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    Set it to 31/12/2013 23:59 then wait a minute until it goes to 01/01/2014 then you can set the date and correct time past that point. It's a strange quirk in the system. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Stripped thread

    Or a couple of these bolted through the radiator then some nuts each end? Over kill? Ignore the coolant loss. Sorry, I'm bored. Lol
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    Ford etis

    There cracking down on users who are not confirmed independents or dealer. The likes of you lot. Only kidding, planned maintenance this weekend. Lol
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    Old Airfix Dambuster model.

    Better than the weekly ones they advertise on TV. Latest one is the Bismarck. If you complete it then you'll pay out about £1200 for it. [emoji54] Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Stripped thread

    I was thinking change the glow plugs
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    Detailed and decals applied

    Well had a nice long weekend so decided to have a go at all the swirls covering every inch of the paintwork - great for a 500 miles car 😞 guess it was 500 miles back and forth through a car wash? Got a lot of the defects out (85 - 90%) then applied EX-P sealant, removed all wheels to seal insides and outers and applied the decals bought from DMB Tyres dressed with Megs endurance gel, black trim protected with Aerospace 303 Trying to find some gloss black mirror covers if anyone knows where to buy them?
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    new st-line, worried about security.

    I find the insurance very reasonable. When I looked at the difference between the 125 and 140 there was only a few pounds between the two so opted for the 140 just for that little extra bhp under the bonnet. 12 months fully comp with protected no claims, no claims came out around £170 (just slight higher than the 105bhp Twinair Alfa Mito it was replacing), just renewed this month and same cover but with 1 claim £200...thought I got off lightly once inflation factored in. As for if it gets stolen...hope they write it off because my insurance will replace with new car for first 12 months. Before its first Birthday I will get GAP insurance from TotalLossGap at around £120 for two years...worth looking at instead of the expensive Ford Gap insurance. Have a butchers at their web-site. Hold on, heard someone shuffling by the Fiesta...might be Shepster checking to see if the obd port is disabled when the alarm goes off...sorry mate couldn't resist that one 🤣 Oh well black balled by the mod again.....😛
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    Nick Y

    Things I Don't Like

    Dropping my stupid pizza on the stupid floor whilst taking out of its stupid packaging to put it in the stupid oven.
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    Ford ST Line front grill badge

    Yes, the 'Line' bit!😂
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    Stripped thread

    One possible (serious) suggestion is to use these which will allow you to fix the plate with machine screws and no further danger of stripped plastic threads. They're really intended for use in thin metal sheet but I think they should work in plastic.
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    Stripped thread

    Buy a new bumper, I'm bored too 😴
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    my son starting early

    love spending time with my son and he loves helping me, when your kids love fords as much as you is great, building memories, oh yhh btw hes the boss im his apprentice lol
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    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like that moment when you're listening to the car radio and aren't sure that the emergency sirens are real or part of the music. Looking around and in the mirrors only to realise the delightful rap* music was the problem all along. * other genres may also be affected 😄
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    Things I Do Like

    I've done screen shot and printed it out for tomorrow with the title " On the one show tonight ****** is talking about Std's and how to get treatment. Lol
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    Been away for so long and nothing very exciting to report! [emoji23] You may all remember my airbag light being on after fitting second hand Zetec S seats... Well turns out they came from a crashed car and I had no idea what the signs were until they were made obvious to me. So I spent the weekend changing pretensioners (and giving her a bath!) Not a great shot but you can see the cables poking out of the pretensioner there. Never been in a crash or seen the aftermath of one so honestly thought it was something to do with seats from a 3dr needing to move further forward in the car than 5drs (due to having one less door) HUGE learning curve for me [emoji23] A comparison of a 'good' and 'bad' makes it clear what was wrong with the ones I acquired! All fitted and ready to go! Took a few months but glad I managed to work the issue out in the end and was able to sort it on my own without too much hassle [emoji1434] and yes, the airbag light has disappeared (hopefully for good) which was the main goal! And a few before/after shots of the clean. Nothing too elaborate, just wanted the winter grime off and to apply my new club sticker [emoji92] Before After Shame I have to work in such a muddy area. My wheels always lose out on wash day [emoji23] Hope to have something more exciting to share soon! Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Ian Lanc

    Please give me your settings

    I've found out sausages placed in the middle of the oven on a gas mark setting of 6 works well and doesn't burn them too badly 😄 Ok I'll get my coat..................
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    Looking for a part for MK2 bumper

    Here you go - https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F152847973464 Welcome to the site Tim!🙂
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    new st-line, worried about security.

    I get the proactive approach to security and won’t stop anyone from doing whatever they want to do to secure their car but... Checking if you can get two hands in before the alarm sets off, investing in different alarms, carrying steering wheel locks around with you, worrying if they can steal it via wing mirror wiring is just too much imo moving the obd port is a plausible option but at the same time, not really something i’d be doing myself. At the end of the day, you have to look at what you have to potentially lose... it’s not a car that has been cherished by generations in the family, it is a Fiesta like many others. Chances are if they want to take it they will, or at least they’ll cause damage trying and there isn’t any stopping that. Insurance is there to cover the losses. Worrying about silly stuff like “can they steal it via the wing mirrors” is just far too time consuming for me. It’s a bit like saying, can they bring a tow car with them, take it and then try and make it start in their own garage. My advice would be instead of worrying about obd ports, alarm effectiveness or wing mirrors - just invest in a good tracking device. I know it won’t stop the car being taken, but you’ll likely get it back and track the people that took it.
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    Newbie focus tdi ghia

    Isn't it annoying when a noobie registers, asks a question, then just buggers off! LOL
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    Things I Do Like

    I’m easily led lol
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    Things I Do Like

    Compulsive liar and nicked a pic off the web? Probably doesn't even own a car! 😂😂😂
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    Things I Do Like

    Anyway , happy birthday to me and @TomsFocus
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    Tbf, main dealers can't/won't weld. It's only indy garages or custom shops that would. To fix a small exhaust leak the dealer will just have to replace the damaged part which does mean a big bill unfortunately. Glad you were able to find a cheaper repair though!
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    Number plate replacement

    I do occasionally know what I'm on about.
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    set the time to 23.59 on the 31 December and let it go over it the minute should change to 1/1/2014 then change the clock to what you want stoney just got to you before me ☺️
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    new st-line, worried about security.

    There is being security conscious and downright paranoid and obsessed. May as well go the whole hog, and remove the battery or use an axle stand and remove a wheel when the car is parked up. I cannot say I have ever known anyone in the position where their cars are only on their drive and at their place of work. Unfortunately we have to use our cars to do regular things like do the shopping, go into town, go to the doctors, dentist, go into town, go for lunch, go to the coast blah blah blah. Ours haven't been nicked over the years, neither has the lads AMG and they are parked during the day in areas that aren't the best, not that that matters. If I only used a car to go back and forth to work, I certainly wouldn't buy, lease or PCP a brand new car just for that.
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    Help!! 1.0 Ecoboost

    The earlier 1.0 ECOboost engines did suffer from a badly designed degas hose. The affected degas hose was made of plastic and vulcanised rubber. This type of degas hose was only installed on Focus MK3 vehicles with 1.0 ECOboost engine that were built between 25-04-2012 and 05-05-2014. Vehicles produced before and after this production period did have a different type of degas hose and are not affected by the recall. During the recall the affected degas hose was replaced by a revised more durable version. This revised type of degas hose replaces all other versions (both affected and non affected by the recall) of the degas hoses that were used on Focus MK3 vehicles with 1.0 ECOboost engine. Even if the car has the revised/latest design degas hose there is still a pretty big chance that the degas hose fails. Despite being more durable than the old one the new revised degas hose is still poorly designed. As a result of temperature changes and vibrations the plastic of the T-piece and smaller section of the degas hose deteriorate, becomes brittle and eventually breaks. To solve degas hose problems once and for all the MK3 cooling system can easily be converted to MK3.5 specs by just replacing 2 coolant hoses. The MK3.5 cooling system does no longer have the fragile, poorly designed degas hose. An added bonus is that both MK3.5 hoses are even cheaper than the single MK3 degas hose. The fact that a broken degas hose usually caused engine damage is because the MK3 1.0 ECOboost only has a coolant temperature sensor. This sensor is installed into the thermostat housing. In case of a major leak and there is no coolant left inside the system the coolant temperature sensor measures air instead of coolant. Because air does not transmit temperature as good as coolant any overheating will not be detected. The MK3.5 however has both a coolant temperature sensor and an additional cilinder head temperature sensor and measures both the coolant and cylinder head temperature. Even when there is no coolant left inside the system overheating of the engine will be detected. Apart from the well known MK3 degas hose problems there are also a few other less known cooling system problems * Broken/split coolant reservoir (Both MK3 and MK3.5). * Leaking water pump seal (Both MK3 and MK3.5). * Leaking O-ring seal behind the timing belt cover (Both the MK3 and MK3.5). The degas hose, coolant reservoir and leaking waterpump are pretty easy to fix. The leaking O-ring seal behind the timing belt cover however is a lot more difficult to replace. It takes approximately 10 hours to replace the 50 cent o-ring. In my opinion most of the known coolant system problems can easily be prevented by performing regular inspections. In case of signs or deterioration the affected parts should be changed. Coolant hoses, the coolant reservoir and the coolant reservoir cap are pretty inexpensive. replacing these parts as a precaution does not cost much and can prevent a lot of problems. Apart from the coolant system problems the 1.0 ECOboost is a pretty reliable engine. I own my 2013 1.0 ECOboost for over 4,5 Years now and apart from a leaking waterpump seal I only had to perform regular and preventive maintenance. I fully converted my MK3 coolant system to MK3.5 specs and change the coolant, coolant reservoir and coolant reservoir cap as a precaution every 2 to 3 Years. In fact my current Focus 1.0 ECOboost is the most reliable and cheapest to run/maintain from all cars I owned. I would buy another one without any doubts. Personally I would listen to a different 1.0 ECOboost first. This way you will be able to determine whether the "rattle" is normal or not. It may just be the high pressure fuel pump. The high pressure fuel pump is mounted on top of the valve cover and is driven by the camshaft. On a direct injected engine it is perfectly normal for the mechanical driven high pressure fuel pump to make a bit of noise. Goodluck with Ford and warranty. My experience is that Ford will only replace the engine within the warranty period if all warranty requirements are met. If the warranty period has expired or the warranty requirements are not met Ford will in most cases reject the warranty claim. Even if you are right it will take a lot of time/effort and usually a way to court to prove you are right and to let Ford pay for it. In most cases of 1.0 ECOboost engine damage I know where the warranty period was expired the owners had to pay for the damage themselves (Ford only offered a small amount of money based on a compensation scheme). Apart from this the only "known problem" of the 1.0 ECOboost that is actually recognised by Ford is the degas hose problem. This problem has been solved by performing the recall in 2015.
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like the irony of the headline that cropped up on my Facebook yesterday... "Snowman Rally Cancelled Due To Ice" 😁 https://stv.tv/news/highlands-islands/1435347-snowman-rally-cancelled-due-to-thick-ice-on-stages/?fbclid=IwAR3yw5XXVk1Q2xi8WtQf1bnr0IfZTaQfv7EiBr71nApICcZLGbtcLNFZzrw
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    The newer MK3/MK3.5 mist washer jets are no solution for the washer jets leaking onto the bonnet after using them. Leaking of washer fluid onto the bonnet however can easily be solved by installing some cheap plastic (spring loaded) check valves between the washers jets and the hoses. The resistance of the (spring loaded) check valves prevents the washer fluid from leaking onto the bonnet. Ford used plastic check valves between the washer jets and the hoses many Years ago. For example on the Taunus and Capri. On both my Focus MK2 and MK3 I installed the original Ford check valves which stopped the washer fluid from leaking onto the bonnet almost completely. When using the MK3/MK3.5 mist washer jets onto the Focus MK2/MK2.5 you will notice that the MK2/MK2.5 washer pump is actually not powerful enough for the mist washer jets. On the MK2/MK2.5 the mist washer jets do not spray as far/high like they do on the MK3/MK3.5. To have full benefit of the mist washer jets you also have to change the pump for a more powerful version.
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    Things I Don't Like

    Nice easy date then...there's usually a cruise down to the local retail park every Saturday evening round here...always full of Fiesta's as well, I can see why you went for the sporty ST Line X now! Oh wait...not that type of cruise...
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    New Battery?

    Perhaps something like this?
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    Aftermarket Headunits

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    new st-line, worried about security.

    Wow...... Fiestas are a popular car, probably why they are showing as being higher on the stolen table. Insuring a Fiesta seemingly for us has no price variation due to them possibly being stolen. Even quotes for a potential ST3 don't seem to have this factored in. I certainly doubt Fiestas are desirable targeted cars for thieves or stolen to order. I certainly don't lose sleep, won't lose sleep over an issue like this. As I said previously, worriers can remove a wheel to make definitely sure the car cannot be stolen if a good nights sleep is needed. God knows what some would be like in life with real worries. Some nervous wrecks around I bet. If I was ever to feel this security conscious about a Fiesta I don't think I would bother, I would just stick to an old more undesirable banger or a bike that could still be stolen. Wonder if paranoia is as rife as this on the Porsche or Ferrari forums.... 😁 Anyway will say no more on nuts & bolts, pieces of angle, plastic, stickers, extenders etc etc. Each to their own and whatever soothes the worries and gives a good nights sleep can't be a bad thing.
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    Certainly can, and you don't need to be that old. 2 star was mainly used for two stroke bikes in my youth, you had to add lubricating oil to the petrol yourself until the smart-a**e Japanese came along with "autolube"etc, where you had a separate oil tank and it was fed into the engine automatically. I think 2 star disappeared quite early, and 5 star about 1978, but 3 and 4 star continued until unleaded became universal. I started a 20 year diesel phase with a company vehicle about 1993, but was certainly filling my own Astra SRi with good old 4 star leaded at that time. I have a feeling the last "starred" petrol didn't finally disappear until the very end of the 1990's and may possibly have been on sale somewhere in the UK up to 2000, but can't be certain.
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    Things I Don't Like

    Stop listening to (c)rap music then! 😀
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    Is this coolant?

    Yeah it hurts, But I'm hoping that with all of this done now the coolant system on the car is as safe as it can be now. Hopefully worth it in the long run. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Things I Do Like

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    Things I Do Like

    😂 late Valentine's day, Like a big ceramic turbo been spooling up since last Thursday
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    Things I Do Like

    same here but I don't like the crap they leave all over my car ☺️
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    new st-line, worried about security.

    I just can't believe the OP has posted soooo many concerns and is still going to buy/lease one! Shepster, why not just get the car, leave it standard with the Thatcham approved security that the insurers are happy with and if it gets nicked then claim on your insurance? I honestly dont know why you are so worried about it?
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    Looking for mk1 focus

    Great cars to drive,I’ve owned mine for 9 years.Take a look at the MK1 common problems thread if you haven’t already.Plenty about so if you can, take your time before buying👍
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    Things I Do Like

    Good result bud!
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    Things I Do Like

    Of course I believe you mate. Just a bit of banter.🙂 Good job on the camera too, I'd probably set my car electrics on fire trying that. I reckon I could get the rear trim panel off ok though!😉
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    New Map Update (F7 and F8)

    F22 probably
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    new st-line, worried about security.

    Thanks for the info. At least some future Ford owners will sleep a bit easier at night although the armed guards some may employ may have to find alternative jobs.😂
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    tyre pressures

    Sticker inside thecdrivers door will tell you
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    Windscreen washer problems

    Have you checked fuse 77 and 82? And is it both front and rear Also check the connector for the washer pump carefully for any corrosion. As the headlamp washers are working , the switch must be sending the wash signal to the body control module. Also check for corrosion at the body control module connectors.
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    Focus Mk2.5 new exhaust issue

    So glad I put a stainless steel system on my zetec s 3 years ago
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    new st-line, worried about security.

    Not sure what the issue about security with the start button is? The keys have to be in the car for the vehicle to start using the button, so if the keys aren't stolen the car can't be started. (which can be done in a barrel lock also if stolen). To get into the car, a window would have to be smashed and I presume the alarm would go off. I could not turn the ignition on from the passenger seat without the keys being in the little well behind the gearstick, so I am guessing the range of the key is in a very close proximity to this. If all the extras are wanted such as folding mirrors blah blah, upgrade to the X. Many cars now are keyless start, by the means of a button. I drive a range of cars at work from Kias to Bmw's and they all have start buttons. Personal preference 》》 stop / start buttons are far better than keys .. Insurance and gap insurances are there for cars being stolen / written off when taking a PCP or buying from new. If people are that worried about having a new car stolen, more so a new car with a stop start button then either look for an older car that doesn't have one or get a new very basic model that doesn't offer keyless start/stop. Worrying about this is on par with worrying that someone on a supermarket carpark wants to scratch new cars for the hell of it.... yes it does happen, yes you are unlucky If it does happen to you but the car is insured, can be replaced or repaired. Such things would never stop me having a new car. Just my personal thoughts and opinions.