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  1. Steve


    my mother recently used them. Seemed a fair price and when they found the back brake cylinder was leaking they got the garage to replace it at the going rate. Nothing extortionate She did have to pay before they bought the car back, which is fair enough.
  2. Steve

    Dad of a ford Ka owner

    Welcome Lee!
  3. @alexp999 how was the traffic in this year??
  4. I agree... very inspirational. Dark Tourism by road i call it. I am also hooked on these adventures and planning my next. Well done Dan for finishing your trip. Many happy memories and I bet it wont be long before you have another itch to scratch, I'm itching all the time to get back on the road. i have stickied and featured this post for all to read. if you get any more pics to add then please do add them Dan 😄
  5. Steve


    WeatherTech offers the most advanced vehicle protection available: laser measured for a perfect fit and easy to install. No matter the weather, stay protected all season long! Order today at and get FREE SHIPPING.
  6. Great Read!!!.. and that is one mother of a hole in that oil pan. Glad the locals stopped you from driving, it would have definitely been game over if you did.
  7. Gaydon location is ideal for those between london and birmingham. It doesnt matter if there are 4 meets scattered around the country. If it makes it possible to attend something more nearer to them. Ford Fair drag people from everywhere, although we are not trying to be like them. FOC needs a set of annual meets that are easy to access, everyone gets to meet each other etc.
  8. on another note, we realise that Warwickshire may be too far for our northern members. SO we are also considering a northern meet as well. Suggestions on a postcard chaps 😄
  9. Morning Guys and Gals. We have been considering a new General Meet with FOC members only to all meet up around early Autumn or next spring at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon nr Warwickshire. One good thing about this location is that is a doddle to get to, no silly queues, plus a museum to look around and refreshments and great massive car park. The museum are also welcoming for us to visit them around September. We are not looking at just classic or modded cars, this meet is for ANY FORD. It's all about the members! So the question is would you consider attending? We just need to know whether this has legs or not. Please vote above (need to be signed in) and/or make suggestions below please. thanks!!!
  10. Steve

    Slow site?

    sorry about this John... usually works fine, but if I do not get this sorted then a move will happen, so please bear with us. Also, in less busy times its actually ok to use. I started noticing right now that is getting better. Evenings are worst at the moment.
  11. Steve

    Slow site?

    Sorry about this guys... i have been all over this over the weekend. If nothing gets sorted by Tuesday then a new server will be on order.
  12. Steve


    to be honest I am not sure where this comes from. I get this too but only when at home. I have researched why its happening and its not something we have placed intentionally. I will keep researching this.
  13. i always thing that no one has forced them to do it. So if it floats their boat then why not. Some girls like the attention and some don't. Just because the oldies who no longer have it have a moan.
  14. @Drive_Further did you decide to do Mongolia at all later in your trip?