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  1. Steve


    hi John if you see this again are you able to take a screenshot please mate, thanks
  2. Steve


    more than likely. have seen one similar about 5 years ago... last for a day then dissapears.
  3. Steve


    I have been informed there was an issue last week with Edge that has now been resolved.
  4. Steve


    would you happen to have an example url? or even the front of the forums would be the same? Its definatly not in the code of the site, google also picks up on malware and would issue warnings, i am also going through google webmaster and running some tests
  5. Steve


    I checked your screenshot and it seems you are on another website when that notice appears, check the url bar in the screenshot. However, i will look further in to this just in case we have an issue.
  6. Tom, I have made a change to your account, it removed that ads, can you tell me if you are still getting this? I run it full on with all the ads but not getting issues here, looking at the code you submitted it does look like edge, possibly hijacked. The software does not use flash here, its all up to date as well. Only thing could be a rogue ad.
  7. i put my letter in the blue filing cabinet
  8. Steve


    like FB, Twitter etc, you are feeding the giant.
  9. they offer a discount code in the discount section for premium members
  10. really sorry about this. Was an update that screwed it.
  11. Yes the layout was fixed. I have checked tapatalk plugin and it's not updated to the latest version of the forum software. It won't be long before they release an update.
  12. Sorry you are getting this. We updated the forum yesterday and tapatalk is a 3rd party service. I will check the tapatalk plugin to make sure thats up to date.
  13. my mother recently used them. Seemed a fair price and when they found the back brake cylinder was leaking they got the garage to replace it at the going rate. Nothing extortionate She did have to pay before they bought the car back, which is fair enough.