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    This is an exclusive offer for Ford Owners Club Premium Members for 10% back on all SecretServiceTM bookings through the offer website

    In order to be eligible for the cashback, your booking value must be £70 or higher.
    This can include an MOT, service, or any other product with prices shown on BookMyGarage.

    The Offer Code must be entered into the Promo Code field on the booking completion page and applied.
    Once your booking has taken place, your final invoice must meet or exceed the minimum limitation.
    If you cancel your booking or part of your booking (bringing the total to less than the minimum spend), you will not be eligible for the discount.

    The cashback will be sent to you (for eligible bookings) in the form of an Amazon Voucher once your booking has taken place at the garage.
    If you face any issues with the promo code or can’t see where to enter the code please email us with the booking confirmation and the subject line as the Offer Code

    Please Note:  bookings can be made up to 12 months in advance and can be cancelled at any time.
    Cancellations are free and no money is taken through BookMyGarage, you will pay the garage directly on the day of your service/MOT.
    Offers can be amended or withdrawn at any time.

    SecretServiceTM works with hundreds of franchised dealerships around the UK, 27 of these are Ford franchised dealerships. The others will service all makes and models. Enter your car reg and postcode to see the nearest SecretService offer to you. If there is a Ford dealership within 8 miles this will be picked automatically. If there isn’t a Ford dealership near you, you will be directed to another dealership that service all makes and models, who are up to Ford dealership standards. This will be stated in the name of the SecretServiceTM offer e.g Secret Service Guildford Ford vs Secret Service Guildford.

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    • Exclusive Discounts - We are constantly looking out for new discounts for the club for your benefit.
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    • Less Adverts - We reduce the adverts down for Premium members around our club website.
    • Unrestricted Forum: As a Premium member we will not restrict how many times you post and you will have access to any closed areas.
    • Private Forums – exclusive forum sections for Premium members
    • Photo Galleries – unlimited albums and 5GB storage
    • Customise Profile – change your profile background
    • Buy & Sell – unrestricted access to Buy & Sell forum section
    • Club Badge – special forum badge to show you’re a proud supporter in your posts
    • PM Improvements – increased PM storage, Group PMs, PMs with attachments
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    • Search More – small flood control limits when searching
    • Fuzzy Feeling – a warm and comforting glow from knowing that you are actively contributing to the club’s success

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