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  1. Steve

    Slow site?

    sorry about this John... usually works fine, but if I do not get this sorted then a move will happen, so please bear with us. Also, in less busy times its actually ok to use. I started noticing right now that is getting better. Evenings are worst at the moment.
  2. Steve

    Slow site?

    Sorry about this guys... i have been all over this over the weekend. If nothing gets sorted by Tuesday then a new server will be on order.
  3. Steve


    to be honest I am not sure where this comes from. I get this too but only when at home. I have researched why its happening and its not something we have placed intentionally. I will keep researching this.
  4. i always thing that no one has forced them to do it. So if it floats their boat then why not. Some girls like the attention and some don't. Just because the oldies who no longer have it have a moan.
  5. @Drive_Further did you decide to do Mongolia at all later in your trip?
  6. Steve

    Tapatalk permissions

    I am running version 7.3.5 (Build 1010)
  7. Steve

    Tapatalk permissions

    tested fine for me. hmm.. will test groups now also, d you have the fordoc app or the tapatalk app? There is a difference even though made by same company.
  8. Steve

    Mobile app. Has it ended?

    no problems. I would delete the app, then go to the app store Itunes or Play, and download the tapatalk app. Not the ford branded one. log in and should work
  9. Steve

    Mobile app. Has it ended?

    Tapatalk. The branded Tapatalk app is no longer as was pricey for the amount of use it got. Tapatalk does the same thing.
  10. Steve

    Mobile app. Has it ended?

    i have reinstalled the software, now works :D
  11. Steve

    Mobile app. Has it ended?

    let me take a look.
  12. Dan, you need that Mongolia Visa. It's cheap and will be well worth it, honestly.
  13. Now following your facebook. I have always said to friends, you just get up and go, i never understand why more people don't do these kind of road trips. I decided one evening to just book myself to Mongolia, then i was in after that. It was as simple as that. Planning and vehicle prep was great fun too. Dan, was there any reason why Mongolia is not on your list? I would have said this was the best country in all of our travels. Lovely people. If you get an opportunity to get a visa for it then this will be well worth your time.
  14. Dan.. you are a man after my own heart mate. I have driven to Mongolia twice, and recently looped Europe via North cape to italy via Stelvio pass. 6500 miles in 2 weeks. I have plans in a few years to do around the world too. I would like to follow you if you don't mind and also do a club article about your adventures if thats ok?? BTW, i did mongolia in 2009 due to a post on this club about someone doing mongolia in a Fiesta, that got the juices cooking and now I can't wait for my next adventure. Keep driving mate!!!