the 1st January and expires 31st January 2018. I explored the Greater Caucasus for longer than originally planned which has had a rough knock on effect in my itinerary. Today after a very long drive (due to road surface in the region , approx 100 miles takes about 3 hours) I've crossed from Kazakhstan into Uzbekistan and write this from their city 'Nukus' I've already had a very friendly welcome; from the border guards amazed by my presence - to the friendly drivers giving me a warm thumbs up and toot toot. My car remains dirty which is a good thing; I have written in Russian on my bonnet in big letters 'Hello from an Englishman' this has resulted in an accumulation of various forms of reply; randoms welcoming me to their regions or country. I'll travel to Tashkent over the coming week, but for now I'll rest for a couple of days and explore the region. Attached are a few pictures, including the frozen Ural River. Also, I was able to capture a 'rainbow' which in-fact curved in on itself near the horizon making a 270 degree arc, but as there was no moisture in the sky I assume this was some form of solar/atmospheric effect caused by the sun (it almost looks like camera flare, but I assure you it isn't, I was deliberately trying to photograph this phenomenon.) Its difficult to photograph the true scale of these steppes... perfect flat lands for thousands (literally, as they stretch into Mongolia) of miles. If there's is something on the horizon like a power pylon, its noticeable, and evident I must have a view range of 10 square miles at least.