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  1. Fidgits

    Word Association Game

    tommy gun
  2. Fidgits

    Ford Capri

    naa, my dad had a '87 2.8 Turbo Technics brooklands... that was my fave ;)
  3. Well, the Civic Type R held the crown for a few years, and now with the new Golf GTi, competition is stiff... BUT Could the Focus RS still be the best hot hatch?
  4. Fidgits

    FOC Age group Poll!

    28 years old, and feeling everyone of them ....
  5. Fidgits

    Ford Capri

    So, it seems the Capri has reached 'Classic status', since I was looking at one for a weekend project.. and for an average '84 2.8, your looking at a good couple of grand :o Still tempted mind :D
  6. Fidgits

    Word Association Game

    Robert DeNiro (a much better actor ;) )
  7. Fidgits

    How did you find the Ford Owners Club?

    It was linked to from another forum ;)